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Amazing 2D adventures from this technically brilliant and envelope pushing series
WoooHew2 12:54am Fri 27 Sep
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south park is the worse and + they ever made they should put something else on instead
blob 9:35am Tue 4 Jun
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south park is crap and there shud put some it differnt on tv
ben 9:33am Tue 4 Jun
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South Park
And yet again VIVA have decided to repeat South Park. At least this time we were spared it starting from Season 1, instead it's season 3!. UN-f'ing-Believale!
Pete and Repeat 6:21pm Wed 16 Jan
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Repeats... In the same night?
Why on earth is viva playing the same episodes on the same night. It is literally showing the fish sticks episode 3 times in a row and then margaritaville 3 times. Il be avoiding this channel in the future.
Dannyboy 11:40pm Tue 20 Nov
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If you think South Park is supposed to be funny because of "swearing" or worse yet toilet humour then you really should go and watch 2 Broke Girls because you're part of the Lowest Common Dominator. South Park is a satire on political, social and topical issues as well as a commentary on fads and trends. It uses black comedy with a satirical edge or creates a surreal story that reflects what is going on in news and politics.
Pete and Repete 8:15pm Tue 2 Oct
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South Park on VIVA Part 3
AGAIN with the repeats? This is so frustrating they get to season 12 and then go back to season 6? I HATE VIVA. Not showing that "Trapped in the Cloest" episode was a really really weak thing to do, complete cowards! Horrible channel, almost as bad as "Really".
Pete and Repete 8:49pm Thu 6 Sep
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when are they going to scrap this crap and put something worth watching on tv
david2 9:57pm Sat 18 Aug
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A crap program for 14 year olds who thinking swearing is funny.
david 12:01am Sat 11 Aug
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South Park on VIVA
I can't believe they are starting it from Season 1 AGAIN! This is about the 4th time that i know of.
Repeat and Pete 9:34pm Mon 28 May
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South Park
I LOVE South Park but i HATE VIVA for repeating this to death. They ran it from THE START... AGAIN and they are even repeating the repeats of the repeats of the repeats of.. oh F it i'll be here all night.
Pete and Repete 8:30pm Tue 6 Mar
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the b's
i wanna live there
zant 12:53am Fri 12 Aug
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Eric 1:03am Mon 1 Aug
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bung southpark
dudddeeeee.. southpark does what actors cant, theres almost no boundaries with animated shows. your humorless and dead inside if u dont find it hilarious. end of. period
JabbaTheBun 10:10pm Mon 30 May
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one of the best shows ever
the simpsons and family guy have gotten worse while south park has gotten better
asdfasdfasdfa 10:01pm Tue 17 May
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still funny
south park is still hilarious.. and clearly "..." has no idea what he's saying because they think family guy isn't as funny as it used to be, the early ones weren't funny, thats why they got cancelled, but now there funny... dave, you dont get it mate ;)
thedouche 9:55pm Mon 14 Mar
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used to be funny
does anyone else remember when South Park was actually funny
Dave 5:26am Mon 14 Mar
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great, but old episodes are the best. south park has degraded in the quality of it's wit and humour, just like the simpsons and family guy. it makes me very sad :(
... 11:44pm Thu 3 Feb
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One of the best comedies ever. If you don't like it, you simply don't get it. It's not been the same since about season 11 though.
JimmyTheOwl 12:40am Tue 11 Jan
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Gibbering Pimples
Trumpeter 9:00pm Mon 26 Jul
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ur well funny kenny when u die
u are well funny but put kenny back on plz i luv him kyle and ike dont take acid drops
burt 10:22am Tue 11 May
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Facebook Nailed
Last episode was awesome, faebook totally nailed!
Dez82 10:18am Sat 10 Apr
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i luv south park
i luv it
happy 11:36pm Sun 21 Feb
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tell us which episode
I wish the listings would tell us when the new series is showing, it can't be that hard, you manage to label all the repeats.
Hill from Hull 8:54pm Tue 3 Nov
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my faves cartoon wars
lol 2:10pm Tue 3 Nov
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DONT KNOW 8:18pm Wed 16 Sep
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South Park rules
i luv south park
starlite 8:01pm Mon 20 Jul
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Don't forget to bring a towel !
