14 October 2019  | 
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I love this show
Its great watching how they sort out all the problems they get.
SuzyRed 9:48am Mon 10 Sep
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Matt Di Angelo
I love hustle sooo much!!! Matt Di Angelo who plays Sean Kennedy is sooooo hot!!! And he is a really good actor!!!!!!
Hustlelover 9:17am Sat 11 Feb
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Shoddy writing, unbelievable plotting. Bye bye Hustle.
Over 9:22pm Fri 27 Jan
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Keep this
Please Keep Hustle, Not Eastenders!! Why do the BBC get rid of the best shows & keep the rubbish?
rich436 9:12pm Fri 20 Jan
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Love it! Pity it's not on all year round. :(
123 4:16pm Sat 7 May
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music of Lorde fashion show
Hustle is an amazing series.both smart and funny. is there anyone that knows the music of Lorde fashion show 8Season 4 episode 4 ) thx
gairyu 8:42pm Tue 19 Apr
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i like pie
i like pie
i like pie 7:37am Fri 18 Feb
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This used to be one of my favourite shows, but now it all seems to be a little bit silly! As for the music, its so loud, and constant, whether in the background or used to emphasise part of the 'plot'. Lower the volume, please, we're not deaf!!!
Devonshire lass. 11:31pm Fri 11 Feb
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Old-man from Uncle
I've seen it around a bit. Over the years the trailers have registered, mainly because of Robert Vaughans' prescence( viva U.N.C.L.E ), but I've never sat down and watched an episode until tonight. It was pretty good. Apart from some foolishness with a bent Roulette wheel which has been salvaged from the murky depthes of the Mississippi and then cleaned-up for auction without anybody smoking the concealed machinery and its magnets. There was even a dammed great, star-shaped, 'cheat switch' to hand. But the story was well-told and the characters seemed ok. I'll prob watch it again
Mr Tisdale 10:27pm Fri 21 Jan
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Hustle is so cool i like watching it with my mum they are all good actors and they r all english lol not american =D
BumBum 6:01pm Mon 18 Jan
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bring Danny back
i love this show but even i have to admit this season hasn't been great. i think they need danny back i was so sad when i found out he wasn't going to be in it
t43h 5:55pm Mon 18 Jan
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Hes back
Im so glad Adrian Lester has returned, now the cast is back to their former strength!
Gry 4:52pm Mon 11 Jan
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Actually good.
When the BBC put their mind to it they can actually put together a decent TV show, however it doesn't let them off the hook for the likes of Eastenders and Strictly..
Mr Sarky. 8:40pm Sun 10 Jan
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This used to be a good series but now seems to have run out of energy and ideas. I think they should have quitted whilst at the top, prior to the last series. It’s no longer fast-paced and action-packed (as it used to be) for the whole 60mins. 75 per cent of the first episode was packing, waffle and slow. I hope the rest of this series is an improvement; so far I’m disappointed.
Max Headroom 12:24pm Tue 5 Jan
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I love hustle too!!!
If you want to see that episode the entire 5 seasons are on youtube. Danny in my opinion is really annoying and so i don't are if he's in the show or not.
blue 1:29pm Mon 4 Jan
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bring back Danny!
Please... pretty please, bring back Danny!!!
hustle #1 fan in Jakarta 5:40pm Sun 20 Sep
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Hustle is insane!
I truely feel like the biggest fan of this show, it sucks that they never aired last year, and it sucks that it's already over again, but fair play it was a great series, is there anyway I can see the episode where they are in London and compete with each other to see how much money they can make from scratch in one day? HUSTLE FOR THE WIN DANNY BLUE AND MICKEY BRIGGS!
Tundar 9:59pm Thu 19 Feb
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I think the Hustle is the best show ever, I love all the schemes that they do. Even if the police were after them the team would be able to get out of prison, just like the episode when danny blue thought he had put everry one to prison that made giggly for england.
Megan 1:56pm Wed 18 Feb
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Brilliantly Clever!
I adore this show. It has excellent writing and the acting is awesome. I love the twists!! Can't wait for series 6!!
Nics 10:02pm Thu 12 Feb
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Nice to watch after a busy day
Wow their a load of snobby elitists on here, considering this to be "television for the masses" why not take it for what it is a dumb but fun show with a high level of gloss and shimmer.
