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Everybody Loves Raymond Comments
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Hidden Treasure
I missed this when the series were first shown. But what an absolutely treat to have found this series. Love all the characters who gel so well. Brilliant writing and acring.
LeedsLex 1:26am Mon 16 Aug
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The Skit
This show is funny, the best show on TV The Skit season 6 is so funny
Karl & Dawn S 10:56am Tue 10 Nov
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Best show on TV
Best show on TV
Se 7:45am Tue 3 Nov
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I am Raymond
Funniest sitcom ever, so relatable, I am Raymond reincarnated, apart from not having a brother...every character is amazing, god rest those no longer with us, but they live on x
Nick S (boo boo) 6:04am Sat 13 Apr
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Raymond is loved
Love waking up to watch a good ol' bit of Ray! And Debra was worth a service back in the day which makes it easier on the eye!! Great show keep 'em rolling C4!!
JC 2:15am Sat 26 May
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Not Funny Now
It has been repeated so often that it has lost its humour. We all know what will happen. PLEASE Channel 4 show different ones: and that goes for Frasier too.
Ex-Raymond fan 1:03am Tue 6 Sep
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Captcha challenge incorrect? You really mean "challenges to your blatant normalising of misandry, blocked."
Cat 8:35am Mon 6 Jun
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Best sitcom
Greatest family sitcom of all time. Timeless. Episodes from the 1990s are completely relatable in the 2010s.
AJ 5:10pm Tue 5 Apr
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Love It!
What a great show watch every morning such talent and the humour is spot on and laugh out loud. Shame it had to end when Frank died I think it could have gone on and on....
Jan 10:43pm Thu 29 Oct
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Fed Up with Raymond
Could we have some DIFFERENT episodes please instead of the same ones repeated time after time.
Bored pensioner 7:06am Thu 5 Mar
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Repeated AGAIN
It was funny at first, but now it has been repeated so often I know it off by heart, and it's NOT FUNNY. New shows, Channel 4 please. (And the same goes for Frasier)
Disappointed 5:45pm Tue 21 Oct
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Raymond Rocks
It is very good, have the whole set on Dvd, prefer it to watching on tv where they skip from season to season. My Favourites are Robert and Frank, I agree on Mrs Heaton being a Milf though
naz54 2:10pm Tue 17 Jun
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Why does Channel 4 keep repeating Everybody Loves Raymond and Frasier. They've been on so often that I know them off by heart now. Why can't they bring back shows like "Bewitched"
Dotti 8:30am Wed 28 May
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Not everyone loves Raymond...
I detest him. And the sickly saccarine relationship with his mother. American schmaltz at its worst.
DigiGirlNeoChic 6:38am Tue 22 Apr
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Hollywood Jewcom
what a surprise
jooo 4:46pm Wed 26 Feb
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Steve M. you bought the DVDs? This show has been shown on loop continually for the last 7 or 8 YEARS
same same same.. 10:03am Wed 18 Sep
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Yes, you do.
Yaspaa 2:58am Thu 15 Aug
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I don't?
? 8:39am Fri 14 Jun
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I don't!
David V 2:03pm Mon 12 Mar
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Love it :-D
Really funny, watch every morning before school :-)
ciara 2:55pm Sun 15 May
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Da Big Knows!
wonder if Ray is a closet homosexual?
Beaky Conk 9:53pm Mon 7 Feb
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whats up with the picture?
Who the hell are in the picture? On the left is Amy, Then Frank, then Debra. then who are the man & woman? they are not characters from the show then is Robert & finally Ray No Marie (Ray`s mum) and none of the 3 kids lol
Dave Clifton 5:28am Mon 3 Jan
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The best
Watch this show over & over agian, think i've seen them all & they still crack me up. The American's seem to take comedy to two extremes, one being genius like ELR, Frasier,, Will & Grace etc, then complete tat like According to Jim, Till Death & ridiculous movies like Bill & Teds...& the recent Due Date.
blubberjee (was BG) 8:38am Thu 2 Dec
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u know dat
Patty Heaton is a milf
Bill Gates 12:29am Tue 30 Nov
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best show
elr is the best show ever created and i wish if it was on all the time like friends and the fun if watching raymond all day
hashhs 8:07pm Wed 15 Sep
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CITY 10:35am Thu 13 May
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much underrated show
good comedy, even for the yanks.
pan demic 11:17am Sat 10 Apr
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Everybody loves Raymond
Why doesnt Channel 4 transmit this in the evening when we are at home to watch it ?
rumplestiltskin 9:06am Fri 9 Apr
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best comedy
I don't usually like American comedies but this one was really good, pity it is not still being made.
tony 9:36pm Thu 25 Mar
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omg this is sooo funny, not 1 episode doesnt make me LOL Agggg i wanna watch it rigt now!
