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What an evil, rotten soul. A mini phelan.
The real septic 8:03am Wed 23 May
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Fully agree with you. The violence is out of control and televised before the watershed. Who would think is supposed to be a small Yorkshire village
elaine 9:47pm Tue 22 May
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Threat. Intimidation. Violence
What the heck is going on.? This is a soap going out at 7pm. How on earth do they get away with this, No wonder we have so much violence in the world when it's happening in programmes that influence children. ENOUGH
Zeeble 6:03pm Tue 22 May
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New York
This little Yorkshire village is more dangerous than gang land New York.
Elaine 9:25pm Mon 21 May
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The real septic
My apologies TRS, you are of course correct. Shall we settle for the least unlikeable?
Deryl 10:13am Fri 18 May
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Likeable, who?
Likeable characters, where?
The real septic 7:36pm Thu 17 May
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Likeable characters
So the writers think it's a good move to get rid of likeable characters?
Deryl 6:26pm Thu 17 May
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This is nothing. Check out the neighbours site.
The real septic 8:09pm Mon 14 May
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Laura Rose Forres Mitchell
You do realise Emmerdale is a drama and the characters are actors do you? You write as though it is real life
Gel 7:35pm Mon 14 May
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laurel Thomas
i'm not condoning what she has done but there's more to this i think that Arthur and Gabby doesn't know the she said no to him she tried to stay way from him she tried tp resist him she even told her dad the whole Story about what happened what she could have done was aarage a family meeting with the whole family and people the pub to this is not your fault or Bob he lost his Wife because of the fire of the postoffice
laura rose forbes mitchell 6:51pm Mon 14 May
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Rodney and Misty totally pointless characters they are BORING!!! and not even mildy amusing and as for Rishi well he must have got his money on a lottery win, he's too thick and stupid to be a business man
tina 9:11am Thu 10 May
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Rodney/ Vanessa
.,.Is Rodney on speed? The excessive excitement coming off him is very wearing. Has Vanessa givien up vetting? She seems to be stalking charity ( the newly qualified lesbian) all the time.
Zeeble 6:27pm Tue 8 May
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Wow, from wrapping sweets to working with young offenders. quite a move. So easy to get top jobs in Emmerdale
Deryl 6:33pm Mon 7 May
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Why have they turned Rishi,s character into the village idiot? He is supposed to be a millionaire buisnessman. Talking of which how does Joe Tate earn millions? He never does anything!
KayJay 4:04pm Sun 6 May
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Oxford Dic. 11:46am Sun 6 May
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If you meant moi when you said Lilet then thankyou so much. Your advice is much appreciated!
lila 7:39pm Sat 5 May
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Emma dale & Lilet
You are soooooo funny ha ha ha..... You ought to offer your services to the scriptwriters.
Oxford Dic. 4:26pm Sat 5 May
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Oh for goodness sake we've been here before with Belle and the voices and sadly her acting was dreadful then and hasn't improved in the meantime. Please hurry up and end it ASAP it's so BORING!!
elaine 6:26pm Fri 4 May
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The Oxford dic
Remove the words The Oxford from your nickname and add the word head onto the end of the remaining word.
Emma dale 12:56pm Fri 4 May
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No 2 Learn not to be too pedantic!
lila 12:12pm Fri 4 May
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Following On From Den
No1 learn to spell Emmerdale.
The Oxford Dic. 11:03pm Thu 3 May
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Get rid of Emerdale
Follow these steps;- 1.Dont buy any goods advertised on Emerdale 2.Stop watching Emerdale 3.Stop commenting about Emerdale
Den 8:06pm Thu 3 May
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Complete drivel
If you’ve sunk to alluding to farting in a tv programme, you might as well give up! Viewers deserve more than this complete tripe I pity the poor actors stuck i such crap Not good for their careers!!!
Tired of drivel 7:30pm Wed 2 May
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I agree with Steph Graham can act unlike many of the others that he shares screen time with.
The Sweeney. 9:49am Wed 2 May
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Is the best character. Vote him for Prime Minister next time.
Steph 7:34pm Tue 1 May
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The Barton brothers have reached their sell-by-date. Too boring for words and becoming one dimensional caricatures - following in the footsteps of the other wooden, peripheral character. A disaster is long overdue.
