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Well then
Great show, great cast. I loved series 1-5, 6-8 were good too, but 9-10 not really.
lor 1:53pm Tue 23 Feb
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This show is brilliant!I am 14 and I watch spooks and I understand the plots and what is going on so can someone please tell me how this Tv Series complex?
Callum 9:39pm Tue 18 Oct
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A bit to complex
Very bitty and the way the episode swap and change whilst you are watching appear to be very complex. Trying to put two story line into the series does NOt appear to work!! or is there going to be a twist at the End???
b 5:27pm Sun 16 Oct
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Really bad at being any type of agents!!!
HRH 10:01pm Sun 2 Oct
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To complex to watch plus who remembers what happened in the last series so long ago???
Brockle 9:26pm Sun 2 Oct
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I love Spooks, they feature all my best products.
Steve Jobs 12:15am Mon 26 Sep
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past his sell-by date,,
is Harry- betrayed everyone, too many enemies, how did a guy with a crummy past like this get into a position of influence and power. psycopaths and sociopaths. sigh. too real.
tubby 10:29pm Sun 25 Sep
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bring back Ros
being back Ros
norman 1:33pm Sun 18 Sep
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Did not live up to the standard
I have been a fan of Spooks right from the start, but this last series is a let down. Especially the last few episodes. The person we came to know as Lucas became totally unbelieveable. I hope the next series goes back to the previous high standard.
Appleline 6:13pm Thu 11 Nov
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Mr Joseph Ballantyne
can you add on Seires 3, series 4, and series 5 to your spooks website. also can you add on a Website Queries page on the spooks website.
Joe 4:36pm Tue 9 Nov
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Isn't Harry Pearce
just brilliant :)
JJ 4:29pm Tue 9 Nov
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Say it isn't so Lucas ! ps Why is there a pic with Adam used here ? Out of date of what ....
p 10:40pm Mon 8 Nov
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Lucas North
Lucas is a nutjob.
Me 9:19pm Mon 8 Nov
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Total nonsense
but very enjoyable as a modern day version of the generic spy thriller. See my story for how old spies are really treated - such as creating fake stories to destroy my reputation...
David Shayler 8:24pm Mon 8 Nov
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Brilliant, Brilliant - hooked on it and can't wait for next weeks final episode. Bring it on !
Beachlife62 8:25pm Tue 2 Nov
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Get away!!!!
All of us. 9:29pm Mon 1 Nov
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It's fictional. Don't tell anyone.
QT 8:14pm Mon 1 Nov
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Spooks?? Really??
What a bunch of idiots glad they are not protecting me.
Me 7:46pm Mon 1 Nov
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1,500 m (1,640 yd) is considered to be the maximum shooting distance for man sized targets. The most powerful rifle cartridge in the world.338 Lapua Magnum centerfire cartridge developed for military long-range sniper rifles. Bullet Drop (gravity) at 1000yd is 137 inch for this cartridge. Maximum range 6000yds 4.5" Naval Gun has a Maximum range 20,500 yards (18 km) (11.65mils) (10.2 N miles) "go read some basic science books" Sound advice. Naval marksman 15 years representing Portsmouth and Devonport Commands twice at Bisley. CPO RN(ret)
Silverrov 1:12pm Tue 26 Oct
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Real Rubbish
Not even good enough for daytime TV.
Everyone 9:08pm Mon 25 Oct
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Here's real
12 miles is perfectly reasonable for a rifle shot.
go read some basic science books 9:03pm Mon 25 Oct
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Abosolute Rubbish
Injecting explosives into body! Get real. 1.6 mile snipper shot, get real!
Silverrov 12:03pm Tue 19 Oct
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Not as good as it used to be
The script writers have lost direction. This used to be amazing! Now it's just too far fetched
spike 9:58pm Mon 18 Oct
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They are not very good spys, always on the run!!
Bond 9:38pm Mon 18 Oct
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North is a Dork.
All of us. 9:25pm Mon 18 Oct
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Lucas North
Lucas is not to bright!!!
Me 9:01pm Mon 18 Oct
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Lucas North
He is a putts!!
bobo 9:45pm Mon 11 Oct
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Lucas North
Lucas North character is a joke.