Sam 7:02am Wed 24 Feb
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I Love Raymond
Love it love it love it never miss it best comedy series for a long time
Bern 8:43pm Wed 21 Oct
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brilliant LOL comedy
i first saw this comedy show on Paramount and was instantly hooked!! Have seen every episode & now have all seasons on dvd. Starts off a bit slow in season 1 but quickly picks up from there onwards.The characters are all good & different in their own funny way.I particularly love Ray's interfering parents, the dad (late Peter Boyle) cracks me up!"man of the year" at the lodge episode was hilarious. Worth watching alone for the gorgeous Debra Barone (Patricia Heaton)!!! If you've seen her in the final season(9),you'll know what i'm talking about!!
Stevie M 8:53am Thu 23 Jul
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brad garrett
in till death on five us at noon, not as good in that!!
piewacket 2:52pm Wed 8 Jul
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I Hate Raymond...
... his face, his voice, his show...
Korruptor 12:35pm Sun 28 Jun
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What's with all the negativity?
It's a good show. Plenty of comedy snobs are quick to ridicule it on appearance, without giving it an actual chance. This is not your average American comedy. It's well written and the jokes are well delivered. Okay, it's pretty broad and appeals to plenty of morons; but you'll struggle to find anything better at that in the morning. This and Arrested Development are 2 great American shows of recent years. Give it a chance. People take stuff far too seriously these days.
Anti-Theist 7:09pm Mon 22 Jun
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Geniously Funny
I love this show. Please, Please, Please show all it all the way to the end. It really is a great start to my day.
VRS 8:23am Fri 20 Feb
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I get up especially to watch this programme. It gets my day off with a smile which lasts all day.Its so true to my life. UNbelievable!" Are you an idiot wrapped up in a Moron" was today's quote
Suzy-mai 3:47pm Mon 16 Feb
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVEIT! 6:51pm Wed 28 Jan
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LOVEIT!! 5:00pm Tue 27 Jan
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In my opinion this show is incredibly under rated, it's one of the funniest show's i've watched, i'm not one who's easily impressed when it comes to comedy, but yeah, the timing delivery on the jokes/punchlines is almost always spot on, and it's well acted and just generally funny and well done.
Me 3:20pm Sat 17 Jan
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Where is this place ?
What is the name of the place they stayed in, in Italy ? It looks super =
DJ 8:46am Thu 13 Nov
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Where is this place ??
What is the name of the place they stayed in !! It looks super =
DJ 8:12am Thu 13 Nov
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Funny is funny
Nine seasons of absolute genius. I personally am not an alchoholic but do enjoy a laugh in the morning & this show provides it everytime!! It's beautifully acted, has fantastic characters & every episode is laugh out loud funny. Apart from that it's brilliant!!!
Nuff Said 4:32pm Mon 10 Nov
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Another American attempt at humour-they find it funny, no doubt, but it bores me totally! I know someone who watches it every morning(but he's an alcoholic, so doesn't know what planet he's on anyway!) and can't start his day without it. It is TEDIOUS, PREDICTABLE, UNFUNNY. I realise there is a niche for rubbish, but there is too much of it on our tv progs now. The sets look cheap, the acting is like something from kids' tv, the plots are sickly...apart from that? It's awful!!
True Life 6:04pm Tue 4 Nov
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Everybody Loves Raymond
This programme is a sweet little programme and siimilar in good taste like Frasier; good family entertainment which I set the video recorder so I do not miss a single episode, and further more, I NEVER get tired of watching the repeats, they are fresh as always each time they are repeated, especially when the bonus of Amy's family enter in to the episodes. Please keep them going.
? 8:53pm Tue 29 Jul
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i like this
bholu 5:46am Fri 11 Jul
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Pattie Heaton
She is hot, hot, hot!
Jaydee 9:40am Thu 19 Jun
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What a brilliant show. Of American comedy only this and Friends makes me laugh out loud. Will hate to see it finish. Well done the cast.
Rene 8:03am Wed 14 May
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I think so
Frasier was brilliant for the first few seasons then gradually became tired and predictable. Raymond on the other hand got better and better season after season. A fantastic show.
All for it - Adam 3:27pm Tue 19 Feb
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I think not.
Frasier destroys Raymond.
The Anti - Andy 8:07pm Fri 15 Feb
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