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Star Trek: Voyager Comments
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7of9 ooow weee
Voyager in my opinion is the 2nd best of all the star trek series after next generation. Can't get into the original series, maybe before my time.
SonnyMonroe 7:06pm Thu 20 Apr
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Watching Voyager on PICK TV 6pm UK, a 2 part episode is supposed to have a the 2nd part shown, midweek it's simply vanished, no explanation nothing
ticked off 6:10pm Tue 3 Jul
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repeats ......
repeats ...... repeats , when are the going to bring out a new S trek series :o(
T Borg 8:33pm Thu 2 Dec
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Someone left this comment: 'Plastic acting, senseless plots.' I disagree, unless they were speaking about a specific episode. The show as a whole actually has some very good episodes here and there, and the one airing today ('Someone to Watch Over Me') is one of them, in my opinion. It's a bittersweet character piece on the Doctor (perhaps the best actor on the show) and his relationship with Seven, and it works wonderfully on all levels. Voyager certainly isn't the best Trek, and I have criticised it to a great degree in the past, but it still has some good moments mixed in with the bad. To condemn the entire series is silly.
Riposte 2:50pm Fri 17 Sep
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Does anyone else think...
...that Janeway is really annoying ? I used to like this show years back but I can't stand her for more than five minutes these days.
Jim 7:31pm Wed 8 Sep
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does anybody ever get to watch a programme?
i just go round and round in circles with yopur web pages and never to to actually starting to view the programme i want. your system is crap.
woodworm 3:41pm Sat 31 Jul
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I'd have loved to watch it. Except the crappy software just takes me to iTunes shop.
ennay 3:50pm Thu 15 Jul
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It told me I had to have iTunes installed. So, I said, OK... so off it went... & went .... & went. It took so long I just gave up, and went and watched BBC instead. I'd suggest you find a decent 3rd party supplier for these functions.
ennay 3:32pm Thu 15 Jul
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no no no no no, you got it all wrong. there are 153 crew members when they leave earth, and not that many have died and they have taken new members on board as well, on top of that i don't ever remember 87 crewman dying in a continuing episode, they only die in those where they travel in time
nerd geek 10:48am Mon 24 May
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Dead crewmembers
I always wonder where they get new crew from, considering that they've lost hundreds via all the crap they've been through. The ship's always getting shot or invaded or something, and Neelix is always like, "Durp, my sensorz indicate 87 crewmen are dead lol", yet they never seem short of people to keep the ship running. DO they do little recruitment drives every time they touch down on a planet? If so, stafleet must have hit its alien ethnic minority quota through Voyager's crew alone!
Alyss 5:46pm Tue 4 May
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I love voyager
One thing I don't understand though, is why they want to come back here? If I was on voyager I would break something or eject the warp core, so we couldn't get here. I would clean the plasma conduits if they wanted me to? They don't know how lucky they are? Their own quarters, no mortgage, all the food they can eat, a holodeck, a doctor who can fix anything? Nutters!
fozzo 5:15pm Mon 19 Apr
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Better than TNG?
Kind of subjective, most of the eras in both shows are different. Concepts are different.
Q 6:34pm Wed 7 Apr
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Better than TNG?
I don't think so.
Yaspaa 7:01pm Fri 26 Mar
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Question to poster below:
What did you make of the latest star trek movie? I think it was a smart move to free it from it's own continuity. If the show is to be brought back I think that was needed.
Doctor Q 6:50pm Fri 26 Mar
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Good and Bad
Voyager is a great show that is often overlooked when talking about Star Trek Don't get me wrong some of the episodes are terrible and the makers should be ashamed but there is also some great eps I was watching some early TNG recently and a lot of that was far worse than anything Voyager ever put on, plus the Voyager finale was better than most sci-fi shows ever managed Only 2 and a bit series to go until I've seen the lot, hopefully they put Enterprise back on, I only seen up to the end of series 2 and after a VERY slow start, things were picking up Shame we might never see another "classic" style Star Trek
Derby 2:57pm Fri 12 Mar
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The Borg episodes are the best.
The Borg episodes are the best.
Rick 6:36pm Mon 8 Mar
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Voyager is blood amazing!!!!
Voyager 11:41am Wed 24 Feb
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Indeed. If this was real life and i was face to face with them, i would give them a slap
one 10:14am Sat 20 Feb
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@ nubcakew & trekmak Are these the only phrases in your vocabulary? If so then Shut up!
Wicksey 3:00pm Wed 10 Feb
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light and love will prevail
job 10:06am Tue 9 Feb
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yo noobs
this sucks
nubcakew 10:50am Mon 14 Dec
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i've watched this over and over and over again and i still don't get bored from it, not sure why but it truly is magic
Andy 3:03pm Mon 23 Nov
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Bad Episode
This episode is crap
trekmak 9:46am Sat 29 Aug
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Well I like it!
Voyagers my favourite of all the Star Treks! Maybe that's because I grew up with it- but I love the twist of them being stuck in the Delta quadrant. It makes them more of a family and gives more emotion and meaning to all their missions. And even though you know they'll make it home eventually- it's a great journey to watch. In my humble opinion anyway!
