9 December 2021  | 
CSI: Miami Comments
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Weakest of the trio
Still, shame it's been cancelled. Hope they have a proper ending rather than on half of a cliffhanger.
Syrilian 4:29pm Wed 30 May
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Waste of an hour
Cops did not get the 2 bad guys and made lots of basic mistakes even amateurs would not make. Waste of an episode nothing sorted, what a waste of time.
Not Impressed 10:01pm Tue 20 Dec
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C.S.I Miami
It does not matter all too much to me about who else stars in the episodes, but if David Caruso is in it, it is brilliant.
TheReviewer 10:58pm Fri 14 Oct
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It appears she has put on a bit of weight!!!!!
Brockle 9:13pm Tue 4 Oct
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CSI Miami
I love CSI Miami!! it is the best by far!! :D Horatio you Hero!!
Fainty 8:07pm Tue 26 Jul
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To those nwho do not believ in Out of Body Experiences, the amount of people that I have meet who have had a OBE is more than I thought there would be and most of them have only been mentioned in passing, apart from my exwife who had her OBE while she was being operated on and she watched it until it was said we are losing her and then it stopped and felt herself go back, most stories I was told about were similer, but that is not to be said OBE extend further, please open ones minds to other possibilities, it is a way of learning,
cocojo 11:31pm Tue 17 May
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In love
I love you detective Boa Vista. Your beautiful eyes and hot Latino body not to mention great rack make me look forward to the show.
Down under dude 2:14pm Mon 11 Apr
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every one of the "actors" drive me mad. All so damn smug!
miami must burn! 9:15pm Sat 12 Mar
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what is the girl's name who dies at the start?
BOB 9:07pm Sat 19 Feb
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never lie
it was brillent when they can solve the mystery crime of the vitcim lost live.
Hannah 7:20pm Wed 5 Jan
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What a Gyp!
Tonight's episode ("Backfire") is entirely inappropriate for a science based drama - If I wanted to watch substandard "sixth sense" rip-offs involving ghosts I'd watch the daft X-Files. If this is an indication of where this show is going, I've had enough...
Cogent Asparagus 9:31pm Tue 23 Nov
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watched 1st 2 mins
smashed my telly, i now live a full life free of irrational anger.
peace 9:09pm Tue 2 Nov
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Audio Described version
Can anyone tell me why our recording of CSI: Miami on 5th October had the Audio Described Version? We certainly didn't request that version - any ideas please as it spoiled the whole episode for us?
Dee 4:04pm Tue 12 Oct
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High production values...
...to entertain stupid people
KBeee 11:02pm Fri 1 Oct
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Justin Bieber
hey isn't justin bieber in this episode?
Curious 8:46pm Thu 23 Sep
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I Swear Justin Bieber Is On This Tonight?
Mrs Bieber 2:55pm Thu 23 Sep
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Dull Dull
Dull 5:27pm Tue 17 Aug
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Where are all the fatties??
I know the USA is full of huge blimpoids yet they're never seen on the TV shows?
Nitro 8:04pm Mon 19 Jul
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I live in Miami
Life in Miami is relly like this, I often see CSI females with large busts walking around dead bodies taking pictures.
Sara 7:57pm Tue 2 Mar
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What a Joke!!!
I love CSI and CSI NY because they are really gritting and interesting programs that have a complex group of characters at their heart. BUT CSI Miami is terrible. It is mainly about the Horatio Caine and how he saves the day. Like in the final episode of the season (one of the few I actually watched the whole way through) he took out two armed guys by himself with no backup. And what is with the glasses, taking them off and putting them on again, I know its sunny but come on!!! The show is all about him and the team just go along for the ride. Storylines that could have been really great end up being lackluster. I find myself laughing at them. Its a shame because it started out being a great show but its all gone downhill now.
EngRose 12:02pm Thu 17 Dec
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csi miami
i love csi miami it is gripping but i hate it when i miss the start because it is realy hard to follow but i love the cast and most detectives were heels. me and my friend talk about it all the time i get realy excited when new episodes come out .
rea 11:56pm Tue 1 Sep
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Re Re: New Series (a great one!)
Yes, it is a new series, season 7, and personally i love CSI Miami. You can't watch any of the CSI series and expect realism, i mean, they portray that a very complex PCR takes merely minutes, instead of days! All the CSI series are brilliant, and as a Biology postgrad, if i can ignore its unrealistic nature and enjoy it, surely others can too!
Naomi 7:04pm Tue 1 Sep
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Its a very interesting to watch
zak 10:48pm Thu 23 Jul
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Someone tell the cameraman to stop using the grad filter !!!
K.Poppy 6:57pm Tue 14 Jul
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should drop this series
Everyone are too pretentious. It's just too much. If all the cast were replaced by people who do not wear high heels when at crime scene or cowboy hat, then it might be different. Try to make more sense in this series.
xx 11:24pm Wed 8 Jul
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hate negitive vibes love Mr C MR G
GIZ 9:59pm Tue 30 Jun
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all of these "critics" have such bad grammar it is unbelievable
stephen 9:54pm Tue 30 Jun
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Annoyed! 2
it is now!!
