23 September 2019  | 
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Parts fall off planes EVERY DAY, threatening innocent people on the ground. Why should the slight risk of a drone hitting a plane be such a drama? Double standards?
The Voice of Reason 6:18pm Sun 22 Sep
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Another unmarked repeat
This was first shown in 2015
JohnM 8:30pm Thu 19 Sep
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Heretics!Climate deniers!
"centuries of extreme climate change, including a devastating tsunami". The BBC suggesting that climate change is nothing new? Is it a hoax, a new religion? Of course it is.
Al Gore 11:40pm Wed 31 Jul
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Cosmic Dawn
I switched off after 10 minutes. I thought I was going to get some real science. Instead we got what can only be described as magical poetry. This is the disappointing standard of science reporting by the BBC these days.
John 9:38pm Sun 10 Jun
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Annoying music
Spoilt for me by annoying constantly droning music - making indecipherable American accents even more so.
Vornio 9:27pm Tue 16 May
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nonesense AI
Interesting but ultimately flawed. Those trying to produce artificial intelligence will always fail, why - because they don't know what intelligence IS. One day we may find out, then it MAY be possible to synthesise intelligence. Its the same reason Psychology is nonsense.
flyerphil 10:07pm Tue 3 Apr
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re; Good or Evil
old hat and poorly produced. The ideas presented are not new ('the reptilian brain of a cold killer'), and the over-dramtic, slowly developed plot was boring. The science on this is much further along than the show implies, and we can only hope it is all kept out of the courtroom or we may as well let every bad guy who displays aberrant behaviour, genes, or body chemistry free.
tubby 11:17pm Wed 7 Sep
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horizon is the daddy
simply the best tv on our screens today. it is always interesting and gripping, you learn something new, regardless of the subject. keep up the good work bbc
wad 11:19am Fri 2 Sep
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there are some real snobs leaving comments on here. im quite looking forward to this.... even if it does turn out to be a bit dummed down.
klaxon 6:39pm Wed 31 Aug
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flawed production
pity, as the topic is 'immensely' interesting, but far too much wiff-waff, courtesy of self-promotion amongst the players, to give any real sense of the issue. Point is, they really know F-A for certain, and for certain, once they do know more, they will find more they know nothing about and then try to argue a mathematical excuse for it. I do like the idea of the 'dark flow' and I predict it will lead to the influence of other universes about which we know nothing yet but for this effect. We will one day find that our universe is as a galaxy in our own, a small corner and perturbation in a greater unimaginable whole, and we will be no closer to a 'complete' theory.
tubby 11:05pm Tue 9 Mar
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Horizon did cooking make us human?
I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, very interesting, factual and easy to follow! Facenating!
barnyard 7:59pm Wed 3 Mar
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re; cooking program
Looong drawn-out look at what has been known for ages. And no mention of the part canine teeth play???
tubby 5:03pm Wed 3 Mar
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In an age where scientific discoveries and educated learning provide crucial interpretations of the world it warms me that the bbc continue to produce programmes like horizon. Im 25 and my passion for knowledge and learning yeilds no barriers. Horizon is always on my pretty short list of things to watch in a week.
Ic1101 6:23pm Tue 2 Mar
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Is this 4real?
This would only encourage abortions and families choosing to spare certain gender of a child.etc
CommunistXXX 8:12pm Thu 7 Jan
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an absorbing doc, scary but..
one can't help but wonder if it isn't just conditioning us to not really care when people in developing countries start dropping dead when those old codecks (sic) from the WHO start poisoning their food....
J Oliver. 10:14pm Wed 9 Dec
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Nazi Eugenics by the Globalist Elite!
RedJ 9:53pm Wed 9 Dec
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Brilliant programme!!!! .......
I watched this programme with my family and even though I didn't quite understand some of it (female with a brain 80% fluff!!!) the men did I have to day, I did wonder if we were becoming slightly nerdy!!! Wonderful stuff and of course, even better with Alan Davies!!! More please!!!
