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Evie 10:39pm Sun 26 Apr
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Getting too ridiculous for words!
Why is everyone so twisted?
Hayden 8:50pm Mon 2 Feb
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Am I being nasty??
I love David and cant stand Alysha, I wish he would find someone nicer and better looking.
Jan 7:17pm Fri 30 Jan
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Please get rid of her somehow she doesn't fit in
Ellie pops 10:33pm Mon 26 Jan
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Why do they keep saying the two Archies are very much alike? They are nothing like each other.
Disappointed 12:40pm Sun 25 Jan
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why as he got a beard
brazz 2:36pm Fri 23 Jan
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It was obvious all along that the baby Jai was looking after was not the real Archie. But why on earth did he not have dna tests done on the baby. Rachel was frightened, she was looking after and protecting her child all the time. I hope that Jai will still look after the baby till his real parents are found. He's gorgeous. If they are not found he should foster the child and then if nothing happens as regards his parentage then adopt him.
Archie 12:12pm Fri 23 Jan
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She is so uncouth! Not a good actress as she is the same in everything and is still so uncouth in real life. Please get rid if her.
Pat2236 10:35pm Thu 22 Jan
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Double trouble
Two Archie's ! never saw that one coming lol
Tammycat 8:33pm Thu 22 Jan
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Emmerdale stinks
Emmerdale should go off air forever !!!!
Dr cupid 7:29pm Thu 22 Jan
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Where has Rachel been and why did she never speak to her sister to ask about Archie. Looks like she wants to forget him
Baffled 12:28pm Wed 21 Jan
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Thought he was a solicitor? They don't wear wigs in court only barristers do
Pat 1927 9:33pm Tue 20 Jan
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Real Life
At last Charity! Maybe she will be out next week. is it me or is Charity putting weight on her face.
Bored 7:56pm Tue 20 Jan
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Got it wrong they convicted her. Thank goodness. She can now leave show for a while and have her baby. Unfortunately she'll be back
ellie pops 7:56pm Tue 20 Jan
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Charity is one very bad apple but always manages to get away with law breaking. What a VERY BAD!!! example to set to young people today. Am totally disgusted
Ellie pops 7:28pm Tue 20 Jan
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Lost your razor, Adam
Time Adam had a shave. He looks like Bluto from Popeye.
Fed Up Viewer 6:24pm Tue 20 Jan
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So fed up with
The Barton family,love Ross though,he is too good for this Crappy soap,he will be snapped up for a real part in a quality Series
Browser 11:08am Mon 19 Jan
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Robert the Rotter
Why does Chrissie not get rid of Robert? After his behaviour at Andy's wedding did she not see him for the worthless rotten being that he is and give him his marching orders? And has Lawrence not cottoned on to him? How long will we have to view him and his evil ways. It's time he got his commuppance.
Disgusted 1:13am Mon 19 Jan
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Cain's Surgery
It was pointed out at his bedside why he had no signs of surgery to his head. They went in through his groin. Having had this procedure done myself it is less invasive. They insert a tube in your main vein then they fill the aneurysm with coils therefore no need for head shaving.
lainey 9:46am Sun 18 Jan
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My thoughts exactly
Mary 10:27am Sat 17 Jan
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Cain's brain surgery
Can someone tell me how a person can undertake brain surgery without having a single strand of hair shaved off and then walk around the village a day or so later like it never happened,,,Puleeez!!!
Dewster 7:23pm Fri 16 Jan
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Agree about Ross's acting
But character MARLON should be dumped.
Mary 11:26am Fri 16 Jan
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Good luck
Ross I hope he wins for his acting ability.should have a award for over acting eg Marlon and Sandie.
Bored 7:13pm Thu 15 Jan
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What is all this about
Boy1 and Boy2,I don't understand
Browser 11:40am Thu 15 Jan
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i disagree with boy2ismylife
while I think he gave an enigmatic performance, I do believe boy 1 is the stronger actor of the two. and he has a nice face.
andrewlloydwebber 9:29am Thu 15 Jan
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I see talking, but not about the IMPORTANT ISSUES!!! MORE BOY 2 OR I WALK!!!
boy2ismylife 9:15am Thu 15 Jan
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How does Jai know that the baby he has bought is really his and Rachel's son. Has he had a dna test done? And will Rachel ever return to Emmerdale?