Towlie 4:26pm Mon 13 Jul
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8.9/10, Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"South Park", is one of theeeee best programs on COMEDY CENTRAL. My favourite Series Is, Season 8 as it is the funniest. My rating is part of my comment title.
TommyLad 12:55am Sat 11 Jul
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i love south park so great ma favourite 1 is the chickenpox one =]
oooooooooooooo 5:49pm Fri 3 Jul
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It's just so awesome. ^_^
Seriously, who else would come up with Bono being a piece of crap that was raised as a human xD Butters is the best character though ;D
Ballin' 1:27am Sun 28 Jun
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Sorry... South Park takes humor to a whole new level... :)
South Park fan 12:21am Mon 22 Jun
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South Park 4Ever
South Park takes humor to a level. It is simply the best show and most likely remain the best show ever to be shown across the world! I hope it carrys on for many more years to come!
South Park fan 12:19am Mon 22 Jun
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sexy south park
south park guys are so sexy in hotpants
bobby 8:44pm Thu 18 Jun
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Trey n Matt
Trey and Matt ARE immature for their age and they have the time of their lives bcos they enjoy their lives and make people smile...and mature is what happens to cheese...so anyone thinks trey and matt are immature is just a bit of cheese.
The Jimster 7:49am Sat 23 May
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Youre missing the point...crude but really funny...and the animation is deliberately like that...its meant to look cheap and tacky!Jimster
The Jimster 7:46am Sat 23 May
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Just a bit crude
I like South Park for it's stabs at current events and bright moments, but the animation is awfully crude, lifeless and has no real attention to detail.
DuchessofSutherland 8:12pm Mon 18 May
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sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!
south park is the best!
noodle 10:00pm Fri 8 May
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Awesome show nothing wrong with it
RatedRSuperstar 10:44am Mon 12 Jan
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South Park
This program is brillient the best program in the world it's better than the Simpsons and Family Guy
Coppers And Robbers 7:28pm Wed 7 Jan
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SOUTH PARK 3:17pm Tue 23 Dec
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Oh, and another thing
GCSEs are not neccessarily a measure of intelligence.
Natalie 2:03pm Sun 7 Dec
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Great show.
@ The SIM - it's ironic that you are a. Calling South Park offensive and b. Using 'gay' as an insult. Either that or you believe South Park promotes homosexuality and are a homophobe.
Natalie 2:01pm Sun 7 Dec
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reply to previous
And i think YOU are stupid offensive, full of crap etc.but i dont moan....
lightenup 7:08pm Thu 4 Dec
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South Park movie
Stupid, offensive, gay, messed up, full of crap and an insult to everything. I think Trey Parker and Matt Stone are immature for their ages, seriously!
The SIM 5:51pm Sat 29 Nov
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such a good show with deep comedic values
rdasd 1:23pm Sun 16 Nov
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Bad examples of fans...
I've been a big fan of South Park ever since i watched it for the first time. I'm pretty sure people saying "you can suck mah bawlz if you don't like it" isn't really gonna draw more people in. South Park is like the Simpsons and Futurama but it goes a step further not worrying so much about the controversy. The comedy that you find in South Park is much harder to read than films like Superbad or Disastor movie, but if you can see it, you'll be on the floor laughing. With Family Guy losing its shine (imo) and South Park getting better, this is the show to watch if you want some good evening comedy.
Laurie 1:18pm Wed 29 Oct
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Results mix up
Are you sure it wasn't 11 'G's in your ACSEs?
More Ron 1:07pm Tue 30 Sep
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i got11A*s in my GCSE's
Judging by your spelling and grammar, you must have slept with, what, at least 4 teachers?
Vamos666 10:31am Tue 30 Sep
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something incredible..
People who hate southpark, eitherhave not ever watched a full episode of it or are extreamly UHN - In - TEL - A - JINT. Even my mohter .. and 53 conservative Loves southpark. because she can appritiate than beyong the (in my eyes) hilarious toilet humo is humor that goes extremely deep and how it quite frankly makes a mockery of Major world issues, and shows how the common sense excercise by Kids, is often better than what our world leaders choose to do.
i got11A*s in my GCSE's 9:34pm Mon 29 Sep
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