26 February 2021  | 
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Real news please
Thursday evening's news with Tom Bradbury featured a lengthy feature about a lady who had suffered from a vaginal mesh including a video diary. Why? There are so many more serious illnesses and events happening in the UK and the world. We seem to get less real news, both UK and International and more speculation all the time. The Yemen, Middle East etc are rarely mentioned. I am a great fan of Tom Bradbury's style of reporting, but find the content so disappointing. Reluctantly I will be watching Sky news from now on.
Petronella 2:26pm Sun 17 Dec
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only one.
There should only be one minutes silence and that's on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
remember them. 1:37pm Mon 26 Jun
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Repeated news
Why do we have o watch the same news at 6pm and 6.30pm.what a waste of time.watch one and switch over!!!
Gazzo 6:57pm Mon 1 May
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Too skinny
Itv news weater. Abyone seen a girl unfit for viewers. Too skinny
Js 10:47pm Mon 13 Feb
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The News ??
Turned on the news & all I got was lots & lots of stories about people paddling around in a tiny boat & how one set of people were better than other people at paddling in boats. Then there was this story about how one person on a push bike could ride his push bike faster than another. Then we get a story about someone who is going to kick a ball for a seriously large amount of money that would be better spent on the NHS or 'austerity'.
Kitty 2:58pm Sat 13 Aug
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Wish I could send picture of Snaps enjoying the sunshine in the home
Wayne Frost 6:10pm Tue 19 Jul
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No mention
Why has there been no mention of Tyson Fury winning the World Heavyweight title on ITV news?
Carlo 9:23pm Sun 29 Nov
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Alastair Stewart, please stop smoking!
Alastair, you look as if you're about to keel over, you're grey around the gills and oxygen is obviously not getting to your system. In all honesty, I'm saying this for your family, please, look after yourself for them if not for yourself.
Jane 1:53pm Wed 28 Oct
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Lunchtime newsreader
Ageism is clearly being addressed then. A very professional, lovely older man reading the lunch time news!! Should happen more.
Karen 2:01pm Mon 24 Aug
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queen Victoria yeah
teven 11:02pm Mon 29 Sep
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London Tonight
What is the point of this program. On Monday the presenters could not read the auto-cue. With all the floods lost livelihoods sunken boats and many other stories around London, we get a stupid story about how to dispose of your Xmas tree! Whole program was totally useless and felt like sitting in front of a Primary schoolteacher. Real local news please!!!
Real local news 1:01pm Tue 7 Jan
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Does anyone actually watch this anymore? I mean, i never know from one day to the next what time it actually starts at! Bring back News at Ten, not "news at whenever we can be bothered to show it" Complete waste of time and its mobile app hasn't appeared on mine for months!
Yawn 9:30pm Wed 20 Nov
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How can we send money to the Jacintha fund? Anyone knows?
Frank 1:59pm Thu 13 Dec
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hard face
Natasha K shows no expression. Too much botox?
doubletake 10:22pm Sun 19 Aug
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you can only submit
your comment
once 10:02pm Fri 27 Jul
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what the hell is the point of itn news anymore? it hardly ever starts on time these days. waste of time!
fed up 10:35pm Wed 18 Jul
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lose the spray
Does Mary Knightingale's hair actually move?
doubletake 6:52pm Mon 25 Jun
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when and if mars attacks
itv news will have it's own burtonesque alien babe to infiltrate the whitehouse and conduct the interviews, badly, i might add
seb da rabbit 10:33pm Sat 3 Mar
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i want see match guinea vs libya
thank you so much let me see libya vs guinea
thank you 7:11pm Sat 21 Jan
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Alistair Stewart is pointless
Smug patronising and extremely irritating. Should be retired please. Please.
Retire Alistair Stewart Please 5:37pm Tue 14 Jun
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LOL at the comment below me xD
Tom 6:51pm Thu 31 Mar
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slog her
i int a litriat matey - me mum anne me dad wuz maryficated for i wuz bornd.
Charrli 12:23am Sun 20 Mar
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Dreary presenter
Goodness me, how dreary is that news presenter?! I felt depressed even with the positive news stories.
depressed gal 11:33pm Sat 19 Mar
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People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
I have never seen such appalling spelling and grammar in some of these comments. Absolutely no care or attention given to forming even the simplest of sentences. Illiterate or what ??? They should try reading the News. No, try writing it !!!