Katie Price 12:18pm Thu 19 Nov
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*How long is a piece of string* was an awesome science program. I'm not an academic by any stretch of the imagination but I was drawn in hook line and sinker. To see the pure pleasure those guys get out of Quantum Mechanics was clearly shown. I think this is my best science program EVER (Im 50) well done to all concerned.
Pete 5:43pm Wed 18 Nov
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When is it repeated? I missed the start and want to watch it again - but it probably isn't shown again given the budget for informative programmes...
Rozza 11:01pm Tue 17 Nov
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'How Long Is a Piece of String?' was incredible!! Top marks to the BBC for a truly amazing, educational, and just simply fascinating program.
10:12pm Tue 17 Nov
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Holybook blah, Islam blah, Muslin blah.
talk islamand alot ofbul 5:26pm Mon 16 Nov
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t***k's having a personality meltdown
and talking to himself on the "Antiques Roadshow" board......so many IDs, so much confusion...definitely a white bloke with a grudge, though...for shame!
's'true 3:45pm Mon 16 Nov
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re; in a few years, you will be saying something else
I can only hope so. You see, my dogmatic friend, science is flexible by nature, in that it makes room for new data, new discoveries to add to (and change the shape of) the sum total of what we know, throwing further light on the world we live in. Old, outmoded theories are discarded as newer, more accurate data comes to light. The major faiths of the world, on the other hand, have changed little since their early days as desert religions practised by goatherds, and have little bearing on the future of mankind.
Dr Stephen Dawkins 4:21pm Sun 15 Nov
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"my song will remain the same"
Dude, you dig Zep? That's AWESOME!!
rock on! 4:09pm Sun 15 Nov
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re; opposite direction
A black hole is a one way street. It has no "opposite direction." The mechanics of its gravitational pull may cause it to become more and more dense, then another event takes place. If you're going to be pedantic you could say that the opposite of a black hole would be a "singularity universe", but that's just playing around with semantics and ignoring the physics. No infidels, or for that matter, virgins. Just cold equations.
Dr Stephen Dawkins 11:45am Sun 15 Nov
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Very interesting program
... 9:49pm Tue 3 Nov
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Lets see
If they dumb this black hole documentary down like evrything else they do. I hope it's not Brian Cox.
Rozz 7:31pm Tue 3 Nov
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It that true? use a pig heart to grow to a human heart?
Lily 3:08pm Wed 28 Oct
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27th of the english october
inspirotastically amazium
Sir Real 9:47pm Tue 27 Oct
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One of very few decent programs on left on TV. I'm sure the pro Labour BBC will soon be canning it though to make room some celebratory nonsense.
True Blue 7:03pm Sat 17 Oct
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Another lost oppertunity
Looked forward to this. More so than my in denial, alcoholic brother. Sadly, all we get is the usual rhetoric about too mush is bad. They dont explain there's a line, and if you cross it you cant go back. Though they did stress if alcohol was discovered now,it would be banned for its addictive damaging effects. Cant tell the lager lout binge drinkers that though. Still hard to believe with its revenue potential. Sadly all my brother picked up on was that the presenter 'likes a drink' What a shame.
Dean 9:09pm Wed 14 Oct
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I will watch it while guzzling a nice bottle of Shiraz
mike 2:30pm Tue 13 Oct
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Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply
excellent. 2:32am Sat 11 Apr
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David Baddiel?
Looks more like Dr Brian Cox to me, everyone's favourite pin-up physicist. Nice man, even better looking in real life. Well, I thought so when I met him at CERN.
neuroboy 8:32pm Tue 17 Mar
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Love him
Love him
Love him 1:37pm Tue 24 Feb
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It's good shout at the telly TV
I find these dumbed down programmes a bit frustrating at times but it does give me an opportunity to vent a bit of spleen by shouting at the TV when they come up with some of their more innane comments. :-) And potentially this type of telly might just make you want to research a subject more. Shame they messed with the Horizon brand though.
Rich 10:09am Tue 24 Feb
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Education, education......
