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boring sheep
boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . boring . . . . SHEEP boring . . . . boring . . . .
treat me like a sheep 6:40pm Tue 7 Feb
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Ricky t
Rick toffee 10:38am Mon 6 Feb
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gstar 5:44pm Wed 18 Jan
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Are all of the people who watch this show illiterate? I despair of the state of the English language these days!!
Dook 1:07pm Mon 5 Dec
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dont you dare get rid of cain becouse he is the only good thing on the show your story lines are bad bad at the moment you can do better get rid of new family
doyley 8:25pm Thu 24 Nov
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I have just written a 2000 word essay on Emmerdale and how it has changed. The new family has totally ripped the show from it's routes and signals an end for the long-running show. See sense!
admiralfilms (c) 6:57pm Wed 23 Nov
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Getting boring
I have watched Emmerdale for years but I am becoming bored with it now. The Sharma's are bad enough but the new family are even worse. They do nothing but shout. They would be better suited to Eastenders. Get rid of em.
Irritated 8:17pm Tue 22 Nov
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don't like new family either
nothing about these losers endears me to them, and if they're not gone soon, i'm going back to c4 news. otherwises emmerdale is perfectly watchable and entertaining dross for after dinner coffee.
u don't need to know 4:48pm Tue 22 Nov
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Awful new family
Please evict the new family they are a retrograde step in the show
Rinto 3:06pm Thu 17 Nov
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agree with everyone else the new chav family are dreadful.
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Well - that's me an ex Emmerdale viewer. I can't stand the new family they have spoilt it for me.
Izzy10 7:26pm Tue 15 Nov
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Please get rid of new family
Please write out the new family. Boring, adds nothing to the story lines and the acting is dreadful.
BobsiesMum 8:41pm Mon 14 Nov
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New family
Loose new lesbian family,they spend too long arguing ,it doesn't work ,no redeeming features.
Sarah-sue 8:03pm Fri 11 Nov
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What's happened to emmerdale
Emmerdale is not the same good soap it used to be. Storyline is rubbish.get rid of new family. Have watched emmerdale for years and if it does not improve soon, will not watch any more. Where is Eric and Val? They both bring so much entertainment to emmerdale. Y
Ever hoping for changes 9:07pm Thu 10 Nov
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Emmerdale, sack somebody
Emmerdale has lost its way and the way it's going will lose its audience. Get the good characters back and the good storylines.
Wavering 8:26pm Thu 10 Nov
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WHAT THE....................!?
emmerdale is so boring!!!!!!!!! YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!1
emo123 5:46pm Wed 2 Nov
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Unrealistic stories
I have stopped watching Emmerdale. They have a chocolate factory where there is only a packing department and a small office. Where is the section making the chocolat?
Mikie 4:02pm Fri 28 Oct
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The intro
Emmerdale has a grate identerty and will continue to do so if you get rid of that bad intro and the C.G.I hills at the end of the program, Yorkshire alredy looks good without painted hills. All in all nice try but chainge it back and do it soon
Dunc 6:07pm Thu 6 Oct
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rob is leaving
every body thinks rob is a tool, the sooner he leaves the better, my family hate him ! what a total dome
robby c 1:14pm Thu 22 Sep
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Great for Oldies.
My Old Mother loves the Program. But for a young man like me, never found it Interesting. 2/10.
Swiifteh 4:26pm Sun 4 Sep
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Mia storyline
Outrageously stupid storyline - is there no with any common sense? Even Decaln' dad falling in with ridiculous Decaln - we'll never watch this soap again.
mr normal 7:46pm Wed 31 Aug
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Revelations about daughter
What a ridiculous storyline. As if you'd send a child out of your life after all those years. Don't you think she might question whats going on if she never sees her dad again?
Millie 7:41pm Tue 30 Aug
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Danny Miller
I think that Danny is such a fantastic actor. I watch all soaps but emmerdale is definately the best. There isn't any actors in emmerdale that i don't like. You are all great!
emmerdale 4 ever 7:41pm Thu 11 Aug
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Assisted suicide storyline
The story was handled so well, and was acted out beautifully.. Danny Miller, Marc Silcock & Pauline Quirke are the most talented actors/actresses on the whole show.. Truly amazing
k356 8:48am Sun 17 Jul
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i stopped watching this months ago because of the cain and charity thing making her into the biggest slut in TV soap history and there turning everyone onto slags, sluts and cheaters, next eric and valerie will go dogging round back of woolpack which will be turned into a swingers club anyway..!!
get me bucket 12:58pm Wed 13 Jul
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Declan's father
awful stilted bad acting - time for him to be written out.