Pete 9:08pm Mon 11 Oct
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Excellent. I could believe all of it!
JB 9:47am Mon 11 Oct
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Spooks is back and gritty as ever. One upside apart from it's a great drama is that it also a possible recruitment ad for the Security Service (MI5)!
X 6:23pm Sun 3 Oct
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I do not watch a whole lot of TV but spooks is a must watch in my house hold.
63YY 9:23am Mon 27 Sep
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I think Spooks is great and always dissapointed when the series finishes
hihosilver 2:09am Sat 1 May
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my god this is awful
just like an extension of the propaganda news channels
the most popular is always the worst 6:32pm Sun 7 Feb
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Totally Lost Interest
Totally lost interest. I think this proves their new 'format' sucks.
stevenickno1 12:39am Thu 17 Dec
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Who wrote this episode??
Great series but worst episode ever
stevenickno1 9:39pm Wed 16 Dec
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Re Re Great
Capn Kirk never set his phazer on "stop", it was always either stun or kill. "Shoot to Kill" is therefore a bonafide term and a good one when pointing a gun at a french baddy.
Spizzenergy 6:34pm Wed 16 Dec
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Udate needed
The Best thing on TV. But the picture on this web page shows an actor no longer in the series.
N 6:36pm Fri 4 Dec
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RE: Two Dots
In that sequence which we're discussing, Ros needed to stop the guy from pressing the button to blow everyone up, so Ros shot to kill. What you would do?Injure the guy and then the guy would press the button and you end up dead? I think thats not a situation that Ros wanted. Hnece the kill shot.
. 8:06pm Wed 2 Dec
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RE: RE: Great
"A kill shot" What? Typical british opinion on firearms, misinformed and naive. You shoot to stop, not to kill.
.. 5:21pm Wed 2 Dec
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RE: Great
The reason why Ros didn't shoot the guy in the head is because the head is a small target where the body contains most of the vital organs so shoot the body to get a kill shot. Besides Jo knew the risks and sacrifices involved as told to her by Ros in an earlier series of Spooks
. 8:54pm Tue 24 Nov
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Spook Shock
No bullet proof vest? Do I need to say more? I LOVE Spooks,I schedule my life around Spooks,but please kill off our favourite heroes with realistic detail...still coming to terms with loss of Adam, Zaf, Malcolm & other fab Spooks but Jo is hard to swallow...sob.
Spam Spooks 10:45pm Fri 20 Nov
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Sorry - *didn't
Lauren 2:16pm Thu 19 Nov
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Great episode tonight. Back on top form. But why did Ros did shoot --- in the head, avoiding that other casualty?
Lauren 11:05pm Wed 18 Nov
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...is the real life equiv of these people. And the script writers are spot on. This is the BBC (for once) doing something good and using a hot TV shot to get a message across, and that is that big oil / big timber will stop at nothing to extract the last drop / log - including killing environmental campaigners.
Oflife 9:58pm Wed 18 Nov
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Contemporary Cast Picture
I know the show is called Spooks and all, but unless Adam is coming back as a ghost, that Cast Pic you are using is at least 1 series out of date ;)
LazyGun 8:15pm Wed 18 Nov
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Black People
make me mad
Nelson Mandelaelaelaelaela 7:24pm Wed 18 Nov
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great ,great ,great
once again spot on ,but hope all the oldies will not be removed as the balance of characters at the moment is just right (has Mathew really left )
faith restored 8:15am Thu 5 Nov
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it's a bit like creme eggs
you only get them part of the year.. =) .. looking forward to it.. even a friend in the US watches it and they are a few series behind..could you imagine if they did a US remake?!?! lol it'd be cack like L.O.M.
keep em peeled 8:24pm Wed 4 Nov
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At last. Only complaint, why only 8 episodes. We have waited so long so why are we being fobbed off with so little?
Appleline 8:06am Wed 4 Nov
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Wahoo! Spooks
Wahooo! Spooks is back on! And Ruth is back! Sweeeet.
C 12:09pm Mon 2 Nov
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