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Its the writers way of getting rid of the character. He's in court this week in real life for attacking a pensioner. So if he's found guilty its bye bye daz.
TRS 10:52am Tue 11 Dec
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Daz plans to escape abroad,despite the fact he couldn't even afford a drink last week.
sindento 10:45am Tue 11 Dec
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What wonderful folk
live in Emmerdale. Find out your children have done wrong but when they own up throw a wobbler and say they shouldn't have and the family should dtick together to support their lies. What a shining example to set the young folk of today. Well done writers hope you are proud of yourselves
zena 7:31pm Fri 7 Dec
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Boring storyline
I'm already thoroughly bored with the Leanna story line. Please bring it to an end before I have to find something else to watch
AA 6:40pm Fri 7 Dec
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Bad little rich girl
Why do the writers have to always go over the top with characters. The Leanna character is ridiculous and totally unbelievable and Noah's acting pathetic
Esther 8:14pm Thu 6 Dec
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too many of them, they , the "actors" , will get a false idea of their own importance. tone it down, and quickly.
morr 7:22pm Wed 5 Dec
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Is her school in the village? she spends nearly all the day there
Kay Jay 9:48pm Mon 3 Dec
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Love your comment, I do like a man who knows his place, lol
Esther 8:54am Sun 2 Dec
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I agree and so does my wife, which means SHE agrees with me! A rare occasion, thank you.
fudger 9:05pm Sat 1 Dec
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please could someone take him away and give him some acting lessons don't think I've ever seen a worse actor
Esther 8:05pm Thu 29 Nov
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If Jessie is an example of a British head teacher I don't hold out much hope for our education system
bella 5:46pm Wed 28 Nov
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The role Jessie portrays as Headteacher is insulting to all the incredibly hardworking headteachers. I work in schools and have never known a H/T spend as much time outside his/her school as Jessie does. She's in the cafe, pub, Marlon's place throughout the day. What an insult and how unrealistic. Bad acting as well!
LindaW 11:08am Wed 28 Nov
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Agree with Teresa wish Jessie and her boring family would go. It looks like she's here for a while though because I expect we will be invaded by her jailbird son, (yawn yawn) another bad character to be transformed into a good person (yawn yawn again). Also agree she can't act.
bella 1:01pm Tue 27 Nov
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Jessie please go
Any chance Daz could knock Jessie down in his car. She can't act and spends her time whining and posturing.
TeresaGreen 11:32am Tue 27 Nov
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Utter unbelievable tosh. What the heck is happening to this once good soap.
wendy 10:22pm Mon 26 Nov
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You cannot be serious
How do you get away with calling this soap? It's utter drivel. You are taking the viewers for idiots. Which we are not. We are your critics, you have to stop ploughing on with these crazy unrealistic storylines.
Zeeble 7:16pm Mon 26 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
19:00-23.11.2018 Today's episode was a sad one. I really feel for Paddy. I can identify with the emotional breakdown. I look forward to next weeks. No stage whispers tonight!
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 7:28pm Fri 23 Nov
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Interesting, distressing and settling? You are a martyr to your mixed emotions you really are.....and I'm a dutchman!
Jlo 9:04pm Thu 22 Nov
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It distressed me to chucking the remote control at the telly! Twaddle
lost battery 8:27pm Thu 22 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
19:00-22.11.2018 Tonight's episode was interesting. The ending scene was distressing as I had a near to that breakdown when having to leave my offspring. There was no or little stage whispering which was settling!
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 7:40pm Thu 22 Nov
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Well of course you fell asleep mummy would have tucked you up in your cot by then
dotty 9:41am Thu 22 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
19:00-21.11.2018 I fell asleep before the start.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 5:17am Thu 22 Nov
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Kay Jay
Couldn't have put it better
wendy 10:21pm Mon 19 Nov
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Modern art
Are we really supposed to believe that frank can produce a work of art worth a fortune? I cannot stop laughing at this stupidity. I think the writers have been sniffing the paint or turpentine, get reeeeaaaalll.
Kay jay 8:54pm Mon 19 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
19:00-19.11.2018 Tonight's episode was interesting. I like the decision (at the end) to not get involved with the fraud! There was no or little stage whispers, which was settling!
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 7:27pm Mon 19 Nov
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Sick of
Soaps constantly pushing political story lines, if I wanted political I would watch political shows. Also bored with all the misery that never ends.
Jan-Ban 9:23am Sat 17 Nov
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I can't stand it either
zena 9:03pm Fri 16 Nov
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John Lewis Ad
I can't stand it and turn it off as it appears.
Jlo 7:48pm Fri 16 Nov
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I Agree with Kipper
Dump the theme tune quickly.
,,,,,,, 7:38pm Fri 16 Nov
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theme tune
What sort of theme tune is that? Dump it , the quicker the better.
Kipper 8:22pm Wed 14 Nov
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Please get rid of Chas she is depressing.
Jack 2:51pm Wed 14 Nov
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Two of my comments about Neil have been deleted. I don't know why he bothered to comment that he fell asleep and that's why he hasn't commented. It was funny at first but now its boring.
TRS. 10:00pm Sat 10 Nov
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Do stop repeating yourself. As I comnented, before it was deleted, it is getting very boring now.
Jlo 9:15pm Sat 10 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
19:00-10.11.2018 No comments tonight (I fell asleep)
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 1:38am Sat 10 Nov
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Good point I'd never even thought about that. As for Rishi words fail me.
tina 8:38pm Fri 9 Nov
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Does kerry have a twin sister who works at the factory while she works in beauty salon
Lin 7:41pm Fri 9 Nov
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Is an absolute pain. Doesn't know what she wants.
Katie 7:05pm Fri 9 Nov
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Ashley, Ashley, boring old Ashley, has she forgotten she dumped him for Marlon?
Kay Jay 9:24pm Thu 8 Nov
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Sorry to have to say this but am now totally fed up with this storyline. Please can we have something other than misery
Elaine 7:24pm Thu 8 Nov
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My review of Emmerdale
I have not viewed Emmerdale for over 10 years. It was nice to hear the theme music again. However, it had a bit of stage whispering. (it never use to). Anyway, interesting to see various storylines. What caught my attention was the last scene. A gay couple wanting to have a child..... Anyhow, I will view it again...
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 7:32pm Wed 7 Nov
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What a horrible child. I'm from the old school a smacked bottom springs to mind but unfortunatley no longer allowed
rita 7:20pm Wed 7 Nov
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repeating my comment
that the idiot removed last night. you have now moved to this site because Corrie page has now stopped you. What is your problem presume you must a very lonely and friendless person. I wonder why
bella 9:08am Wed 7 Nov
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Why can't I have my views on tonights episodes printed
zena 7:29pm Thu 25 Oct
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Tonights Episode
Sorry but what utter garbish.....
..... 7:12pm Thu 25 Oct
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What a loada.....
Sj 7:24pm Thu 11 Oct
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Do you not get irony?!
gina 1:45pm Wed 3 Oct
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bored to tears with charity
kipper 6:11pm Mon 24 Sep
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Fully agree the whole thing is ridiculous
zena 9:36pm Mon 17 Sep
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lachlan story
peurile piffle
kipper 6:29pm Thu 23 Aug
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corry 2
total squit
kipper 7:19pm Thu 9 Aug
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