David, Chadwell Heath 7:33pm Tue 21 Jun
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I stopped watching Eastenders because it was depressing. Emmerdale is worse - suicide, every child lacking a parent except the one with 3, adultery, promiscuity, hatred, divorce, The only decent couple are ashley and Laurel
Dor 4:20pm Tue 21 Jun
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new hills in background
where did the hills suddenly appear from .no hills in that area
maisie 11:15pm Mon 20 Jun
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Assisted Suicide Storyline
I think Jackson was completely selfish and cruel to emotionally blackmail his mum and boyfriend into killing him. He didn't even bother to research the legal implications for them. I for one am glad he's dead. His character was a totally negative portrayal of disabled people.
Eve 1:19am Sat 18 Jun
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Opening titles
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return to the old titles. This present one is too awful. Terrible filming and music.Who evet changed this needs shooting!!
Peter 7:04pm Mon 13 Jun
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pauline quirke and danny miller
what a tremendous actress pauline quirke is ... acting at its finest ... danny miller also excellent in the storeline of assisted deaths ... well done
graysroad 6:03pm Fri 10 Jun
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get rid
of this crap music, did they change it just because corrie did? its terrible.
arther rank 12:12pm Fri 10 Jun
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excellent story line of the assisted suicide, well handled and will hopefully encourage more debate on this issue. Brilliant acting too, well done to all involved.
mary lou2 6:59pm Thu 9 Jun
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Title Music
Please, please, please change it back to the original. I used to love looking at the beautiful scenary and countryside we have in the UK - who wants to see the different rooms and woman playing footsie !!! Change it back PLEASE !!!!!!
Jacqui1412 3:58pm Thu 9 Jun
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Bye Jackson
THis business with Jackson has been dragged out for far too long, and I am so glad it's over. Now we are going to get bored to death with Hazel and AAron, with a load of overacting to sicken us. This show once had humour, with nosey Betty, but it's becoming very boring now. The new titles stink as well. Glad to see the back od the posh wife and her daughter,whose names I can't even recall. Ella, is it? Please get rid of David's giirlfriends sister and hher nasty kid, and that dredful Goerdie girl with the orange face and more eye slap than the entire cast. Rotten actress
Mike the groan 6:20am Thu 9 Jun
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jacksons dead
what a terrific episode, very well done.
bloke downt pub 9:35pm Wed 8 Jun
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Voice over
If that voice over continues then I'm off. I'm sure its for a good reason but I dont need to be told whats happening Ron
Stan 2:33pm Wed 8 Jun
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I'm a tetraplegic spinal cord injured and have been for 40 years. Jackson is a waste of space let's hope he does "it" quick. Make it a slasher movie.
bloodaxe 2:02pm Tue 7 Jun
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Music and scenery
this has changed for the worse - hate synthesised music and what is it with the camera flitting through various disconnected rooms - please change it back to the scenery and original music.
David, Chadwell Heath 7:32pm Mon 6 Jun
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Why on earth did they do away with great UK scenery in the opening bit and replace it with a few rooms that make it look like an american advert?
notfromUK 7:15pm Tue 31 May
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That horrible music I suppose I'll get used to, but that black bar that looks like it should be covering a ladys modesty in a centrefold completetly ruins beautiful scenery. If it's not broke don't mend it!!
Pam 8:28am Tue 31 May
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I live in Western Australia and watch Emmerdale every night. We have just got to finding the body of Mark. I'm really enjoying it at the moment, but can anyone tell me how to contact or email Elizabeth Estensen, i just want to comment on her clothes and ask where she shops for them.
Necie 6:25am Tue 31 May
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Bring back my intro
What is this terrible new noise replacing my favourite tv tune and lovely scenes,please bring back the tuneful good one!
milly 7:24pm Mon 30 May
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storylines predictable and boring,its depressing veiwing no charm left in it i wont be a fan for much longer, they should have eric coming out of the shower like dallas and scrub the last 6 months.
betty 7:37pm Thu 26 May
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Emmerdale is getting to miserable and depressing.
Helen. 6:47pm Tue 10 May
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Why bother to write bad comments? That's what I don't get.
... 4:13pm Sat 7 May
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Emmerdales story lines
I used to love watching Emmerdale but now all the story lines are rubbish and boring.Get some better story writers or else you are going to have very few viewers
Sully 10:25am Tue 26 Apr
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No Sheep?
Why not?
EDDD 7:50pm Fri 22 Apr
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kelly is the worse actress on television her acting ability is the worse i have ever seen
liz 7:17pm Wed 20 Apr
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o m g kelly
think kelly's on the wrong tv set would be more suited to the only way is essex
kelly basher 1:31pm Wed 13 Apr
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