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Amos and Henry
The seemingly unintended dry humour between the two was good.
gina 6:11pm Fri 19 Oct
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un believable
ful of misery not like the days when amos brearly and mr wilks were in it-- that was when acting story lines were believable
fat ron 4:32pm Fri 19 Oct
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Enough is enough
What on earth has happened to Emmerdale!! Need to sack the script writers and get fresh ones in. Absolute wonder they have any viewers left What’s with Kim Tate coming back into it after all these years. As a person im sure Claire is lovely but seriously get a grip Emmerdale. It’s like watching Dallas all over again and look how that flopped! Bring back Joe and the way it was.... think I am going to give the s series a miss...Shame really as it was the only one I watched
Seriously disappointed 9:15am Tue 16 Oct
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DOOM AND GLOOM. So depressing.
,................ 6:29pm Mon 15 Oct
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How Stupid Do You Think The Viewers Are
Emmerdale has sunk to an all time low the current storylines are ridiculous how can so much happen in one place at the same time seriously will not be watching again JOKE
Stupid viewer 2:46am Sat 13 Oct
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Can stand no more
It's all too much please let Joe be alive and marry Debbie and Sarah make a miraculous recovery Ross and Rebecca live happy ever after and let all the others win post code lottery, can't stand the misery any longer
Hillbilly 7:24pm Fri 12 Oct
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the show is so miserable
The stories are so unrealistic, fantastic actors, poor stories. Thinking of not watching anymore. So sad, loved it for years
shazzy 2:50pm Fri 12 Oct
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Terrible Scriptwriting
I now only watch Emmerdale out of morbid facination to see how much worse it can get.
Shoot the Scriptwriters 2:39pm Fri 12 Oct
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Emmerdale following coro load of s..t
Nicky 8:53pm Thu 11 Oct
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Complete garbage
Pantomime- very poor Panto st that . Cannot watch it any more
Kb 7:39pm Thu 11 Oct
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What a loada.....
Sj 7:24pm Thu 11 Oct
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Can it get any stupider?
What on earth is going on with Emmerdale? Dreadful scripts that make no sense what so ever. Pantomine worthy acting that is so wooden that you’d get better at a primary school performance.
Josh 7:21pm Thu 11 Oct
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Kim Tate return owning everything beggars belief . Scriptwriters get real it’s a soap in a little village
Renelees48 6:50pm Thu 11 Oct
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Ross violence at the Lake
All this violence is not acceptable at this time. I cannot believe Emmerdale get away with this. Not pleasant viewing.
...... 6:32pm Thu 11 Oct
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Lost their way!!!!!!!
Have the scriptwriters lost their mind. Surely the shareholders will tell them to get their heads out of their ar----.
Jethroc 6:21pm Thu 11 Oct
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We really are now in fantasy land and not a small Yorkshire village. Gangland New York is safer. It's so outrageous don't know whether to laugh or cry. Better still think I'll switch off
Bella 6:18pm Thu 11 Oct
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Perhaps if he watched episodes of emmerdale he would laugh his head off?!
Zeeble 7:21pm Wed 10 Oct
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Oh please give graham something to smile about.
Rosie9 10:16am Wed 10 Oct
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Do you not get irony?!
gina 1:45pm Wed 3 Oct
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Sorry but there is nothing amazing about Emmerdale. Misery, crime, same sex boredom, prison inmates, bed hopping s***s, and sexual deviants. Trash!!
Gel 12:39pm Wed 3 Oct
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It’s all going horribly wrong
Completely agree, over the last few months Emmerdale’s script writers are destroying what has been a good series. Helloooo is anyone going to fix it?
mikeretyred 9:18pm Tue 2 Oct
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Crying Rebecca
to crying Charity, to whinging Ross, complaining Doug, Brenda and Faith,to depressed Belle, heartbroken Chas and Paddy, to overacting Marlon, the list goes on, after a week of this I am now on Prozac.
Jan-Ban 5:23pm Mon 1 Oct
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Perhaps he put it on, one handed, as he was driving off, I often do this even tho' I know I shouldn't.
Son of Cain 3:36pm Mon 1 Oct
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When on earth did Paddy put his seat belt on when he drove off from the pub with Chas One minute he was driving off without it and the next second HE WAS WEARING IT!