Unbeliever 5:02pm Wed 14 Jan
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Boy 2 to return!
I honestly can't say I've ever seen a better performance in anything ever. More Boy 2 or my relationship with your silly soap opera is terminated.
boy2ismylife 1:49pm Wed 14 Jan
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I Agree if it was 2 Women i bet there Wouldnt be Any comments or Complaints? Double Standards!!!
Deepak 1:22pm Mon 12 Jan
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I reckon
Charity will forge Cain's signature when he lapses into a coma!
Maz 5:38pm Sun 11 Jan
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That Hat is the best actor on the soap
Browser 11:49am Fri 9 Jan
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Why doesn't Lachlan take off that ridiculous hat in the house. He looks stupid.
Baffled 11:35am Fri 9 Jan
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unoriginal writing, pathetic story lines usually copied from other soaps, very sad!
bario 7:03pm Thu 8 Jan
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Getting worse
I thought soaps were supposed to reflect real life with believable characters drawing the audience into the lives they are portraying. This guff is a long way from that. Shame, used to be good.
Pippa 1:45pm Tue 6 Jan
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The Belle
Storyline is now bordering on aabsurd. I mean seriously. Its laughable at best. I mean how many more can they write for the role.
use to be a fan.... 3:34pm Sun 4 Jan
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Anyone complaining about 'explicit' scenes between Robert and Aaron is a bigoted homophobe. Equality is not a one way street. Grow up!
Curseoftheirish 7:35pm Sat 3 Jan
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Clinic worker
Like your comment,well said
Mary 10:44am Fri 2 Jan
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I love Emmerdale, its better than all the other soaps!!!
Aliyah 11:56pm New Years Day
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Too explicit too early
The content of this soap is too explicit in its portrayal of the relationship between Aaron and Robert. It is also showing this too early. And please someone research more into paranoia and hearing voices. It is not accurate in the way Belle is seen suffering
Digbyboo 8:45pm New Years Day
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Sort out this ridiculous storyline soon. It's going on for much much much much much much too looooooonnnnngggggg
Bobapp 8:25pm New Years Day
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Good news, STI clinic opening in Hotton.However all appointments taken for the next month.
std clinic worker 5:14pm New Years Day
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please please please
Please make sure that if & when Rachel returns, she brings little Archie with young sibling and her made good wealthy husband.now that will leave Jai with some explainig
storyteller 9:24pm Mon 29 Dec
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Can this soap
Get any worse,writers have got it so wrong,they have to hallucinating To write such garbage,sorry to be so critical,but I miss the one time unmissable soap
Browser 11:19am Sun 28 Dec
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Cartoon characters
I'll miss Katie. Her bland normality is more realistic than cartoon Val, Kerry and the pathetic Bernice.
peter. 10:08am Sat 27 Dec
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Who writes the story lines for this gabbage. There used to be a few decent story lines, but every one of these must be written by a five year old. The humour isn't even funny. This was the last soap that I watched and now I have had enough. What happened to the days.
DCee 9:25pm Boxing Day
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Guys kissing, lesbian wedding, cross dressing vicar, woman steels a brides dress and turns up at someone elses wedding ALL IN A VILLAGE !, ridiculous pathectic writing
Leeds Loiner 8:22pm Boxing Day
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Emmerdale episode for Christmas Day,Robert was right Katie has been round the block a few times,I don"t think her character will be missed much,but I wish her well whatever she is going on to do.
Mary 5:25pm Boxing Day
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This used to be a reasonably enjoyable soap. The story lines are now ridiculous and new actors pathetic. Wake up scriptwriters the story lines are so far fetched it's unbelievable. Tonight was the last straw.
Pippa 8:43pm Mon 22 Dec
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R.I.P Emmerdale
R.I.P for a soap that was about people not unreal stories for ratings
benji 12:14am Mon 22 Dec
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Too ridiculous
The story lines in this soap are now getting so ridiculous they are unwatchable No longer watching
Jaybe 8:15pm Sun 21 Dec
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