5 December 2019  | 
Made in Chelsea Comments
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Brain dead tv
Scripted, predictable trash for the gullible.
Ceecee 10:35pm Wed 30 Oct
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where is my
Bonio 9:46pm Mon 28 Oct
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It's dead
Scraping the bottom of the barrel springs to mind.whinge whinge bad acting and even worse (false) scripting. It's dead, do the decent thing and bury it know before it stinks any worse
Appalled viewer 9:09pm Mon 8 Oct
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For Olivia, Made in Chelsea
Olivia, you are a top girl. Try not to be bitter as it gives them two sh@@ts ammo. You are better than that and them. Hold your head up sweetheart and smile, be pleasant. I know it must hurt but don't let them see it.
ChelseaNo1 8:28pm Tue 25 Apr
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Appalling Language
Is it because the cast cannot act that they continually use the 'F' word to force a point? Not good role models in any way shape or form
Patc 12:00pm Tue 11 Apr
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Bad language
Please stop with the swearing, it is spoiling the viewing. If it continues I will not be watching it any more and neither will my family.
Pleasedonotswear 9:50pm Mon 1 Jun
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PRIDE 7:01am Sat 15 Nov
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Ilovemic the song was chocolate 1975
cool 6:39pm Mon 20 Oct
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I love how they show the lives of different people, alothough they are rich, its not all about party life for them.
RTal 11:48am Mon 13 Oct
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bring caggie back, that is all I have to say,
Sjh 7:31pm Sun 21 Sep
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Watching paint dry etc etc...
The only reason I watch this is because i like to see Fran. Why oh why is such prominence given to those little boys masquerading as men. They are so boringly predictable one knows what they will be doing three ahead. And thank god my daughter isn't like most of the girls also shown here, ie. not a bed hopper.
jikoo 7:46pm Wed 4 Jun
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have moved
Thank god i moved to St John's Wood, one meets a better sort of person there.
jikoo 7:43pm Wed 21 May
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You cannot be serious!!!
This show is obviously so scripted and set up. What girl in their right would go with any of the pathetic male species as depicted here. The only relief to the tedious affairs, cheating and obnoxious males is Fran. Beautiful and intelligent, one must ask what the hell is she doing scraping the bottom of the barrel by appearing on this show.
jikoo 4:52pm Tue 20 May
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Made in Chelsea isn't additive, it's subtractive.
Lord Reith's Cat 6:36pm Mon 12 May
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I love this show being on.
It means I know I need not tune to the channel it's on. My life is too short to watch this utter sewage.
Pete Reek 9:51pm Mon 9 Dec
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This episode is great. Made in Chelsea is additive. Love it.
Jamjar 4:43pm Tue 3 Dec
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Only saw one episode crap story line, even worse acting. please cancel as it annoys me when i happen to catch 1 second of it as I am flicking through the channels. C4 your better than this... this crap belongs on itv 2
jason 11:54pm Mon 11 Nov
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Pseudo Bourgeois
Looks like they have brought a lot o proletariats to behave like the Bourgeois. Pretty corny with tattoos, foul language, incestus.
Wayne 3:57pm Sun 3 Nov
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to jammy
jammy stop being a idiot and date Lucy she's alot fitter than that thing
jack sutlf 7:22pm Tue 29 Oct
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I used to watch mic but now it's so obviously fake its hard to stomach. It's so repetitive! There's literally nothing that goes on apart from the same 4 story lines. It's fake-make something a bit more interesting up then!
zh 7:05pm Tue 29 Oct
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You're all saying how bad it is yet you've bothered to look for it and make a comment
lol 9:45am Thu 17 Oct
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Utter dross.
Dr. Ross 10:32pm Mon 14 Oct
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worst show on planet earth
This is the worst show to every be screened on tv and I've only seen the trailer why did c4 ever allow it to be screened .
ted 7:56pm Fri 11 Oct
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So funny but why ...
.. is their no laughter? Would be better even if canned track used.
Noonefan 6:25am Sat 31 Aug
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worst programme ever
This is the worst programme ever made so fake and the men need to get a haircuts
lewis 12:57pm Tue 16 Jul
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is this episode the last of the series?
m.chesteron 10:53pm Mon 10 Jun
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brain cell
This is the show for you if you have a solitary brain cell and its lonely, If you have more than one brain cell you will hate it
Dave 9:32pm Mon 10 Jun
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Absolutely the worst TV show ever. How did this get made? I despair.
Fenny 10:08pm Mon 3 Jun
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Such Realism
The acting on this show is so good. They play the parts of buffoons so brilliantly it's as if they are not acting at all. Amazing!!
