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Layout of programme
if the BBC look to shake up the programme schedules - this series should be scrapped.....and most of the staff, rid of !!
asyouseeandlisten 4:03pm Mon 21 May
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Two teams with no idea, plus a pair of so called experts with even less idea. Its money for old rope, and a total waste of our llience fee.
Doc 12:16pm Mon 21 May
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Natasha Raskin
Anything good with this episode - fail to spot anything, C Young overpaid on a label !!
Kate 12:03pm Mon 21 May
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Deleting comments
Haha but you missed some.......a rose by any other name is the clue!
gina 9:09pm Thu 17 May
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where did she get that where did she get that hat.....
asyouseeandlisten 7:39pm Thu 17 May
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Today's show of BH
Better than the usual tripe with fair choices from the contestants - that's it !
Peter 12:05pm Mon 14 May
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I suppose someone other than her mother think Natasha is great, it takes all sorts
oscar 11:03am Mon 14 May
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Who has the right to delete certain reviews, if they are not abusive. Its getting like the EU more each week.
Octopus. 4:42pm Sun 13 May
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FFS! Who's deleting comments AGAIN! No! They are not my comments, but someone has taken the trouble to make them. Act your age. Not your.... size. Fill in the blank yourselves.
The real septic 2:33pm Sun 13 May
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narasha raskin
must we have Raskin on, 0n Sunday, its enough to put you off your roast beef and yorkshire.
Oscar 11:21am Sun 13 May
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The only way to save this dismal programme is to replace all presenters and experts. Also select a better type of teams with at least some knowledge.
Highlander. 10:15am Sun 13 May
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Bargain Hunt
Comment removed for what - some auctioneers don't attract the audiences like the ones in larger areas - got to admit some of the contestants draw the short straw with auctioneers (though some of the contestants and experts are cr@p)..
lou 8:26pm Fri 11 May
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Weird Contestants
They are not actors and cannot be expected to look genuine when told to act excited or surprised or upset etc. In fact, they are made to look like idiots and are completely annoying to watch. No wonder the show has gone from the best to the worst. Please let the people be normal. I have now joined the many who no longer enjoy this programme.
Babs 12:14pm Fri 11 May
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Mouth and trousers Harper and Gary Pe plus two dumb teams, same old story not worth watching?.
Zippy. 12:03pm Fri 11 May
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Why does Caroline Hawley dress like Adam Ant all the time.
Zeus. 3:32pm Thu 10 May
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Repeat of a repeat - Hornblower's other half! It's only sweet Caroline not Raskin!
asyouseeandlisten 11:23am Thu 10 May
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narasha raskin
its switch off day, Raskins on
oscar 8:46pm Wed 9 May
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K Bliss does it again .....
ClaireC, 12:20pm Tue 8 May
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Still the experts are morons.
Skylark. 7:46pm Mon 7 May
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Experts in name only, we all could do as well as them?.
Hawk. 10:23am Sun 6 May
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I wonder what these bozos [experts] get paid for turning in this load of incompetence each week?.
Mortimer. 2:02pm Fri 4 May
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Serrell and Plant is there no end to this crap??????.
Zeus. 11:44am Fri 4 May
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Explain, Caroline.
Caroline Hawley said don't believe everything you see on TV. Was she trying to tell us something?
The real septic 11:31am Thu 3 May
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Been on before as a repeat - reject this one who monitors this site.
asyouseeandlisten 11:23am Thu 3 May
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Producer, Please read
When is the producer of the Raskin and Manning Antique Programme, Sorry Bargain Hunt,Realise, through viewer reviews, how unpopular these two women are . One is an antique, the other is loopy
magic mike 11:13am Thu 3 May
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Prev comm
Because they have the power and it makes them feel good. In the real world they go unnoticed and ignored while sitting behind their little keyboards. Yes you know who you are!
gina 8:49am Thu 3 May
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Comments deleted again
Why are idiots deleting comments again?
Whydoibother 8:00am Thu 3 May
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Awful cracked beer steins. Originally from the middle aisle of Lidl?
The real septic 12:10pm Tue 1 May
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Anita Mannimg
Very stupid commentary in that ridiculous accent!!!
Dora 11:40am Tue 1 May
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Not on a lot of late which is small karma - expecting the gypsies warning with an avalanche of her m@g to follow!
asyouseeandlisten 5:47pm Mon 30 Apr
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RASKIN ????????
jrloco 3:15pm Mon 30 Apr
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Ripped off.
You can buy those elephants for £10 brand new in most Indian ornament shops.
The real septic 2:46pm Mon 30 Apr
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Time to stop contestants like the red team using the programme through buying cheap items for a golden gavel to make a fast buck - parking the bus tactic!!
asyouseeandlisten 12:18pm Mon 30 Apr
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Elton John and Elon Serrell and both useless?
Bingo. 12:03pm Mon 30 Apr
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I comnented to say it looks as if he has high blood pressure and a heart attack waiting to happen. Eating well and excercise would help. However my comment got deleted. Probably not nasty enough but there you go.
lila 9:26pm Fri 27 Apr
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After filming? I think he's been in the pub before filming. Or he's put too much rouge on.
The real septic 6:56pm Fri 27 Apr
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If these so called experts were paid on results they would all starve. They know that it does not matter how crap they are they still get overpaid?????.
Mortimer. 6:06pm Fri 27 Apr
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red faced on the set - is he in the local after filming....
Nev 2:29pm Fri 27 Apr
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Phillip Serrell
lay off buying the wood - cheapskate purchases again!
molly 1:40pm Fri 27 Apr
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today on BH
Start was creditable then the middle went downhill - woody Serrell can't stop buying the stuff from trees. Only other good bit was the sarcasm from the auctioneer!
asyouseeandlisten 1:19pm Fri 27 Apr
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Anita Manning
She's like a caricature! Talking to contestants in that ANNOYING accent, as if they are children. She'd be more suitable on Balamory!!
Ada 12:09pm Fri 27 Apr
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Elizabeth the Auctioneer
I think she will be safe even from TP's attentions.
gina 4:48pm Thu 26 Apr
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Why are the female experts on BH either plain or ugly, except for Christina?.
Snipe. 12:26pm Thu 26 Apr
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Raskin's bonus buy
Made a quick loss..
Mike L 12:01pm Thu 26 Apr
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Ooh you are awful but I like it........
lila 11:53am Thu 26 Apr
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Today's auctioneer looked like cosmo smallpiece. Crossed with olive from on the buses.
The real septic 11:47am Thu 26 Apr
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septic the real one
Well his mannerisms today were more Cosmo Smallpiece.........
lila 7:21pm Wed 25 Apr
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Time to Major on Christina Trevanion?
Despite the producers trying to foist Natasha Raskin upon us, can no-one in the BBC realise that Christina Trevanion has much better screen presence and genuine warmth?
Observer of Life 6:33pm Wed 25 Apr
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My gaydar is on the blink. I honestly thought he was gay. He's married with twins. It's his mannerisms.
The real septic 5:09pm Wed 25 Apr
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previous comment
Make him walk the plank probably
ClaireC, 3:58pm Wed 25 Apr
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