Hawkeye 10:52am Sun 30 Sep
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Graham Foster
You need a backup plan to protect yourself with help from the dingle and Kings plus Sugdens family make amends with Everyone that you have hurt take a bodyguard with you for protection at the end of the day let him explain his Story and his Son and daughter in Emmerdale as well
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 8:59pm Fri 28 Sep
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Why are the writers...
trying to turn Emmerdale into minority central. The current scripts are the worst in living memory, the relationships are developed to "educate" the viewers. Storylines and good acting was behind the success of Emmerdale. Not being seen as the most politically correct programme on the box.
SandbachChap 2:05pm Fri 28 Sep
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Lost child
I am very much interested in finding out what happened to child of vet Venessa? Please writer tell us!!!!,,
Del Boy 7:27pm Thu 27 Sep
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what's wrong??
What is happening to the once great show? Unbelievable stories' to many guys , lesbians, and now trans, all before the watershed, are you trying to tell people this is a normal village?? You will loose viewers soon.
Nev 6:27pm Thu 27 Sep
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PLEASE send her away for a couple of months, her constant whining and whinging are really getting too much now
Jan 6:24pm Wed 26 Sep
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Agreed. Also fed up with Belle and her moody looks. And why the obsession with bringing in new Dingle related losers
Gel 11:55am Wed 26 Sep
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So much overreacting!!.especially Marlon and charity!!!'Really going off it!!
Scotty 9:08am Tue 25 Sep
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Glad you said it because I'm sick to death of Charity, can't even feel sorry for her
wendy 9:44pm Mon 24 Sep
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bored to tears with charity
kipper 6:11pm Mon 24 Sep
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Where is health /safety and hygene.Any one ,it seems can walk in and out of the pub kitchen.Ridiculous.
stringers 9:01am Fri 21 Sep
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Another fatal major incident is due......so wait and see!
gina 8:37pm Thu 20 Sep
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She's another pointless character who needs to go, along with Mattie, Jacob, Lachlan, David, both Bartons, Marlon, Belle, Charity, Debbie, Sarah, Faith, and Rhona. Preferably all in one episode
Gel 8:34pm Thu 20 Sep
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Is Jessie Sloshed?
Every time Jessie opens her mouth it is as if she has lost control of her lips. She sounds as if she is slurring her words all of the time.
Lionel Logue. 7:59pm Thu 20 Sep
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Vanessas baby
where is it, she is in court, in the pub, in bed with Charity, she could be doing some work, has she given the baby away.???
Jan-Ban 8:45am Wed 19 Sep
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Get a life saddos
It's a bloody TV program not real life and if the moaners who have commented think that can write a more accurate and realistic show apply to ITV
Zippi 3:19pm Tue 18 Sep
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Fully agree the whole thing is ridiculous
zena 9:36pm Mon 17 Sep
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Head Teacher
Why us the Headteacher seen around the village, in the cafe, in the pub, in Marlon's house throughout the day. I have worked on n schools and have NEVER known a headteacher do less than 10 hours a day at school. Totally unrealistic and bad actress as well.
Linda 6:12pm Mon 17 Sep
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I am sure all the writers for the soaps must be competing for The Agatha Christie Prize.....well if there was one!
gina 8:32pm Thu 13 Sep
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Murder in the dales
Wouldn’t the paper be having a field day regarding all murders plus a missing person. Yet this spooky nurse is unaware of everthing. Murder in the dales in more ways than one.
Rosie9 11:44am Thu 13 Sep
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We really are now in fantasy land. The Lachlan story line is BEYOND reality as are most of the stories in this small Yorkshire village. Please bring back some sensible story lines
zena 8:01am Wed 12 Sep
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He would do better sitting on a ventriloquists knee. His lip flaps move and occasionally his eyes move from side to side, that's about it.
Tellitlikeitis 11:46am Tue 11 Sep
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OMG Rebecca
Where was she being kept? That nurse looked really spooky, how did Lachlan get her from a cabin in the woods to this place without questions being asked?
Von James 9:35am Tue 11 Sep
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At least she is alive, but please these are repeat storylines.
....... 6:38pm Mon 10 Sep
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More than likely and also her daft voices
wendy 12:34pm Mon 10 Sep
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Are we now going to be subjected to months and months of Belle's miserable, wooden facial expressions?
Gel 11:55am Mon 10 Sep
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He downed two bottles of whiskey,he will be in the next bed to Sarah awaiting a new liver if this stupidity continues? Get real
KayJay 11:33am Fri 7 Sep
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