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What is it with serrell and bloody carpet sweepers.
TRS 11:51am Tue 18 Sep
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the wood freak is back
thomas 11:43am Tue 18 Sep
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Brothers Grimm.
Nick Hall and Danny Sebastian what a pair of total idiots, and to put the phrase EXPERT to them is a disgrace.
Sloth. 6:27pm Mon 17 Sep
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My Favorite
Great program I time my lunch to coinside with it every day. Think it lost a lot when T W finished but Caroline makes up for it
Witz 11:22am Sun 16 Sep
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Bisram and Hawley should be sued under the trades discreption act being called experts?.
ZIPPY. 11:40am Fri 14 Sep
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Are you into long goodbyes. That's twice you've said goodbye now.
Tellitlikeitis 11:28am Tue 11 Sep
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on your own then, goodbye
iverbiggun 10:06am Tue 11 Sep
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You for one apparently!
gina 11:30pm Sat 8 Sep
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where is the comment - who views this site diddlysquat!
ITV 8:39pm Sat 8 Sep
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Really funny thst comment. Insp Gadget.....lol
gina 12:07pm Sat 8 Sep
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Harper yesterday looked like inspector gadget and Hawley was only missing her whip, what a pair?.
Octopus. 10:04am Sat 8 Sep
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Bargain Hunt Epsd
pitiful - worst contestants and bad advice ...........the start of the episode was lacking in entertainment!
Colin 12:02pm Fri 7 Sep
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did many read it since this site attracts no one ......
Tommy 10:03am Fri 7 Sep
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You commented those who use this website are crap....then it got deleted.....that's all.
gina 8:35pm Thu 6 Sep
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What do you mean cr@p - mixing the wrong liquid manure Gina!
ITV 8:21pm Thu 6 Sep
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I did not delete your comment. It did not bother me. You use the site too so you must be crap as well.
gina 5:42pm Thu 6 Sep
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Thats a bit harsh.
Sparrowhawk 11:58am Thu 6 Sep
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"Crap" is all you need!
gina 8:41am Thu 6 Sep
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Bargain Hunt
ITV 4:43pm Wed 5 Sep
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Turn off.
Turned over after 5 minutes. I've seen that doctor on the red team more times than I've seen my own.
TRS 12:27pm Tue 4 Sep
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narasha raskin
Oh no not her again, what is BBC trying to do, brain wash us
oscar 11:39am Tue 4 Sep
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Get a life
The woman on the red team said she fell in love with the step ladders. Get a life woman.
TRS 6:15pm Mon 3 Sep
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try her hand on Radio 2, second thought would inflame the viewing audience more like this comment's site!
Peter 12:09pm Mon 3 Sep
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narasha raskin
when will bargain hunt get the message, the majority of viewers do not want the obnoxious Natasha Raskin,
Oscar 11:49am Mon 3 Sep
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Hope the old ch@p swam to safety - that coat. I get it not walking by the road now the canal!
Peter 11:41am Mon 3 Sep
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Switched on today, I now know why its called Blue Monday, things cannot get much worse than this, Raskin,Sebastion and Hanson, the Three Goons resurrected ,I am so pleased that Poliics Today is shown at the same time,
trallom 11:34am Mon 3 Sep
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this website
time to scrap it - outdated
sid 2:49pm Sun 2 Sep
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is this meant for blind viewers(or boring voice cosmetics)....other than that Miss Brodie's back(Bliss)......ouch !
Peter K 12:03pm Fri 31 Aug
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Today's show
scrap this 'flog the dead horse' cr@p and this site - who in numbers bother to comment here!!
L N 12:05pm Thu 30 Aug
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Contestants on BH
Blue team bunch of wasters, DH bailed them out with the last item -
Peter 1:15pm Tue 28 Aug
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I've been on mail on line since 2012 about the same as on here. Sometimes I skip straight to the comments......you get to laugh a lot! Mind they can be selective what they put through as you have said. They also get the regular trolls and the replies to them are hilarious.
gina 8:59pm Mon 27 Aug
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I've only been commenting in dribs and drabs. I've tried mail on line and it suits me. Green arrow like, red arrow don't like. I've learned not to say anything bad about Jamie Oliver. They love him on there.
TRS 7:19pm Mon 27 Aug
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Comments deleted
That is why I haven't commented on here for a while.....it's a waste of time!
gina 6:39pm Mon 27 Aug
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Very strange
My second comment has also gone. Both were accepted and shown on this site.
Boring 6:03pm Mon 27 Aug
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Prev comm
Which comments have gone? I haven't noticed any missing.
TRS 5:53pm Mon 27 Aug
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there you go - a hat-trick of disappeared stated above - people have the right to comment where it is accepted by the moderators....too boring for you to accept!
fizz and kim 5:47pm Mon 27 Aug
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plant this presenter on during the Bank Holiday, then it's a repeat - missed nothing
asyouseeandlisten 11:23am Mon 27 Aug
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narasha raskin
one way to spoil bank holiday. Put Raskin on
oscar 11:10am Mon 27 Aug
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very unlucky they drew the short straw with Serrells Auctioneers - place to buy stuff cheap as chips!
Paul 12:53pm Fri 24 Aug
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Unholy Trio
Raskin, Sebastian and Pe - the BBC version of The Three Stooges.
Skyclad 5:21pm Thu 23 Aug
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BBC premeditated this schedule - like scratching a chalk board!
taffy 11:29am Thu 23 Aug
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yellow brick road.
P.Serrell looks more like Elton John every time I see him.
Crow. 6:27pm Wed 22 Aug
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The hair cut to slip the radar with the pavement walking - wonder Serrell's got blushed cheeks !
Peter 11:44am Wed 22 Aug
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narasha raskin
whats going on BH, are you trying to reduce the number of viewers by forcing Raskin on every day
Oscar 11:21am Wed 22 Aug
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Raskin and that coat
Open the car window and throw her a free gavel - LOL !
Peter 4:15pm Tue 21 Aug
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Why does Charlie Ross always wear a golden gavel pin on his lapel when presenting Bargain Hunt? None of the other presenters do. Does his ego demand it?
Skyclad 2:29pm Tue 21 Aug
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raskin sharp
they should have auctioned her off with that t@rty coat on - LOL
Peter 12:53pm Mon 20 Aug
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narasha raskin
why must bh spoil Mondays by putting this woman on, she gets up my nose
oscar 11:17am Mon 20 Aug
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this website
no one bothers to comment on here, what a waste
Sharon 4:42pm Fri 17 Aug
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You have to laugh
Eric said after introducing the teams "all we need now are the experts"......yeah right but keep looking?
gina 11:23am Fri 17 Aug
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