Geo 9:14pm Thu 12 Feb
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any more shows?
do u guys knw if there will be another serius?
sexy 8:45pm Thu 12 Feb
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i like pie
i like pie
i like pie 1:13pm Thu 12 Feb
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greno 5:20pm Thu 5 Feb
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Just Brilliant
So clever, great acting
Kris 10:00pm Thu 29 Jan
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I agree. Adrian Lester is a dream in the lead role, well supported by Robert Vaughn and Robert Glenister but the new characters need to go!!
Sharon 5:01pm Fri 23 Jan
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Love Hustle. New characters poor, bring back Danny & Stacey characters - the new ones can't act and Matt Di whatever his name is is so wooden!
Jaye 4:58pm Fri 23 Jan
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Great Show!!!
this show is 1 of my favorite shows!! ross kemp returns to afghanistan soon(HOPE THIS SHOW AIR'S VERY SOON)
K.C.R on TOUR 7:38pm Thu 22 Jan
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mr bean what the hell is wrong with you dude?...anyway this program is tacky beyond belief and an 8.7 rating is mental - id give it a 4..but agrre adrian lester is a good actor...
reyf 6:52pm Thu 22 Jan
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BEST PROGRAM EVER!!!! (except Mr Bean) (I suppose best in a different way) (cleverest then) (Though quite comical) (But not as comical as Mr Bean)
Jorge749 4:20pm Thu 22 Jan
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Hustle New Season
I like it and always have but the new actors..puts me off a bit...like man I want the reuniting of the OLD CREW...
Shuheb 1:49pm Tue 20 Jan
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It's not the same
Although i will still be watching hustle it's just not the same without the original crew! Come back Stacey and Danny!
Ryn 5:21pm Thu 15 Jan
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just like spooks
yeah.. they're both terrible! Actually i think I'll rephrase that. They are the kind of rubbish shows on TV to keep the simple minded masses glued to the telly because it ticks all the boxes needed to get rating but never ever progressing or giving the more intelligent viewers anything to watch. Well done plebs... enjoy it while it lasts.
Mickey 2:35pm Thu 15 Jan
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whats happpened to that fit girl that was on it for the past few seasons - the one in the pic she is stunning+hustle is TACKY sooo bad - adrian lester is a great actor but the other actors are crap and its too cheesy...
renegade 2:24pm Thu 15 Jan
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i like pie
i like pie
i like pie 3:22pm Mon 12 Jan
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young business woman
Whats that actress called?
mick 11:46am Fri 9 Jan
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young business woman
Whats that actress called?
mick 10:25pm Thu 8 Jan
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missing Mark
Triffic, back at last but without Danny a little dull. However, a big welcome back for Mickey
Bard 10:15pm Thu 8 Jan
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young business woman
Whats that actress called?
mick 10:13pm Thu 8 Jan
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The Best Show
I think the Hustle is amazing! The cons are so clever. I Love It!!
Burner 4:47pm Thu 8 Jan
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this can be good but its sooo unbelievably tacky at times...
456 12:18pm Thu 8 Jan
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Best of the best, but weres Mark Warren ?
Lozza 11:06am Thu 8 Jan
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Fantastic News
Along with Spooks THE very best show on UK TV. Thanks for bringing it back.
Chrispy 11:24am Tue 6 Jan
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nice surprise!
New series and the return of Adrian Lester. Can't wait.
God 10:30pm Sun 28 Dec
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Hustle mania
Its so great so amazing i love it love it love it wow 11/10 it has 2 come back wiv series 5
hustle man 7:36pm Fri 6 Jun
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hustle is great
watching the repeats of this on virgin 1 at the moment, it is great
katie 8:14pm Tue 29 Apr
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Not as good as the previous series
But still well worth watching. although I feel that their has been a lack of actual cons in this series.
hustle fan 8:00pm Thu 7 Jun
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Not as good as the previous series
But still well worth watching. although I feel that their has been a lack of actual cons in this series.
hustle fan 8:00pm Thu 7 Jun
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Great show, despite being extremely cheesy! I hope this weeks episode is better than last weeks though, was it just me or was it really lame last week?!
10:38am Thu 7 Jun
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words can't explain how amazingly fantastic this programe i would rather eat my hair than miss an episode of hustle!
Robby 8:24pm Tue 5 Jun
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SIMSIM 9:12pm Thu 31 May
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