17 October 2021  | 
Bargain Hunt Comments
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Danny Sebastian
Good grief what’s Sebastian wearing? Looks like Caroline Hawleys cast offs.
Martin 12:04pm Fri 15 Oct
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Someone have a word with Colin young. His hairs minging.
Kat 11:25am Fri 15 Oct
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in the past
On Bargain Hunt.and other so called programmes, the auction commision is usually quoted as 15 to 18 per cent, here in Derbyshire,the commission starts at 25% plus VAT, and if bidding on line, add another 3%, ,this means bidders will bid lower,and sellers getting less. Auction houses will soon be like the pubs, closed down through lack of customers
itchen 8:23am Thu 14 Oct
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Anita Manning
Anita Manning would be better suited to Pantomime, she is so dramatic and over the top, and if she shakes her head much more hopefully it will fall off and give the rest of us a break from her stupid antics.
Fan of Bargin Hunt 12:21pm Wed 13 Oct
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Raskin and Hawley
Another programme of gurning and screeching.
Martin 11:59am Thu 23 Sep
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Raskin and Hawley
Another programme of gurning and screeching.
Martin 11:56am Thu 23 Sep
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Turned off
Raskin presenting,Hawley auctioneering can it get any worse.
Spud 11:21am Thu 23 Sep
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T Plant or whatever his name is. Fastly becoming the 4 th clown.
Harry 11:44am Tue 21 Sep
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Hawley, Hanson and Harper. If one of these appears on the antique roadshow ime done and gone.
Harry 4:53pm Wed 15 Sep
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Bargain Hunt
Would someone in authority at the BBC please drop Anita Manning from presenting the programme. She does nothing but chat throughout,she should stick to auctioneering,something she is good at
Doug 11:30am Wed 15 Sep
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Why don’t these BH clowns watch antiques roadshow and see how antiques expert dress. D Harper, Hawley take notes.
Harry 11:56am Tue 7 Sep
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So called experts. Kate Bliss today couldn’t tell the difference between an ice bucket and a biscuit barrel. Useless
Harry 6:27pm Sun 5 Sep
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Mon. BH
Another episode where Nick Hall selects every item and still didn’t make a profit.
Doug 11:57am Mon 30 Aug
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Why was it decided to change the format for Fridays? Too much talking, not much bargain hunting. It is very confusing.
Brads 11:54am Fri 27 Aug
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Bargain Hunt
The one's where they keep shouting out the time are so annoying.
PJS 11:44am Tue 24 Aug
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Have you lost all dignity , what do you look like. Panto dame.
Harry 11:34am Mon 23 Aug
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Philip Sorell
Most unlikeable
JT 11:32am Wed 14 Jul
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The lovely caroline h. 6:23pm Fri 9 Jul
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Must be ugly????.
Yes jealous by the sound of it and cannot take these good looking women, so must look like the back end of a bus I bet?.
Pirate King. 3:11pm Fri 9 Jul
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Who's jealous.
Jealous of that hair flicking shergar lookalike. Hah.
The lovely caroline h. 5:16pm Thu 8 Jul
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Why are these losers so jealous of Christina, get yourself to specsavers and get a checkup.
Pirate King. 11:48am Thu 8 Jul
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What experts
Why is it that so many so called experts are useless on this programme and most smile away when an item doesn’t reach their valuation.
Rickers 12:03pm Tue 6 Jul
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WOW, Caroline please keep that sexy hairstyle you have since lockdown, so wild, you are so sexy anyway also can we have you on the show more, please, and less of Christina
Bargain Fan 12:35pm Sun 4 Jul
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She really is a lovely natural looking woman. You can imagine she wakes up looking exactly the same. The same could not be said with all the painted faces and false brows. How many grooms wake up next day to a totally different looking bride?
Jamie 11:50am Wed 2 Jun
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Another programme where Anita Manning chats non stop throughout. Very obvious that this is dubbed on after it’s finished.Contestants are becoming more childish every week.
Doug 11:26am Tue 1 Jun
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Another pair,proud to be tightwads,yuk,yuk,and another yuk,for good measure.
Lizzie 11:45am Thu 27 May
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Experts what experts. All the past good ones don’t appear anymore. It’s now clown tv. T Plant, useless as a buyer, stick to selling.
Harry 11:40am Wed 26 May
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Where on earth do you get these people from, worse than any football spectator screaming and shouting, especially in the auction hall? Very disrespectful and totally annoying. Even the experts are screaming now!
Me Again 6:26am Thu 20 May
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Leave her out of it. She is her natural self, no airs or graces. Not liking Look At Me Christina much.
Lennie 3:00pm Wed 19 May
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I agree with you. Anita is the best female presenter. Christina is as bad as Natasha raskin
Switch off 2:47pm Wed 19 May
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Christina is so sickly you'd get diabetes. Give me anita any day.
Nessie. 11:45am Wed 19 May
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Manning you make it too easy. Auctioneer to number 1 female clown. Watch yourself and see what we see and get your dignity back.
Harry 11:19am Wed 19 May
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Manning and Bliss. The two most irritating voices on TV. I’m off to mow my lawn.
Martin 10:59am Wed 19 May
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Why is Thomas Plant so consistently useless.
Harry 12:44pm Sat 15 May
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Stop shouting. Mug! No wit.
Mac 7:26pm Thu 13 May
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Re-read your comment! Whose the half wit?
Cuckoo 5:01pm Thu 13 May
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Highlander. 4:32pm Thu 13 May
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Today’s line up
Today’s line up should be confined to the HORROR channel .A total nightmare.
spud 11:26am Thu 13 May
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Natasha wasn't on today. Change your specs. Bore.
Mac 8:16pm Wed 12 May
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All BULL???.
Its the Natasha show with third rate experts, the antiques part has disappeared and been replaced with a soap.
Highlander. 6:35pm Wed 12 May
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Not blissful at all
Can't stand the plummy Kate Bliss. Condescending and irritating.
Big T 11:38am Tue 11 May
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Over the top .....
Isn't this supposed to be about the buying and selling of antiques? Some people find this a fascinating subject and love the historical/commercial content, please keep to this and loose the silliness that has crept in.
NiggleP 12:13pm Mon 10 May
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La La land.
What a world the place is going to hell in a handcart, snowflakes, weirdos and lefties does not pay to be normal and white.
Zeus. 2:46pm Fri 7 May
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Stop it now
Trying to make the abnormal normal. Cue the next mixed up paranoid generation coming up!
Cuckoo 1:08pm Thu 6 May
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Leave the 70s and take your blinkers off. You can like men and women. God. You must be 90 years old. Or you sound like it.
No filter. 11:52am Thu 6 May
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What like how good Jay blades or Danny Sebastian are. It's best I keep quiet then.
Tashisgreat 6:30pm Wed 5 May
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Say something good about men or is that not in your make up???.
Raven. 6:21pm Wed 5 May
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She is miles better than Anita. In fact anyone but her. Personality is one thing, but she is too laboured and over the top. Added to which there really is no need for her to constantly comment throughout every scene.
Dave 1:16pm Tue 4 May
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Nowt wrong with anita.
Rather have real personalities like anita and natasha than a flibbertygibbet that's all teeth and hair.
Tashisgreat 12:23pm Tue 4 May
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Another spectacularly awful episode.
Dave 11:58am Tue 4 May
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