MEESA 9:53pm Mon 29 Apr
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There was a song on series 5 episode three played ( might say something about petticoats) any chance anybody knows what it was?
i love mic 5:53pm Wed 24 Apr
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Very Sad!
A show sad women like to watch so they can pretent they have a life!
Dexterror 9:17pm Mon 8 Apr
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Love em all
Jaimie - you make me laugh, Francis - so funny too! Ollie, binky Cheska - great team. Louise you deserve Spencer- Jamie was right too, he's doing what ev1 said he would. Andy - yuck! Lucy Yuck! Hugo - great straight talker, but lighten up and have a laugh. Milly - ur great but relax a bit and chill. Rosie - Woo, back stabber!!. Victoria & Mark - love em both too.
Delta 8:21pm Mon 14 Jan
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someone has to teach him how to make moves on woman,the right way not his way.he acts like a fool. he has no confidence in himself.grow a pair, you are good looking.but stop braging about yourself,its aturn off.
nikita 9:58pm Christmas Day
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I agree with Danski 1979, Cheska led everyone believe that she had nothing to do with the set up of bringing Kimberley's ex to the Ball after her and Binky went and had a meeting with him. Get a life Cheska and find a man for yourself and leave them alone. Kimberley, good for you to say how you feel, but watch your back of Cheska, you and Richard are good together...
Sandy in australia 7:36am Tue 4 Dec
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This is really good... for a LAUGH as its full of stuck up people (minus Binky, Cheska,Ollie& Francis) flaunting their money and awkward moments.
LoudMouthEames 9:25pm Mon 26 Nov
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who cares?
about any of the made up little attention seekers? oh.. lot sof people do. How sad.
watch outnumbered 7:58am Sun 25 Nov
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is he gay because he never shows an interest in women
jax 1:54pm Thu 15 Nov
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He is LITERALLY the most annoying character in the world. What is wrong with his mouth. PLEASE REMOVE HIM I DESPISE HIM
lucy 7:56pm Tue 23 Oct
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MiC in Marrakech
Did you watch the Marrakech episode of MiC and wonder where they stayed? Here at Dar Fakir
Dar Fakir Marrakech 11:02pm Sat 28 Jul
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OMG!!!! I've gotta get this off my chest..........she is such a f'ing medlar. Can't believe how much she's sticking her oar in where it's completely and utterly not her place to do so. No f'ing wonder she's single. Just step aside and let Kimberley & Richard get on with it. Oh, and btw.....look at her more and she looks like the female version of Ollie. If she had His hair she's look his twin. Very manly looking and probably the roughest girl in MIC. Rant over.
Danski1979 11:08pm Mon 21 May
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Made in a Writers Head
You people DO realise that you're supposed to like and dislike certain people, don't you? It's a sort of pseudo-reality drama kind of thing, like a Soap Opera but with real names. Believe me that's the ONLY thing hat's real about this and even then i suspect a few have went for stage names. It's not real!
Pete and Repeat 7:17pm Mon 21 May
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Can Millie's face move?
I watch this programme avidly----mainly to see wether or not Millie can move her face.Has she no expressions(other than stupid)?Even her lips barely move!How does she do it????
Carrie 7:46pm Sun 20 May
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Rosie is horrible!!she goes on about millie being pathetic! shes worst and Victoria!They are bullies & Cheska is only joining in because she has no other friends!! shes sad.Millie is right to have a problem with rosie as she slept with Hugo when they were together! Rosie and her side kicks seriously need to get a life & leave millie alone!!
Amz 3:41pm Tue 15 May
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what a bitch she is i cant stand her
empty nest 2:03pm Tue 15 May
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Oh so sad
These people are seriously scary and would not exist outside of their little ghettos. Do they have speech impediments or do they practice totalk like that. A sign of intelligence is losing ONES accent naturally .... at least we know where they live when the revolution comes Viva La Republic
K Middleton 1:25pm Mon 9 Apr
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lol @ all the girlies in comments
girls this show and others like it areeee terrible,
pokerpete 4:33pm Mon 2 Apr
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love this show, everyone seems so glamorous! cant wait till next season. LOVE THE SHOW!
nicky 7:14pm Mon 12 Mar
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They are not actors - trust me!
I couldn't help but note that peeps on here think they are actors/actresses well I can tell you 100% that they are not for two reasons 1. I know tow of them and 2. If any actor acted that badly they'd be sacked...so there ;-)
AlienPsyTing 3:33pm Mon 6 Feb
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My addiction
I do not understand why people would click on this and all they do is complain,i think MADE IN CHELSEA is AMAZING it is so good,please dont ruin peoples entertainment by posting stupid comments about how you hate the show!
Cup Of Milk PLease 5:48pm Sat 19 Nov
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vacuous morons
utterly dull
o 9:08pm Tue 20 Sep
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