Schmoo 6:09pm Wed 26 Aug
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Virgin 1+1
Please show the star trek Voyager on television Tonight on 9oclock thank you so much
Ang 7:34pm Fri 31 Jul
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Doctor and 7 of 9
That was one of the best in the series. I which 7 of 9 would pose for me too.
Dolphin77 8:01pm Thu 30 Jul
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Oh Seven of Nine
Can't stand Janeway - she is a hideous crone. This is somewhat made up for by SevenOfNine.
Brewing One 1:16pm Thu 25 Jun
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Nerd Fodder
Plastic acting, senseless plots.
Neural 4:24pm Mon 9 Mar
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The Black Sheep of the Family
It had the worst ratings of all Trek, ...until Enterprise came along. And for good reason - only 1 character (the Doctor) has any personality. Aside from Neelix and Torres its americans in space. And to top it off, there was no point watching ANY of the series because, unlike the other Trek spin offs, you knew the ending from day 1 - that they would get back home. The lack of thought, desperate clamouring for ratings by introducing totty (see Borg bimbo), and cliched acting makes this by far the worst of the original trek spin offs. Then Enterprise happened, and we all soon realized we'd rather have this tosh back. Doctor Episodes are only ones worth watching. If the summary isnt about him - dont bother.
Poor Watching 10:07pm Mon 9 Feb
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At the start of the episode on 23rd Feb 2009 the announcer said "Here is the last ever episode of Star Trek: Voyager...of season 5!" then at the end said "Because we are sadists at Virgin 1 we're keeping you waiting until June for season 6!"
John B 9:31pm Mon 26 Jan
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On 23rd Jan 2009, the announcer said the last episode of STV would be shown, then we saw Equinox Pt 1. Then Enterprise was shown, and then on the 26th Jan....DS9. Didn't see anything about about waiting until June for STV to reappear- DID I MISS SOMETHING VIRGIN 1???
Complaining is futile (probably) 8:33pm Mon 26 Jan
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boldly gone till june
why is it not on till june my son is propper angry,put it back on he said.
cjay 11:15pm Fri 23 Jan
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wot a cliff hanger. this is the 2nd time virgin has done this. last time is was a Enterprize series they just stopped. now Voyager has stopped in mid flight ! part2 to follow .. maybee. huh
not-happy 9:19pm Fri 23 Jan
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star trek voyager
good good programme ..should be on free view more often..
riga bert thong 9:03pm Wed 21 Jan
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End Game
I Think End Game is the best of the Voyager Epsisodes. The Destruction of the Transwarp Hub is by Far the most devastating defeat for the Borg
maolin 10:21pm Mon 29 Dec
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All Star Trek.......
..... Is fantastic (Voyager uniforms are not hot though!)
cptnjaedax 7:31pm Wed 10 Dec
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i love voyger
i think that this star trek is the BEST!!! i love the new relationship between tom and B'Elanna!!!i can wait to see what happens between them.
voyger treky 6:22pm Wed 26 Nov
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Simply the best
it is the best thing on the box and is the best thing on tele and no point in wasting your evenings on soaps and junk. The best character is defo is Tuvok Nine Nelix Tes Janeway Paris Chacotay B'Lana The Doctor and Kim
Voyager Nerd 4:50pm Wed 19 Nov
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Spoilers ?
Giving away key plot elements ?
GoodSport 7:41pm Tue 11 Nov
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its a great peice of rubbish
this crap is so bad i cant stay in the room wen my family r watchin it and this is for nerds and geeks.
wag wam and mandem 5:44pm Mon 10 Nov
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its so amazing you cant miss an episode
voyagernerd 5:34pm Mon 10 Nov
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Loving it!
Star Trek is brilliant escapism and this is a classic episode. If you don't like it and thinks it's for nerds, then don't watch it! If I want reality, I'll look out the window.
Nik1Halo 4:41pm Mon 20 Oct
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Damn Fasthead, you must have seen the entire series' scripts! They generally goes, in order: contrived situation; tedious moralising; deus ex machina; situation resolved; forget everything by next episode. Jeri Ryan is hawt though ;)
mrmr 8:32pm Mon 22 Sep
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Seen this before & it all works out o/k in the end
Fasthead 2:20am Tue 2 Sep
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Brilliant and awesome...
Star Trek is a timeless classic which I enjoyed for many years before it got boring etc. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it from time to time. LOLZ JOKING!
NathanielAger 9:40pm Sun 31 Aug
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missed this one...
dont care what anyone says but seven of nine is the sexiest character in star trek... I missed this episode does anyone know where I can watch it?
aom 1:03am Mon 25 Aug
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beat me up, scotty
i luv kes. where is she? oh, if only i was okampan...
graphiceq 12:06pm Fri 15 Aug
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ts for
star treck is for nerds
haha 9:26pm Tue 13 Nov
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beam me up data
love the show wonderful -escapism...MORE PLEASE...
WOOLFE 8:07pm Sat 27 Oct
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Star Trek Voyager
STV in my opinion is the best of the Star Treks, many would disagree with me but the charachters are well thought out and the storys never boring, and the Doctor is great.
Wozza 3:24pm Thu 7 Jun
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