Slogger 10:33pm Sun 23 Jan
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would help
if i could watch it my work place was on there and wanted to c what was said but now i cant watch it?
syemon 11:28pm Sun 6 Jun
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charles fitzgerald
a stewart's news reading in on a par with his mediator on the:debate-absymal-retire him fortwith!
the futzgerald-himself 11:42pm Sat 17 Apr
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unimaginative twaddle
the ITV should take a leaf out of the bbc's book & be a good deal more creative with the 'news' stories.
Makey Tupp 10:49pm Thu 25 Feb
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watched the weather forcast in stv which was on at 2.00pm and was quite taken back at the appearance of the weathergirl. Her hair looked as if it had been scraped back in an elastic band and no effort had been made considering her position.Had she just jumped out of bed, come on, make an effort for goodness sake.
Bea 2:24pm Mon 8 Feb
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ITV's Weather report graphics look about 30 years out of date compared to BBC and SKY
W00f 8:07pm Sun 31 Jan
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What a stunner
Mary Nightingdale is one cool newsreader
Colonel 6:36pm Wed 20 Jan
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Alastair Stewart should give up smoking, he keeps running out of breath when reading the news
Rondo 7:52pm Sat 9 Jan
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Rubbish news programme
Sol 10:15pm Fri 8 Jan
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i think that this is a very good support to us they give us warnings and make sur ethat we are safe they give appropriate information i would like to say thankyou for all ur help itv news
lavanya 7:44pm Christmas Day
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crap programme placement
is your news and weather so crap that you have to put it in the middle of a film to get people to actually notice it?
YES 3:51pm Sat 31 Oct
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Please can we have a volcano erruption with lots of flames and smoke & stuff.
D Zasta 10:12pm Sun 3 May
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Awful, deceitful news.
Can we talk about Diana? Too late you say? What about kids - are there any kids who've been beaten up traumatically...the Congo, you say? Middle East? Really? Tibet? Hmmm...let's see if we can find a kid who has been beaten up, or a seal which has been hit with a club or something...people'll love that kind of news...
David's Son 9:54pm Sun 3 May
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Always very imaginative - don't know where they come up with the stories.
New Sbuff 10:40pm Sun 26 Apr
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GREAT straight to the point news
SAM 10:04pm Sun 26 Apr
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Tis cool
Randers - You can't diss Trevor McDonald! He's a legend! :p Anyway, I kinda like ITV News, easy to digest without going to numerous correspondents (*ahem* BBC). Though the whole 'standing behind a green screen wall' is getting tiresome.
Missy 11:04pm Sun 11 Jan
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Mary ...yum yum!
Mary Nightingale ~ humma humma humma. I'd watch the news 24hrs a day if she was presenting. And as for Alistair Stewart, get shot of that drink driver, (and to think he presents 'Police Camera Action' as well!!
Moral Highground. 12:31pm Mon 29 Dec
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Iraqi Civilians
27,599 were killed in 2006 and 24,295 died in 2007.
News 11:22pm Sun 28 Dec
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Wll, Im getn rlly pssd ov wid ITV ptn prgrms in tween da nws.
Alf Fairs 2:35pm Sat 1 Nov
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the big bang show
how & where from eatch the previous programmes of the granada kids big bang show 2003'kate & michele underwood'.i visit there web site but that not exist.
m.jareeg 11:21am Sat 1 Nov
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ITV News: the television equivalent of The Beano.
Critter 8:30pm Sun 26 Oct
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ITV beats the boring BBC every time
Big or small stories are covered much better by ITV. Never watch BBC its just sooo dull and stuffy.
brains 8:12pm Sat 7 Jun
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Crap News
Poor presenters and full of gimmicks. Trevor McDonnald is the worst!
Randers 3:24pm Sun 4 May
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Stop putting the news in the middle of films
Bunch of bl*ody idiots
Andy 3:22pm Sun 4 May
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Stop putting the news in the middle of films
Bunch of bloody idiots
Andy 3:22pm Sun 4 May
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ITV news is a joke
When world events happen every still turns to the BBC. ITV news is so light weight! Plus to put news that I don't choose to watch in the middle of films is a bloody joke, it this the only way they can get people to watch? Crap news and crap presenters too. If I want news I watch the BBC, if I am watching a film I would now aviod ITV as they seem compelled to put as many breaks is as possible. I understand that they have to shoe adverts, but news? Bunch of bloody idiots!!!!
Andy 3:20pm Sun 4 May
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Why do ITV keep putting the news in the middle of films?
Riggers 3:16pm Sun 4 May
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