21 May 2019  | 
Bargain Hunt Comments
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new expert on Monday's episode
Better than Raskin, keep the £75 challenge and ditch the rest of the changes!!
Ollie and Stan 1:40pm Tue 21 May
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New format
Horray thank you for bargain hunt repeats
Sal 12:13pm Tue 21 May
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Yet another HORRIBLE new format BH
How many more of these incredibly awful new format BH's do we have to endure? Arrgghh....
Gillyflower 1:29pm Mon 20 May
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Bargain Hunt mess
The new formula is a bit of a mess, especially with the bonus buy. Please return to the old style which had a good flow through time, so seemed to make sense. The present way is too bitty and forced. There was no need to change it in the first place !
Ecclescake 12:06pm Mon 20 May
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New format
Hate it no fun
Sal 11:58am Mon 20 May
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Hate the new format. More dumbing down
Fedup 11:56am Mon 20 May
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Today's cast.
Ol' jaundice eyes, tight wad and sourpuss.
Banjo. 11:03am Mon 20 May
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So you don't care for CR but why dear Raskin into it. Fgs give the Raskin obsession a break!
jenB 9:45am Sat 18 May
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The Male Raskin
Charlie Ross thinks the show is all about him.
Skyclad 8:41am Sat 18 May
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Scrap it.
It was on its last legs before the new format. Comments on here slate the show before and after. It needs scrapping. Watched by people in nursing homes, this and cartoons.
Hong Kong phooey. 1:36pm Fri 17 May
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New BH format
Really, really awful. Happy interesting programme has gone to the dogs. Please give us back the one we enjoyed.
birkie 1:01pm Fri 17 May
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New Bargain Hunt
Getting rid of the I pad is a start, but not enough. Hate hate, hate, this new format.
Helly 12:23pm Fri 17 May
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Show content
Do not like the new £75 challenge. Let the contestants decide how much they want to spend
Nick 11:55am Fri 17 May
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Previous Comment
I totally agree. Seems like they are not a fan of Scots.
Irritated 9:09pm Thu 16 May
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It is not worth coming on BH page because all it's about is Raskin this and Raskin that. Try commenting on BH instead!!
jenB 8:16pm Thu 16 May
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Can't decide who's worse, ràskin or Nicola sturgeon.
Gonzo. 11:42am Thu 16 May
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natasha raskin
why must they spoil the weeks shows by putting Raskin on?
oscar 11:18am Thu 16 May
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new bargain hunt format
Another convoluted messy and unendearing version of this show again today, by the way we know who the experts are because you show in the "what`s coming up?" section at the start. Get a grip and go back to the original layout. pleeeeeas
Max 5:09pm Mon 13 May
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Yet another HORRIBLE new format BH
Arrgghhhhh........How many more of these absolutely pants new format Bargain Hunts have we still to endure? Utterly terrrible!
Gillee 1:03pm Mon 13 May
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Oh no, not again!
Another confusing, annoying new format episode. Why do the bonus buy reveal with the auction loud in the background, give the contestants no time to decide then watch on a tablet? It's a mess- get rid!!
Rhgw 12:58pm Mon 13 May
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several points
main one is the new format fails to get the credit it's after,,,,,,the contestants were buying in the right area of antiques to look for profits, but some of them have lost their values over a couple of years(Troika vase, clock which was a good local type with no damage)....the timekeeping spoils the game and viewing the auction by ipad !
Laura 12:07pm Mon 13 May
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It stinks
New format stjnks
Joe36 11:58am Mon 13 May
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Carolines coat.
Sherlock Holmes meets the bay city rollers.
Tragic tom. 11:36am Mon 13 May
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Bargain Hunt
another rescheduled programme........ on strike over paycuts(get paid too much to make fools of themselves..except one or two)
joseph 11:18am Mon 13 May
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natasha raskin
Why must you spoil todays edition by putting her on
oscar 12:17pm Sat 11 May
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New format
Sorry really don't like it won't be watching again. Such a shame after many years happy viewing
Daisy 11:27am Fri 10 May
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her husband is one of the producers
Peter 11:17am Fri 10 May
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Bonus Buy
Don't like the new format. The bonus buy section is too messy.
