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Hi Neil.
Sayitlikeitis 7:58am Thu 6 Jun
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Rhona get in the car pick me up at Wellington Somerset I wont new Girlfriend called Rhona
James 11:25pm Wed 5 Jun
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Neil deletes all soap comments. He's on the tv guide payroll. It's common knowledge.
Marnie. 10:07pm Wed 1 May
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Do the writers or anyone else to do with the soap ever read the comments,I don't think so
Gets progressively worse 10:09am New Years Eve
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BA 8:40am Fri 6 Dec
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The moderators on this site have their particular favorites and show all of their comments, you would appear not to be one of the chosen few.
WOPTAK 7:45pm Wed 20 Nov
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why are my views constantly being blocked
peety 1:48pm Wed 20 Nov
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Turn off the Telly...
And go for a walk.
Chubba Bubba 7:39pm Thu 31 Oct
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j burton
comments are utterly ridiculou?, Your having a laugh..disgusting !! get a life !!
Dingle Dangle 7:06pm Thu 26 Sep
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its only a soap for gods sake, youd think it was real life the way some of you go on, get a grip
batman 7:00pm Fri 20 Sep
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cacks up the motor boi
Theyve caked it up the motor chav
Chavvy baaaayyyy 6:07pm Sun 15 Sep
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Most of you are haters of E/D. maybe the writers are on holiday and have left some chimps in charge did u ever think about that???? Buddy love and dingle dangle you are both so wrong its all about marlon...mmmmm yeah
spektre 11:04pm Sat 14 Sep
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dingle dangle
Dingle dangle your comments are utterly ridiculous. cain dingle is disgusting what are you talking about.
j burtons 10:55pm Sat 14 Sep
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Needs new scriptwriters urgently
Plot lines are unbelievable ridiculous and go on for far too long, Debbie Dingle is probably the worst actress I've ever seen ,how can she play most of her scenes with her arms folded and only one expression -angry!
Emm 12:18pm Thu 12 Sep
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jaames bond
love your way of thinking dingle dangle.loving the name by the way.i think caine is wasted in emmerdale,he could be the next james bond.reger kelon.
buddylove 8:39pm Fri 6 Sep
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Throwing up
I,m too busy looking at Caine dingle to notice throwing up !
Dingle dangle 6:33pm Fri 6 Sep
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sick of sick!!!
I am all for soaps being realistic BUT do we have to be subjected to graphic scenes of people throwing up?? I am tired of having to record this while I am having my dinner!!
Cookie 2:10pm Fri 6 Sep
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Caine dingle
OMG!! OMG!! I agree with buddy love Caine dingle is gorgeous !!! I know I would !!!
Dingle dangle 8:32pm Thu 5 Sep
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What,s happened to emmerdale farm, dreary and dismal. Where's the spark gone, well done caine
tarataffy 4:02pm Thu 5 Sep
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caine dingle
is the only thing worth watching on emmerdale.lucky moira.
buddylove 11:18pm Wed 4 Sep
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re ratings con
I agree with you Tina. It's a terribly miserable show
scooby 1:39pm Wed 4 Sep
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ratings con
Emerdale may be doing well in the ratings but I am really sick of it right now
Tina 3:45pm Fri 30 Aug
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longing for the past.
Emerdale was better when the Wyldes were on it.
una 3:36pm Fri 30 Aug
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God this story line is dragging far to long! It's getting pathetic and annoying watching her.
jadee 7:11pm Tue 27 Aug
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So annoying why does laurel and marlon make a big deal over nothing like when she got car jacked constantly going on about how much it has effected her get over it most people would
louis 6:33pm Sat 24 Aug
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Emmerdale is so depressing now i am starting to watch eastenders to cheer me up emmerdales sence of humour died with shadrack bring him back you could have him coming out of the shower like dallas
cheery charlie 5:31pm Fri 23 Aug
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caine dingle
Omg.hot ,hot,hot.
buddylove 12:05am Fri 23 Aug
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New coppers
Those two coppers always at home farm at the worst actors on TV! Get rid, can't stand the woman she's total crap!!!!