Mr.Cox is having to pander to the BBC's dumbing down addenda, because they assume the public in general are pig ignorant of science. Which is true to a greater extent. As for Islam starting science ? You'll find they borrowed and copied ideas, theories from the Greeks ,India and China where scientific experimentation ie observation and collecting data was already prevalent. The Greeks in turn borrowed a great deal from the Mesopotamian cultures and of course original mathamatics and astronomy were already in full swing in Mesoamerica. Horizon has dumbed down to a degree in its content matter at times. But it reflects on the BBC organization as a whole. BBC4 is a convenient way of bypassing the main terrestrial channels and even then we have ignorant MPs criticizing it ,for having too small an audience. A reflection again on the population at large.
Brian 1:53pm Tue 17 Feb
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Compare like for like, or dont compare at all. I suppose you have heard it all!! I am 57 started and continue to smoke cannabis from the age of 16, nothing unusual there i hear you say but.... I am a succsesfull wealthy business man.. from nothing, have a PHD son also. If you can proof anything to anybody, I challange you. Best Regards Kyrod
Kyros 1:48am Sat 14 Feb
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where can i get the liquid?
Very informative programme. As a habitual smoker in my younger days, I have hardly smoked for 10 years and have also given up tobacco. I would love to have some cannabis spray though .. I think it would be a great stress reliever and it may just help to break the habit of the 2 glasses of wine after work!
suze 10:04pm Tue 3 Feb
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im looking forward to this!
Reefa! 6:39pm Tue 3 Feb
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i am cheeky
chub chub 6:28pm Mon 26 Jan
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danny wallace
why? how?
charming 1:48am Sat 10 Jan
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Allergy Planet
Great latest episode.Really enjoyed it.
Old Horizon Fan 10:07pm Tue 9 Dec
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take it easy!
why so much bad feeling? its a discussion not a war I am a trained scientist. to say "GM is safe" is utter nonsense. Safety can only be reliably demonstrated by experimental data. In my opinion until tests can be conducted in almost complete safety (from release & contamination) they are innapropriate & potentially dangerous. so in the future we may be able to demonstate the safety of GM, for now we cannot
angry of Pinner 9:14pm Tue 9 Dec
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"Science Rules"
Perhaps, 'Mr/Mrs Science Rules', you can explain why a lot of these 'hard science, rational' organisations have occult names, such as Monsanto (Holy Mountain), the Archon X prize for Genomics, the Methuselah Foundation etc. How do you know that there is nothing wrong with GM? Do you know something that the rest of the planet doesn't? Perhaps you should start questioning more than blindly following your religion of science. (Perhaps you have forgotten, or never knew, that the religion of Islam started science).
Nukes 8:28pm Tue 9 Dec
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Good gracious! Thank heavens this guy wasn't so distracted by his pop career to come back to his studies. We need someone like him to get us in touch with this stuff , poor old Patrick Moore cant motivate the kids. Throw this guy buckets of money. let him do whatever he wants, we NEED people like this BRAVO! GREAT TV!
Chuckles 9:15pm Tue 2 Dec
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Brian Cox
Brian Cox is the ultimate Mr Dumb it down. I used to watch these types of Horizon Programmes. Not any more. I can't stand to listen to his school boy analogies or low level science speak. The same thing that happened to Tomorrows World is happening to Horizon. Toilet Telly.
The Punisher 5:27pm Tue 2 Dec
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Will all you stupid emotional/spiritual/irrational critics learn some science before you criticise it. There is nothing wrong with Evolution and there is nothing wrong with GM. If there was a pink fairy God he'd eat GM crops.
Science Rules 11:41pm Tue 25 Nov
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How much did Monsanto pay him?
Spot on drjones93. A totally biased program with a celeb presenter who failed to mention the profit motives of GMO foods. This was dumbed down programming of the highest order and a disgrace to the BBC.
Vision Aforethought 10:33pm Tue 25 Nov
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Bungling buffoon
Surly this isn't the same Jimmy who showed himself to be a bungling buffoon when in charge of a few pigs in Suffolk? What qualifies this guy to pronounce on GM crops? And to think that we have to pay for this propaganda through the licence fee! Message for the 'presenter': stay away from that which you know nothing about - you're out of your depth in a big bad world.
Bob 9:46pm Tue 25 Nov
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