Terry 12:54pm Sun 28 Jun
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RE: New Series
Its series 2, of course it isnt the new one idiot
annoyed! 8:58pm Tue 16 Jun
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New Series?
A dunno if this is the new series but the last time a checked it wasnt, anybody know?
TheMaestro 9:26pm Tue 7 Apr
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Horatio, stand up straight! Look at people and the camera head on!Use a light switch! Take your glasses off!PS Hows the movie career!
steve the cynic 3:58pm Sat 21 Feb
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Turn the volume down and listed to the radio
The trouble is the victims are usually as unlikable as the murderers. In the end I stop caring. I just like the watching the blonde bird...
Maximoog 4:26pm Mon 12 Jan
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Drivel?! Really, anyone who actually paid attention to this show and gave it more than 5 minutes of their attention would realise that it is anything but drivel! Yeah, so the characters are a little cheesy as they seem to know everything about science EVER, and Horatio's one-liners maybe a little old... BUT it's still a million times better than most other shows. I've been watching this since I was about fourteen and I read books and newspapers. Also, many people chomp popcorn and guzzle booze but they're not all TV addicts!
Kat 12:10am Mon 5 Jan
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I dont know any 'kids' who watch any of the csi's, never mind get 'brought up on it'. Also, one persons boring drivel isnt anothers. Just because people choose to watch a show they find entertaining, doesnt mean they are thick, ignorant or uneducated. It also donest mean that this is the kind of show they solely watch, and it doesnt mean they dont read books or watch the news. Entertainment is what it is, even if some people regard it as mindless entertainment. Sometimes that's exactly what people need. There are plenty of educational programmes to be seen on television. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy abit of mindless drivel when we want to!
VT 7:52pm Mon 15 Dec
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boredom again
Another gruesome predictable tedious american cop show. They are all the same, interesting camera angles, uninteresting actors, looking grim and cracking what they think are clever witticisms...typical American junk. No wonder people's IQ's are falling (probably by the minute after this drivel!) and that they rarely read books, newspapers, etc. Kids brought up on this dross may well turn out to be immune to aggro and nastiness...brought up on a diet of this type of rubbish, not surprising! What about some HEALTHY progs- No, I'm not MARY POPPINS/SUSIE SUNSHINE, just an intelligent person who is insulted by the pap they present as "entertainment" these days!I am not looking to repeat the comedies of years ago, or repeat anything for that matter...programmers, try to dream up something different...but then again maybe your popcorn-chomping, booze-guzzling audience wouldn't be too interested!
MOOP 6:34pm Tue 4 Nov
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This season is Brillian!!! With Horatio's son in prison, Calleigh being atacked and the Vaporiser!!! It's just Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Wolfe 4:26pm Tue 21 Oct
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RE: Frank Tripp
You didn't miss any episodes.....He has just been put back in uniform for a while
xST00P1Dx 8:34pm Tue 9 Sep
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re Frank
smart alec! no, I'm serious, it's frustrating.
ninelives 7:38pm Tue 26 Aug
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re: Frank
smart alec! be sensible, it's killing me not knowing.
ninelives 7:32pm Tue 26 Aug
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re: Frank
here discovers that he's gay & joins the YMCA
Young Man 7:25pm Tue 26 Aug
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Frank Tripp
Help please ... I must have missed an episode, why is Frank back in uniform?
ninelives 7:23pm Tue 26 Aug
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I hate the Horatio Hate Club.. TOO!
Some people hey! Horatio helps to make the show! David Caruso is genius, his perfect for the role! His why i watch Csi:Miami! Stop with the insults!
Jess 8:15pm Tue 5 Aug
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buy some more..
GLASSES you need new glasses mr horacio :] CSI's just genius, however the murders do get a bit repetetive, think of a new way to kill someone ? err and you need a new sunglasses pose
lost on the bus 9:47pm Tue 17 Jun
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Oh my god!CSI: Miami is good but is getting too routine. murder after murder after murder. USE A NEW CRIME.
gobaldigook 7:15pm Wed 28 May
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i like dis show coz its cool but i hate da way dat he always poses its sooooo gay man. but da rest of da show is gud. i also hate his dramatic exists!!
supramanium 5:34pm Sun 11 May
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CSI Miami
I can see why some people would find Horatio annoying but I think he's hilarious - I watch just to see what his next cheesy line is gonna be...classic!!!! I think everyone should stop taking him so seriously!
Sharpeee 9:17pm Tue 15 Apr
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i love csi's
csi miami is the best i never miss an episode although i seen the episode 2 weeks ago, all ready is it a repeat any way i love all the csi's so keep making more csi , csi miami ,and csi new york they are they are the only shows i seem to be watching so dont take them off air ,,,thanks
csi lover 4:48pm Tue 18 Mar
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i love all csi's
csi miami is briliant and all the of the cast play there part briliant and how can people say that david curuso is a bad actor he is just briliant at this job and he makes it more exiting
csi lover 8:00pm Fri 25 Jan
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I love CSI!
Caruso plays his one liners with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Miami is surely the best of the series: innovative without having to be ever more shocking like the other 2. Great :T
tems 10:01pm Fri 4 Jan
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horatio is p*ssin me off! where did they find this guy
tj 8:06pm Fri 4 Jan
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