Katie 8:48pm Thu 22 Aug
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jennys phone
quite right arnie when will the writers get get it right.pathetic...
sparks 6:27pm Thu 22 Aug
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thank god he's left,bit of dead wood gone.
happy. 6:23pm Tue 20 Aug
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Crash victim
Jenny's phone would have been checked over by the old bill and that recording would have been found, bloody stupid!!!!
Arnie 6:19pm Tue 20 Aug
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Mr P Correct
Won't somebody please think of the children !!!
Do-Gooder 4:13am Thu 15 Aug
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Terrible actress " get rid "
Fyba12 7:36pm Wed 14 Aug
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Emerdales Depressive Storylines.
Emerdale is unfortunately another so called,"soap"which has a series of complete nonsensical storylines. Its a programme which contains such lousy, and wooden actors with the exception of a very few.
Chalky. 7:16pm Wed 14 Aug
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please,please I am on my knee's begging you to let some one knock off Katie,she has to be the worst so called actress I have ever seen. you might as well get the of other one as well laurel,two birds one stone.
bobby 12:05pm Wed 14 Aug
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Why is it that Emmerdale is supposedly set in Yorkshire though not one of the cast have a Yorkshire accent, some of then sound more like Geordie's.
Baz 7:10pm Mon 12 Aug
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murder murder!!!
please solve them soon its murder to watch dont say switch off..
sparks.. 9:46pm Sat 10 Aug
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Kate Oates
I think its time Kate Oates moved on. There is no need for such sensational stories in UK soap. It's like watching Hollyoakes!! And the product placement of mobiles is virtually dictating the story line!! So sad to see product placement used so blatantly! Shame on u ITV!! I'd love to know how ur viewing figures compare with last years to see if such poor storylines do infact increase viewers?
Alison 11:47pm Thu 8 Aug
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Have you employed a misogynist to boost rating? who is writing these abysmal story lines and making most of the leading female characters appear paranoid, useless manipulative and pathetic?
ANGRY 8:36pm Thu 8 Aug
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What Happened
What on earth has happened to Emmerdale?! It easily beats Eastenders on the 'depressing' scale and it's nothing but dragged-out storylines and violence lately!
Reggie 5:40pm Thu 8 Aug
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Laurel and Marlon UGH! still hate them as a couple
Jilly 7:24pm Wed 7 Aug
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Has to be the worst acting I have ever seen. Thank God he is leaving.
Ash 3:43pm Wed 7 Aug
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gennies death
please dont bury gennie yet she died of suffocation you will only have to dig her up again its too much end this now
masie 1:05pm Sat 3 Aug
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Emmerdale "SICK"
Emmerdale is becoming more amd more SICK, especially with the recent murders. Nothing like it used to be!!
lady 1:36pm Fri 2 Aug
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If this story line does't finish soon I swear I will tell Paddy myself. I have never known anything go on so long with no substance to it
Emmerdale real fan 8:26pm Thu 1 Aug
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I think the family are treating him badly by more or less telling him to pull himself together!!!
avid quizzer 7:26pm Wed 31 Jul
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Murder of Jennie on Emmerdale
I did not like this episode - why murder her? It puts me off watching Emmerdale.
Kathy 6:51pm Wed 31 Jul
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boring emmerdale
how much more boring & nonsencicle can the stoy lines get
jk 3:59pm Wed 31 Jul
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Poor policing.
Surely after three murders in a small village the 'plods' would be getting really suspicious. This is like Midsommer murders only they catch the murders in the end.
Chukkie 1:51pm Tue 30 Jul
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I have watched Emmerdale for years. My mum used to watch it & still does but after last Thursdays episode we will never tune in again. There is armoury badness in the world & Gennie's death was appauling. All the murders over the last few months were sickening. I am sad to say that I will not be tuning in anymore.
Louisemf 10:16pm Mon 29 Jul
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