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Crow. Peter. Aysal, same person and now using other people's nicknames.
Sparrowhawk 7:05pm Wed 18 Jul
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Prev comm
I'm Gina. An imposter at it again. If you don't have the power of your own conviction to use your own name then you are a yellow belly coward.
gina 6:05pm Wed 18 Jul
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previous comment
Crow - few people use this site, but the odd person(make believe) thinks it's the top site! ....
Gina 2:51pm Wed 18 Jul
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programme today
a repeat yes - accepting Z list contestants no! Buying cheap for a gavel, very sneaky fast buck tactic, take it!!
Mike brexit ! 2:20pm Wed 18 Jul
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All the soaps have low ratings. Infact Emmerdale, the second most discussed is lower than Corrie., the third most discussed. (scroll down). I find them suspect anyway as some programmes are rated before they are shown....... ps no answer for it!
lila 7:07pm Tue 17 Jul
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If this site is so very popular why is it rated 3.1 answer please?????????.
Crow. 4:26pm Tue 17 Jul
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Beware the troll
trollbuster 4:18pm Tue 17 Jul
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keep smiling Gina!
Peter 10:55am Tue 17 Jul
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I have been using this site since....forever using other names. (whenever my comments keep getting deleted). I enjoy the banter and it has always showed up on the most recent list. What more proof you need thst it is popular? Bye now as I end this useless conversation.
gina 7:06pm Mon 16 Jul
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very popular this site is, that's if you say it is!
asyouseeandlisten 3:19pm Mon 16 Jul
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Today's show
cheapskate buying again - expert made a good point over one item better suited to their budget(and they failed on the golden gavel attempt - LOL)....P Serrel looks pi66ed off with the blue team!
Peter 11:58am Mon 16 Jul
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I've worked 40 years for the NHS. Does that qualify?? ps I see you recognised who I was referring to.....
gina 8:34pm Sat 14 Jul
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The site in your opinion is crap. It doesn't stop you from commenting though with posts that don't make sense. What's working for a living got to do with anything
Sparrowhawk 1:45pm Sat 14 Jul
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The site is cr..p ......have commented before, too lazy to look yourself....we worked for a living
Asyouseenandlisten 1:27pm Sat 14 Jul
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The two men today spent £16 pathetic.
Dave 4:47pm Thu 12 Jul
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Your comment makes no sense. Why not comment on BH instead of "checking other comments".
gina 9:14pm Tue 10 Jul
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I know who will get fed up first, and it won't be us.
TRS 6:24pm Tue 10 Jul
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keep on throwing the rattles out of the pram - lost it again LOL! Doesn't hurt to check the other comments!
asyouseeandlisten 6:12pm Tue 10 Jul
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Most people??? Btw it's a mystery why people keep watching what they don't like. As for "withering" deep breathing excerises might help.
gina 4:53pm Tue 10 Jul
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If you have problems with withering, there are tablets you can get from the doctors.
Sparrowhawk 10:43am Tue 10 Jul
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Is entertaining and easy to follow with the end result with a tad of humour thrown in. What do people want....more quiz shows, ever more episodes of soaps, reality crap like Love Island??? Stop moaning. It is what is and not high end antiques.
gina 8:23pm Mon 9 Jul
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Bargain Hunt is low grade tripe, people are sick of it and do not have a good word to say for it.
Zilch. 4:32pm Mon 9 Jul
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few people use this site with Bargain Hunt has little following as well - faster it's ditched the better
asyouseeandlisten 11:16am Mon 9 Jul
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Well done.
I say well done for spending £15 including bonus buy and making £75 profit. Better than a slap in the face with a nagging doubt gonk.
TRS 12:26pm Sun 8 Jul
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£13 for three items, £2 for the EXPERT, thats it, no more BH for me
Oscar 11:53am Sun 8 Jul
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Only if you use standard english!! Again your comment does not refer to BH .Anita, oops sorry Naggibg doubt, fully agree wjth you.
gina 11:47am Sun 8 Jul
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What don't you understand about the phrase reviewing our own tripe, what do you think that means??????.
Mortimer. 10:27am Sun 8 Jul
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And your point is.... Your comment has nothing to do with BH either
gina 6:32am Sun 8 Jul
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All this crap about soaps and other tripe has nothing to do with BH, its bad enough reviewing our own tripe.
Mortimer. 5:39pm Sat 7 Jul
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Peter 11:56am Thu 5 Jul
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Sounds like a undertakers and certainly not a pair of experts.
Zilch. 11:47am Thu 5 Jul
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narasha raskin
switched on BH today, saw who was on, so switched off
oscar 11:44am Thu 5 Jul
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NOT ME?????
The last review is a fake Zeus and not me, has I cannot stand Raskin Sharp.
REAL ZEUS. 12:44pm Mon 2 Jul
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They are lonely bods who wouldn't say boo to a goose and hide behind a keyboard with nothing worth saying. Sad really.
gina 11:36am Sun 1 Jul
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Who deletes non-abusive reviews, its the same with reviews that have to be checked and then do not appear.
Cromwell. 10:31am Sun 1 Jul
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An idea to pimp then hunt
let the teams an option to swap one item among themselves and split the gain/loss
asik 10:12am Sun 1 Jul
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Prev comm
Why bother with moderators when there are a...holes deleting comments for no reason.
gina 9:23pm Fri 29 Jun
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trained or completely clueless
asyouseeandlisten 8:47pm Fri 29 Jun
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Get rid of the experts and bonus buys. Let the contestants do their own thing without someone prodding them to buy what the BBC wants them to buy. After all, the so-called experts are wrong more often than they are right.
Skyclad 3:47pm Fri 29 Jun
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Today's show
no Raskin Sharp
taffy 11:23am Fri 29 Jun
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What idiots keep deleting comments?
TRS 10:02pm Thu 28 Jun
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Deleted comnent
Reinstated. The Balding "woman" thinks she is an expert at every sport but she's not. She once told a champion jockey he could now afford to get dental treatment. Sums her up really.....
lila 9:38pm Thu 28 Jun
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Les .regarding clare balding.
I reinstate my deleted comment and then some. I'm half expecting her to turn up on love island wearing a thong as she will appear on any show, and she would fit in very nicely in emmerdale.
Sparrowhawk 6:45pm Thu 28 Jun
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She is freelance and laughing all the way to the bank!
gina 5:20pm Thu 28 Jun
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Comment on Clare Balding
different league compared with Raskin and Manning - battled cancer and takes a big workload on with TV!
Les 1:06pm Thu 28 Jun
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Missing on out TVs
Has anyone noticed that football is being shown at times of bargain hunt, and Raskin and Manning are not attending or presenting the games, have they fallen out of favour with the BBC or Raskins Producer husband
magic mike 6:43pm Wed 27 Jun
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Colin Young
Colin Young is an even worse expert than he is an auctioneer. And why is he always smiling - even when talking?
Skyclad 6:07pm Fri 22 Jun
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this load of garbage
that goes to the experts and the presenter - paid over the odds for a damaged foot bath and sports bag!
Mark J, 12:08pm Fri 22 Jun
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yes, suppose you right, I've read a lot of comments - wonder why a lot are not rejected whoever monitors what is typed!
asyouseeandlisten 9:19am Fri 22 Jun
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I take it you are the latter or am I wrong then!
asyouseeandlisten 10:27pm Thu 21 Jun
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