14 October 2019  | 
Cash in the Attic Comments
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lorne spicer
I was shocked to see a very unkempt Lorne Spicer on TV today. She was never any good years ago - even worse now. Does she have a cleaning job before she "presents" this show?
Aghast 8:13pm Fri 11 Dec
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Dirty Hair...pocked faced...unpleasant voice that greets...who wants to watch that?
Patrick 12:10pm Tue 18 Dec
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This Program Is A Joke
Total estimate £500. Made £180. Seem like a waste of time to me for all that effort. Why do they keep going to deserted sale rooms. The BBC should stop funding this white elephant. All the good stuff in people's attics has already been sold. Only garbage remains.
The Big Bang 12:13pm Thu 6 Dec
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Jenny Bond
Please can you tell her the pronunciation of "Auction" is as in "August,"not"oction"as in "optician."Others do it too!
carrots 12:11pm Thu 29 Nov
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"uh oh we're really struggling here" and "could our luck be turning" says voiceover Chris Hollins who actually could'nt make the auction. Funny that!
doubletake 12:08pm Wed 24 Oct
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Hey Look At What I've Got
A rich retired business woman wants to travel to America business class - a noble cause not. Then she decides to keep everything of value and wonders why her old tat doesn't sell.
doubletake 12:15pm Mon 15 Oct
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IBKIS30 11:59am Fri 31 Aug
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Kate's 60th Birthday
selling to raise money for her birthday? I thought she was auditioning for The Yellow Brick Road!
doubletake 11:57am Mon 27 Aug
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always at the auction the items make good prices then they dip amidst oohs and aahs and then they rise again....bingo. Good editing!
doubletake 8:02pm Sun 17 Jun
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Lorne Spicer looks GROTTY
She needs her limp greasy hair fixed, her clothes are vile and she needs to loose at least 3 stone. Shed got a nice face but thats lost with all the above. The BBC really need to look into getting her a stylist or getting someone who looks better, shes really off putting!
kemkem 11:59am Wed 16 May
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Lose Lorne!!!!!
Omigawd, how does Lorne Spicer stay on this show? Insincere, singsong delivery, never looked all that good, now she's a state! You would think she would at least wash her hair to be on TV!!!!
Lee 1:16pm Wed 2 May
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Stop selling family treasures
Horrible idea - sad really. Selling precious (can never replace) family items. Hand them down! I've very little from my ancestors and would cherish family items. The money gained is so little. The memories and stories - lost for ever. STOP encouraging people to sell their family history.
Betty 12:03pm Thu 19 Apr
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Crap now
This site used to be very interesting, entertaining and quite often very humourous, but now sadly any comment which criticises or is quite near the knuckle is simply not shown making it a rather POINTLESS review site. Hence this is my last ever post, GOOD RIDDANCE.
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my grandparents
my grandparents are the ones who sold stuff so they could buy a new camera ! haha this is some funny stuff ! 'oh paul', my grandparents are so funny !
ailishkate 2:28am Tue 31 May
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A lead weight in my heart
Lorne Spicer saps my soul....truly awful
FIX 12:03pm Tue 25 Jan
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Shallow Grave ?
Much to my dismay as a Scottish politician and ponzi fraudster (The FSA was MY idea), I have viewed this program in the hope of discovering just what to do with a large suitcase of cash in the attic. Perhaps I should dig myself a deeper hole and bury it with my past? I still do not know what to do and await direction from the program makers.
Gordon B. 8:53am Mon 17 Jan
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cash in the attic in us
bbc and uk cash in the attic is very imformative and helps people meet there goal cash in the attic us is nothing more than pickers rippin the people off comment like once in the van it stays there or your not useing it they never send any thing to special sales they dont know there antiques at all usa people think twice before before you load there van
twingold 12:36pm Mon 21 Jun
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Get rid of that useless, plastic lass that should NEVER be on our screens. False, acted, insincere and no idea what intonation means. Lorne Spicer - retire - no personality whatsoever.
typical-viewer 3:41pm Mon 22 Mar
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do all the contestants want to go to a spa or is it that when they total what they got from selling their tat this was all they could stretch to. Poor old Jonty's running out of puns, if they found an antique sex toy would they exclaim " lets see what this comes out to at the auction" send the essex tart back to the boot sale sad old pikey that she is.
steve the cynic 3:42pm Fri 19 Mar
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Uncomfortable Fact
Like your highbrow opinions, the quality and content of this show are immaterial. You sat down like a cabbage and watched it anyway – the programmers/advertisers achieved their aim.
Quality of Life Fan 10:00am Tue 16 Feb
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Lazy BBC Dross
Contrived fake rubbish.
Jan 11:12am Thu 17 Dec
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best series
best series
venky 11:38am Wed 16 Dec
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Lorne Spicer has Goat Pox
With Lorne Spicer presenting, it should be called, "Cheap Retarded Bankrupt Slapped in the Attic (with pox, warts and scabs)"
Jeezus 1:48pm Sun 22 Nov
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its crap
this isnt really a real program, i looked in my attic to find some cash; all i found was loads of boxes and roof tusses
Jimmy 10:40am Wed 3 Jun
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cash in the attic
i have such a lot of crap in my attic and in the house can any body come and take it.when can the bbc team come and have a look at it.i need the money
ted 1:46pm Tue 26 May
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hi i love it
hib hjojhbhjhjnkhggvgghbhb
jmkjjo 12:49pm Mon 25 May
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Bring back Alistair!!!!! If that blond haired annoying woman comes back one more time.... :O :-/ Surfice to say, it's turned a bit sh*tty in recent times. And I find it hard to believe people still have worthwhile junk in the attic. Do people even have attics?
Misha 7:10am Tue 2 Dec
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crap in the attic
this woman hasa Swarovski paperweight with York Minster engraved and she thinks its worth something??? she wants to sell tat to buy more tat!! too many people think they have valuables or antiques when they in fact dont. if you want to go on this show, try looking up the website or BBC's
kidVicious 11:59am Wed 5 Nov
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i do people not like this pg i can believe you dont ike i he is so funny y don people lkke whatching gd pgs any more
nickname 9:19pm Sat 2 Aug
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cash in the attic
how do you participate in program and is there any charges to participate.please advise. thanks
georgina 4:15pm Mon 23 Jun
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Really Exciting
I thought that this eepisode really sat me on the edge of my seat. They were very close to not getting the full amount, and I was extremely excited when they managed it. One of the best episodes yet. 10/10
sad freak 11:51am Tue 6 May
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What? in the attic.
I recently scoured my attic and came across the entire cast of Dad's Army, excluding Cive Dunn And Ian Lavender. What am i supposed to do with that then Angela?
Fuming, Northampton 1:25pm Fri 18 Apr
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Re: cash in the attic.
I live in a block of flats and therefore have no 'Attic' This show is simply taunting those of us who have no access to all this cash that is simply sitting in the 'Attics' of house owning fat-cats. Come on BBC, what about a programme called cash in the stairwell?
Edna Flatshare 11:22am Thu 17 Apr
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this programme really is poor
oqeryhcfwefb 6:05pm Tue 26 Feb
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jennie bond
please tell jennie that she is no longer 18. Poor Mr. Dexter-Smith did not know where to look when she was sprawled on the settee with her legs akimbo!
toddy 4:09pm Tue 8 Jan
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