14 July 2020  | 
Bargain Hunt Comments
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Long may it continue. A good entertainment show not to be taken too seriously. After all it is not the antiques Roadshow!
Bilko 7:10pm Tue 14 Jul
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They do a good enough job for a not too serious "antique" show imo.
Antique expert 7:06pm Tue 14 Jul
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New names
Lots of single use names cropped up. Do you really think we don't know who you are?
Susan 3:37pm Tue 14 Jul
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Me too
I was having a laugh too. I was having a go at people's comments too. Sorry folks!
Skylark 9:18am Tue 14 Jul
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I love BH. I was only playing a game!
the birdman of stockport 9:06pm Mon 13 Jul
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Why are there so many negative comments about the presenters. They do a good job tbh. The experts do not take it too seriously as it is not a proper antique show.
karen 9:03pm Mon 13 Jul
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What experts??????.
Calling these clowns experts , they should be fined under the trades discription act.
Capybara. 1:43pm Mon 13 Jul
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what advice given on those vases??
Yvette 11:56am Mon 13 Jul
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Bisram and Southon not worth commenting on, as for this love-in with the BBC it borders on what ever are some people watching and when will end.
Snipe. 11:43am Mon 13 Jul
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Time to put an end to this low grade website - Oxford St London - pay staff like the BBC for doing s@d all!
Graham 5:34pm Sat 11 Jul
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Programme Format
I have no issues with who presents either. I'm not sure why the producers felt it necessary to jolly the programme up. Plus the inane bits where the experts hide from their teams and the contestants close their eyes before the experts buy is revealed. But heyho it is only one opinion.It is still watchable.
candec 2:00pm Sat 11 Jul
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All they do on the BH site is to whinge. Wtf do they watch it over and over again??
Jan 10:34pm Fri 10 Jul
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Irvine and Weeks pretending to be experts and failing dismally, anyone can be a expert on this showing.
Zeus. 11:56am Fri 10 Jul
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Will someone please explain to 'Roo' that the plural of Pound is Pounds ... NOT Pound??
Linden 11:38am Fri 10 Jul
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Prev comm
You should know when you trawl the district at night!
Louie 9:51pm Thu 9 Jul
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Wrong wording with the item description - 20 years out with the date, bad editing!
katen 11:44am Thu 9 Jul
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Terrible presenting
What a boring introduction !
Peter 11:41am Thu 9 Jul
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Start, middle and end
Past it's sell-by date, Christine Trivanion(hope the right person referring to here), might appeal to viewers better - right words and image for presenting!
Dave 12:04pm Wed 8 Jul
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Writers to aid the staff
The experts and presenters need to take a crash course wording themselves when filming....currently bog standard!
Peter 11:57am Wed 8 Jul
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If they learned how to vary the wording instead of 'scripting' all the time, might get a bit of credit?
GT 11:42am Wed 8 Jul
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Money wasting at this station
Please(if you have time) watch the youtube video reference to Alex Belfield, the money this TV station is startling, booking hotels, expensive lunches, flights(one costing £8,000) - 100% pay rises and the rest
GARY 11:37am Wed 8 Jul
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The last straw
No more bargain hunt for me after today’s line up.Are the BBC having a laugh or trying to finish off this program completely.
Spud 11:28am Wed 8 Jul
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Complete crap of a show
Nothing but FLAT, Alex Belfield sums this station up brilliantly!
GARY 11:27am Wed 8 Jul
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BHunt repeat
Why people need to defund, makes your pi@s boil !
Perrie 11:19am Wed 8 Jul
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I have perfect vision. I couldn't give a toss who presents it.It is the fake exuberance that is spoling it.
candec 6:38pm Tue 7 Jul
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If all out fun is the prerequisite get Keith Lemon.
candec 5:10pm Tue 7 Jul
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Bigger Picture
The presenter is secondary to the format they are asked to present in. Does everything have to be a laugh a minute?
candec 10:25am Tue 7 Jul
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other comments
oh shall we cancel them out since you feel a meltdown coming....
Fifi 5:09pm Sat 4 Jul
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Stop harping on about her. She probably wouldn't want the job. She has her own auction and valuation business and also has a small children plus freelancing for TV channels. There are 4 presenters given the job now so get over it!
carrie 12:25pm Sat 4 Jul
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Hard work
I'm afraid that watching Anita presenting is like pushing water uphill with a fork!
Baser 10:18am Sat 4 Jul
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Decline of BBC viewing
Prime time shows attracting record low audiences - defund the subscription now!
Iolo 8:14am Sat 4 Jul
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Not family.
Christina is the best but she's not family like someone I could mention, she has know one on the BBC side?.
Zilch. 4:37pm Fri 3 Jul
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Knowing the BBC, Christina isn't gung-ho enough for them.
candec 2:00pm Fri 3 Jul
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Getting The Message??
Christina Trevanion once again confirming today that she should be given the permanent Tim Wonnacott role?? When will the producers finally 'cop on'??
Linden 1:44pm Fri 3 Jul
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Tom you would make good contestent. A named hand, what like made in Thailand. Available cheap in many shops.
Harry 12:20pm Fri 3 Jul
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hand sculpture
very unlucky - a name might have sold it well
Tom 11:52am Fri 3 Jul
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more like it
Helen 11:40am Fri 3 Jul
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Today a contestent found a hat. They put it on an pulled a funny face. Never seen that before. Yer write find a hat and put it on. Clown, make an Pratt of yourself for a fiver.
Harry 11:25am Fri 3 Jul
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Todays tripe.
Wonnacott again in a blast from the past, and wooden top Phil plus fashion dodger Caroline with no doubt the same result in the end?.
Highlander. 8:59am Fri 3 Jul
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Same old story?.
Hope it keeps going why is that, would you be out of a job.?????. Wait a minute you are nothing to do with the programme are you?????????.
Bilko 6:52pm Thu 2 Jul
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Bargain Hunt
Hope it keeps going....what else is there apart from quizz shows and cookery shows?
carrie 4:17pm Thu 2 Jul
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END LOCKDOWN NOW 3:55pm Thu 2 Jul
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Over the top.
If these so called experts get teams who know nothing about antiques to buy over the odds they will result in no profit. People at work keep losing money whats the result, they get the sack same with these clowns or should be.
Antique expert. 1:47pm Thu 2 Jul
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How can they get it wrong? The items are only worth what people are willing to pay for them otherwise you keep them until another day. The top experts give a wide margin on valuations anyway. ps my brother works for a famous auction house!
kb 7:44pm Wed 1 Jul
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So wrong?.
It does not matter who the bidders are, 99 out of 100 these jokers get it wrong over and over again its plain to me.
Zeus 4:56pm Wed 1 Jul
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The 3 presenters today make it so easy to ridicule Caroline the dominatrix Harper the clown, now Eric has been infected, you all look like idiots.
Harry 11:25am Wed 1 Jul
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I min
It’s been on 1 min and it’s appalling what a pair if chief clowns. Children’s entertainers
Harry 11:18am Wed 1 Jul
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He has joked about that but don't you think it depends on who the bidders are that day. On a different day they might make more.
kb 10:14am Wed 1 Jul
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Are you sure?.
Pratt gets it wrong too often for me, nice enough chap but not much good has a expert.
Zeus. 6:23pm Tue 30 Jun
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Jonathan Pratt
Don't knock Jonathan. He is okay!
kb 12:34pm Tue 30 Jun
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