Tone 11:59am Thu 9 May
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Celebrating the birth of a child many people could not care less about(if Markle is involved)! Raskin back to bore the programme.....Serrell back with his wooden items again(all he ever buys)......the layout of the changes are all but laughable!
Norman 11:55am Thu 9 May
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natasha raskin
does Raskin have contacts in high places, any comments about her never gets through
oscar 11:53am Thu 9 May
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New format
Terrible = if it is not broken, do not try and fix it. Making the progr. more like childrens quiz. Sorry, will probably stop watching
JohnO 8:34am Thu 9 May
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Not bad.
Today's show albeit a repeat was the best in ages. Any future shows that are not up to scratch shouldn't make it on screen. They should be binned.
Showpony 6:26pm Wed 8 May
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Uncomfortable with new format
The £75.00 limit may be necessary ,but the special challenge seems unfair as it isn't the same for both teams. Overall style of the show has changed and not for the better.
Littlefiekd 2:11am Wed 8 May
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If it aint broke ......
Please ditch this dreadful new format. No point in having contestants if they can't show their personalities in their choices. I should think the ladies all feel the same and have voted with their feet!
cdp 12:14pm Mon 6 May
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There is more chance of picking up something more valuable than tat if you have to look for marks? So far so good.
jenB 12:11pm Mon 6 May
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Brilliant program
I love this program, both the old format and the new. It’s nice to have something on tv that’s not all doom and gloom like the soaps are these days. Keep this up bbc and more of the same as far as I’m concerned
Sharonuniverse 11:57am Mon 6 May
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Negative feedback
My wife has watched Bargain Hunt for as long as we can remember but we do NOT like the new format. It has take away the freedom for the players.
Robh 11:43am Mon 6 May
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scrap this s h @ t........entertainment at its lowest.......wonder over 4 years the viewing on the B B C has declined by 56%
molly 10:31am Sat 4 May
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Old hat.
New format, old format, boring. Too many repeats .Needs to be euthanized.
Peter piper. 6:11pm Fri 3 May
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On your own..........
jim 1:56pm Fri 3 May
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Wrong Guy
Love all the presenters, except for Eric Knowles (whose daft idea was it to use him) .... love the new format keep it up!
Max Hendy 7:16am Fri 3 May
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really do not like the new format on bargain hunt please revert to the old one
biddy80 9:00am Thu 2 May
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Auction charges too high
Have you noticed that attendances at auctions are not like they used to be, also bidders are wary of the high commission and vat charges, up to 33% in some places, this is causing the lots to not reach the expected price,so resulting in a loss of what the items were paid for, Auctioneers have got too greedy, and are shooting them selves in the foot,
Ex auctioon bidder 8:38am Thu 2 May
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new format
Does not work for the series, £75 item cuts out the cheapskate team.....nail in the coffin if the changes are not made
ray 5:07pm Wed 1 May
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natasha raskin
I guess its switch off day, look who's on
oscar 12:06pm Tue 30 Apr
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New format
The new bargain hunt disjointed no excitement left don't like time keeping
Sal 7:17pm Mon 29 Apr
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Bargain Hunt disaster!
My husband and I have been avid viewers of Bargain Hunt for many years and both hate the new format. Why change such a winning formula. Please change it back or will have to give it a miss.
Anne and Phil 2:29pm Mon 29 Apr
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Where are the ladies
Hate the new format and where have all the ladies gone
Cf 12:35pm Mon 29 Apr
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New format
I appreciate you have already recorded several episodes in new format that you need to subject us to but please No more recordings in new format
Swissrich 11:32am Mon 29 Apr
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New format still here.
Aaaaahhhhrrrgggghhhh. The new format hasn't been dropped. They are mixed in with repeat shows.
Chance the mule. 9:36am Mon 29 Apr
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