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Brings a smile to my face
This show is exactly what I have watch when I need to relax and forget my worries.
MediaLover 5:40pm Mon 22 Jun
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Absolutely LOVE Frasier!!!
Can watch it endlessly. Best programme EVER!!!!
Sue C 9:16am Wed 2 Sep
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Looking back
Looking back people will ask why they watched this drivel. Cheers was good and this character was a prat.
Fox 8:45am Mon 23 Feb
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"Steptoe and Son"?
"Steptoe and Son"? Particularly this episode ...but still love it
Mattchew 10:01am Thu 30 May
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Artifical Laughter
I find the so called applause on all these American programme shows very irritating,most of the American humor is not even remotely funny. The applause is clearly on a tape recording and is so artifical,the laughter is at the same level all the time. ANNOYING
Critic 10:41am Wed 23 Jan
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Simply the best
All I can say is it's simply the best comedy ever. It doesn't matter how low I'm feeling, a couple of episodes of frasier and I'm smiling. I don't think I could ever tire of watching it.
p00chie 1:18pm Sun 25 Apr
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I'm Listening
One of the great TV programmes of all time. ive seen every episode at least twice but never get tired of watching again. Brilliant script, great timing and oh so funny. Only episodes I didn't like as much were the ones leading up to Daphnes elopement with Niles. But hey thats nitpicking. Sheer joy.
Andy Grahamme 8:52pm Fri 26 Mar
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Some of the comments on this board are scaring me. I am talking about the ones debating which characters you are supposed to "sympathise with" and which ones are deliberately intended to be unlikeable, presumably as some form of satire (maybe?!). Frasier is not a show that aims to create unlikeable characters. As a human being you should be able to empathise with all the characters. I notice often how even with some of the more annoying/unpleasant auxiliary characters they will throw in a moment that allows you to empathise with them. This is the level the show works on. How is the romance between Niles and Daphne supposed to be interesting to anyone if everyone finds one of the two characters "annoying and unlikeable". You have completely missed the point of this great show, and are distorting its message. Shame on you!
noparanoia 3:25pm Mon 25 Jan
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best programme
sathish 11:28am Wed 16 Dec
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I love the show and still watch it. They don't make 'em like this anymore (although 30 rock is pretty good).
Scott 8:12am Mon 26 Oct
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Worth watching
Good, funny, sophisticated, intelligent-and it's from AMERICA! Wonders will never cease! I enjoy this very much, but then I hate BIG BROTHER..says it all!
mckenona 7:13pm Sun 3 May
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Hey sports fans
How do I post a comment... THIS IS TOTAL BS! *slams table* THE MAKERS OF THIS SITE ARE GONNA... oh there it is
Bulldog 8:51pm Fri 6 Feb
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I happened to like the seat
11 seasons. For a spin off, not bad. Personally I'll never let Daphne off for that Manchester "accent". I can see why they did it though. It's one of the best shows out there. Watch them all and paramount sure do give you the chance to so no excuses! Sherry anyone?
MrLoverLover 8:43pm Fri 6 Feb
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LOVEIT! 6:42pm Wed 28 Jan
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Gary From London
A note about the comments of 'Reviewer', If he had watched more than an odd episode he would have noticed that sometimes we were sympathising with Frasier and Niles and on other occasions their antics made us cringe. It was the dynamic way in which the characters related to each other that made the show what it was. Since Frasier aired it's final season I have been hoping that the writers would bring us another masterpiece. In the mean time we will have to hope that other script writers recognise that in Frasier the bar has been set extremely high.
GT 10:26pm Sat 10 Jan
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brilliant. i swear sideshow bob and mel in the simpsons are based on frasier and nialls...
unwesternised 5:00pm Wed 17 Dec
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Frasier is brilliant, very very funny! i think it should be showed more offen on t.v and not keep taking it off!
les 9 4:15pm Fri 5 Dec
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reviewer...your fired.
um im sorry but i hardly think the majority of peopole side with the average joes daphne and martin, if anything daphne is incredibly annoying. fraiser and niles are the people u realte to the most and have the most laughs. review u should be ashamed, a poor review of fraiser.
young dizzle 8:59am Wed 11 Jun
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You're welcome my child.
Vamos666 12:27am Wed 4 Jun
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Gosh, your so intelligent, you really put Reviewer in his place with your insiteful comments. Thanks man.
WhatDidHeJustSay 6:13pm Sun 1 Jun
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Re: Reviewer
That's all well and good but you are wrong you know.(oh yeah, no-one is going to give you a job as a critic just because you spent 4 hours writing some inane drivel on a site that only a handful of people actually read. idiot.)
Vamos666 12:00pm Fri 30 May
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Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs
Pukka show, once watched you're hooked.
Elvis has left the building.. 9:24pm Tue 8 Apr
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Not Intelligent Humor for Intelligent People
Fraiser can be seriously misunderstood by a minority - that it is for intelligent/high class people. The entire CRUX of the show is that it *mocks* the upper-class, opera loving, wine-sipping culture. And boy does it do it beautifully whilst not remaining obsessed on it enough to not get other themes in. The actors and the mix each character gives, leads to a masterclass in delivering more laugh out loud moments in 30 minuntes than any other comedy on TV ever. (infact, in a science study in america, fraiser actually scientifically produced exactly that) The 'heroes' of the show, Fraiser Crane and his brother Niles, are actually the ones the audience never sides with. The 'average joes' Martin (their dad) and Daphne Moon (Martin's live-in physical therapist/housekeeper) are the ones that give us the sense of perspective to laugh at all Fraiser and Niles stand for. The -true- hero of course, is one small dog - Eddie. If you miss Fraiser, and never give it at least 2-3 episodes to try and get into, you will seriously regret it. For it is possibly the first american comedy that can rival and surpass all the best british comedies, probably because it's ethos is heavily set upon mimicking the old Ealing comedies of years past. Classic Hilarious Comedy.
Reviewer 8:34pm Mon 3 Mar
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becomes seriously funny and addictive after watching ... You need to check this out if you haven't already
deb 8:53pm Wed 13 Feb
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Cheers Shmeers
Frasier is a beautifully written comedy with fantastic characters, brilliant acting & a great blend of humour. A classic show.
Hally 4:38pm Tue 29 Jan
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Fraiser is
the greatest
Jack 8:04am Fri 18 Jan
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One word - LEGEND
PPL MEISTER RATBOY 6:35pm Fri 30 Nov
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Timeless classic writing and comic acting.
Chris9 3:50pm Fri 2 Nov
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Excellent writing, showing Friends how to do comedy
Anyone who has serioulsy viewed Frasier i.e over more than a few episodes will start to see how much of a masterpiece this programme really is. the humour is well timed, well written and often a lot more subtle than its american counterparts. Anyone who says friends et all are funnier shows just doesn;t have the intelligence or patience for Frasier and should just stick to their shallow comedy. I don;t understand where Frasier got the reputation for being "the smartest show in the world" because most people can follow the plots and humour providing they are not the aforementioned Friends viewers. please give this show a chance it is a rare comedy gem and one that shows that anyone that believes Britian is ahead in comedy that the Americans haev qwell and trully caught up. Simply brilliant.
Fiddling Monkey 5:56pm Fri 4 May
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