16 May 2021  | 
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Last in endless series
I keep hoping there won't be yet another tired, same old, same old series. Surely we all deserve a break, particularly from the odious Wallace.
Claire 12:20pm Wed 14 Apr
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Change them and it would be good again. Need new blood.
Mia 8:45pm Thu 8 Apr
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Time to call it a day
Getting so tired, dated and repetetive. And there is only so much smug, shouty, offensive, ignorant git the audience can take.
John T. 12:30pm Thu 8 Apr
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Prev comm
Wallace doesn't need to practice as it's his natural look!
mazza 5:15pm Fri 22 Mar
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Agree especially to hurry them up. Unless they are young and pretty then they can be three minutes over.!! The others would have had time to finish off their duck.
mazza 9:59pm Wed 6 Mar
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Don't like the bullying of contestants
Particularly by Wallace!!!
Mina S 8:59pm Wed 6 Mar
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I used to love this show but gave up a couple of years ago as I cannot stand that pompous man. I am sure the ratings would soar if he was not in it
Ex fan 6:45pm Wed 13 Feb
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Could Wallace get any more irritating?
Jan 1:08pm Wed 13 Feb
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Where is grommet ... or does the food taste like it
HAHAHA 12:21pm Sun 6 May
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I am against violence but in his case I could make an exception...heh heh
gina 5:44pm Sat 14 Apr
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Deleted comments
So up yourself whoever you are. Why not relocate somewhere there is no freedom of speech as you will fit in nicely.....
gina 11:43am Sat 14 Apr
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Previous comment
Wish he would. Then I can go back to watching this programme again.
Ap1947 8:34pm Fri 13 Apr
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Greg Wallace owned one of the worst restaurants in London. Went there twice & he was never there. Food awful & no wonder it closed. At lunchtime full of mothers with their babies. He should return to being a greengrocer
Mikey 6:00pm Fri 13 Apr
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An "arduous seven-week journey"? Crossing the Atacama, the Gobi, &c.?
Jack 11:31am Fri 13 Apr
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Too many chefs.
Not another chef competition! And not another irritating Wallace/Torode presentation! I'm surprised that they don't get food thrown at their heads.
KeithC 9:20pm Mon 26 Feb
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Greg wallace
How long do we have to go on watching and listening to this man shouting at contestants and who seems to have taken over the lead role.Not good television.
Dormus 7:23pm Sat 15 Apr
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Had enough!
Smug, bald bloke shouts a lot and annoys everybody.
Heather 12:02pm Thu 30 Mar
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Why is Greg Wallace still on this show? Irritating, annoying and in the wrong place. He's making the programme unwatchable. Please get someone else.
MRG 10:03am Thu 30 Mar
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If only
Someone please get rid of Wallace. It's the only way to make this watchable.
Jan 5:21pm Wed 29 Mar
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What an extremely irritating and obnoxious person. Spoils this show. Why does he have so much to say when John is the cookery expert.
confused 8:46pm Thu 7 Apr
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is a perfect example of his bit of fame going to his head, the guy seems to think he is some sort of A-lister. He is however a pompous deeply unpleasant man.
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Smug, pompous and offensive all in one person.
Jack 4:07pm Thu 23 Apr
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Why does Greg Wallace have centre stage in this series. He is a Greengrocer for goodness sake. Must be one of the most irritating people on TV. He is cropping up everywhere
YUK!! 9:03pm Wed 22 Apr
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By Greg Wallace. He is soooo opinionated. Would be interesting to see him cook something. He really spoils the programme for me
Taylor 9:14pm Fri 17 Apr
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You and me both!!
Irritating 5:48pm Mon 13 Apr
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Can't stand the smug, bald one.
Hugh 2:08pm Mon 13 Apr
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Greg Mugging
Why does Mr Wallace have to pull so many extreme faces(the word to describe it is Mugging)does he do it because the director tells him to do it or does he do it because he thinks it looks good.It does not, it looks idiotic and over the top.Stop it for heavens sake,you look a fool man.