St Helens Girl 6:40pm Tue 1 May
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End it
Time to call it quits for all the soap's. There's more to life than murder blackmail .robbery. same sex affairs .etc etc the list goes on .time for a change lets show the younger generation life doesn't have to be doom and gloom all day every day.here's hoping.
Lets change 6:29am Tue 1 May
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The emmerdale script writer
is going to Coronation st, to replace the scriptwriter there, why bother their both as bad as each other and write the same sick storylines.
Jan-Ban 9:31am Sun 29 Apr
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Cottage to let
If you are a sexual deviant, rapist, blackmailer ,rapist, murderer, thief, arsonist, or better still all of these this is the perfect place to set up home
zena 9:23am Sun 29 Apr
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Sick of it.
Emmerdale as hit an all time low. It's gone to the dog's. Every one on about their sex live or lack of it don't know where it's all going. And please take Rodney to the vets to be put down.
Bird lady 9:37pm Sat 28 Apr
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Please not another storyline with Bell having a breakdown and hearing voices from beyond. Been there done that. If she does , hope Lachlan gets caught out, might get rid of him then...total creep.
Daisy 11:38am Sat 28 Apr
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Twisted, perverted writers
There is something wrong with the brain function of these talentless, sex, LGBT obsessed morons who have destroyed our favourite family soaps. Absolutely sickening to watch nowadays.
MikeB 9:18am Sat 28 Apr
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Dont the barton brothers get sick of having their faces smashed in....
Sj 6:21pm Thu 26 Apr
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The sight of him with a tie round his head and him growling like a tiger the other week with that hippy type woman was pathetic.
The real septic 3:50pm Wed 25 Apr
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What is the point of this character and his sexual antic at his age are not only sickening but laughable. Does this programme have any other story lines other than sexual
wendy 1:36pm Wed 25 Apr
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Who cares
Jimmy impotent? It wasn't long ago he was always at it with nicola. It's Rodney who needs bromide in his tea.
The real septic 10:42am Wed 25 Apr
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Agree with all
Why do people who have been cheated on blame the other person instead of their partner?
Donna 7:54am Sat 21 Apr
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had enough
had enough of these pervs
stringers 2:38pm Thu 19 Apr
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Daniel A spin?
Who is Daniel Aspin?
Son of Cain 6:07am Thu 19 Apr
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Laurel Love Bob get Married next week in The Church
James 11:02pm Wed 18 Apr
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Vanessa and Charity
Vanessa new Boyfriend Called Daniel Aspin I will kiss you Vanessa
James 11:41pm Tue 17 Apr
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Liv. Care. No.
Miss Holloway. 9:58am Tue 17 Apr
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That awful detective is going to force himself on charity. Another reason not to watch. These writers are warped.
Angie 10:45pm Mon 16 Apr
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Vanessa and charity
We will no longer watch emmerdale as I’m fed up with trying to explain to my children why so many men kiss men and women kiss women, especially Vanessa and charity as they couldn’t look more wrong together. There is no need for all this in what was a great soap.shame on you.
Not happy 4:10pm Mon 16 Apr
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Vanessa and Charity
I’m really loving Vanessa and Charity as a couple. Think there storyline is great and they make a cute couple.
Haytwee 2:06pm Mon 16 Apr
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Johnnie is Vanessa's baby by Kirin.
Teasy Weasy 12:56pm Sun 15 Apr
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I watch Emmerdale
in one go on Saturdays, I see rebecca has taken over from Aaron for always crying, and Charity and Vanessa, BORING.
Jan-Ban 11:16am Sun 15 Apr
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Dark Days in Soap Land
Too many dark and depressing story lines and disgusting continuous gay scenes before watershed.
More fun please 7:42pm Fri 13 Apr
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It is really sickening to see so many homosexual men and women in these soaps.Absolutely SICK.
stringers 12:53pm Wed 11 Apr
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Oh dear
Sex, sex and more sex, homosexualty throw in blackmail, murder and thieving. Lovely family viewing before the watershed. Does it exist any more
zena 12:05pm Wed 11 Apr
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