Simplesimon 9:04pm Wed 1 Apr
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Masterchef The Professionals
Greg Wallace's comments to the chefs on tonights show were very hurtful. What a pompous , big headed person he is
Not A Fan 9:27pm Wed 5 Nov
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Wallace is a tosser
John Torode 6:29pm Thu 2 May
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unfair decusion
Why did the girl whose dish was a disaster go through on what was supposed to be a last ditch contest?
oldcook 10:08pm Wed 17 Apr
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yet again as last year you have girls with long hair cooking for airport staff on 17/04/13 programme touching their hair letting it float all over their face and they are serving public it is never commented on good hygenic practice supposed to be professional or what
hebrideanprincess 8:16pm Wed 17 Apr
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Bring back the real Greg!!! Who is this skinny imposter?
Wendy H 12:05pm Sat 13 Apr
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Graham gone
getting a bit like x factor now,my girlfriend said graham will stay because he is a good cook,I said no ,they will go to keep the girls together to keep the veiwing women motivated
dippy 11:33pm Fri 12 Apr
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So fed up of baby food on the plate. It is everywhere and it is horrible!
properfoody 10:52pm Fri 12 Apr
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Voice off!
Why do we have to suffer the ghastly voiceover on this otherwise superb programme? Get rid of her!
Mrs Meldrew 10:13pm Thu 11 Apr
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Greg Size
Has Greg lost weight or is my TV on the wrong size aspect? Whatever, I prefer him with a bit of meat on. How can you be a food critic if you are not eating enough???
Debbie Loves 5:46pm Thu 11 Apr
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Someone needs to deck the bald moron when he glares and screams at them.
Hy 3:39pm Thu 11 Apr
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Boo to the Skinnies
What is it with skinnies? Greg was much more attractive with a bit of meat on him....I can't fancy a skinny!
Katie Kool 11:03am Sun 17 Mar
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Thank goodness for multiple alternatives on Sky when this goes out. Pompous foodies.
Cardinal Biggles 1:44am Sun 17 Mar
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Fatten up Greg
Like the show, but don't like the new skinny Greg. He looks poorly. Fatten up Greg...we miss the real you.
Helen & Sue 5:39pm Thu 14 Mar
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you could easily fall asleep
tuss 9:04pm Wed 13 Mar
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We worry abot skinny Greg.
It's great to have MasterChef back on our screens. The best show on TV, but what has happened to Greg???...he looks ill! Get a few more puddings down him and hopefully he will recover.
Armchair Archie 10:42am Wed 13 Mar
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Did I hear today on alan titchmarsh show tomorrows guest is the master chef winner Michael underwood ??? Whoops
Jano 6:49pm Wed 19 Sep
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Guess it's just me then??
It baffles me that all the comments for this show centre around the voiceover. These are obviously the comments of people who actually enjoy watching 2 fat emotionally retarded, talentless erstwhile greengrocers slobber over a pud and believe their judgement to be somehow relevant. Weird. Proper weird.
Twixhammer 5:10pm Tue 18 Sep
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Daft voice?
She has no need to sound like an idiot, it is demeaning to the viewer. There are many better people with sensible voices who can talk properly, why not employ them?
Sam sensible. 10:20pm Mon 17 Sep
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woman voice over
I agree with all the comments about that dreadful voice on Masterchef. She makes it sound like a crime scene instead of a cooking competition
Issybonn 7:07pm Thu 13 Sep
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the worst voice on tv.
frantic 7:11pm Tue 11 Sep
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Please make it Stop
Please BBC make that noise stop... Human Rights are being violated with this violent torture of the eardrums. Who was responsible for the hiring of this incredibly annoying talent? Hung, drawn and quartered would be a kinder end rather than a half-hour episode of Masterchef.
Andy F 6:49pm Fri 7 Sep
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Seriously Boring Voice
Who is the woman with such a wet and boring voice, I have never met anyone ever with such a dull voice in real life so why do the producers think this "noise" would appeal to the viewing public - please change it and seriously improve the show...
Jamie Pearce 6:35pm Thu 6 Sep
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Make it stop!!
India's voice, combined with my husband's imitation of her each time she speaks, is driving me to drink!
Cocotel 6:56pm Tue 4 Sep
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