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Candidate interviews.
If Lord Sugar really needs to have people pointing him in the right direction like the bald headed aggressive interviewer we witnessed on Wednesday; then there's little hope for him, his reputation, or his businesses.
nowanexapprenticefollower 1:15pm Thu 18 Dec
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The team met Alan Sugars specification and it was disappointing to see he wasn't man enough to admit the issue was the spec
jo 10:43pm Wed 3 Dec
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Lord Sugar screwed up this evening. Be more specific! Surely this is an important business trait. As is admitting when you've got it wrong.
Dr Dave 10:10pm Wed 3 Dec
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BBC waste of money
Pathetic wouldn't watch this again
Chris 9:23pm Wed 17 Jul
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What is this world coming to?
Have you seen the inappropriate and unprofessional pictures of Luisa all over the internet? And she is a business woman? She has clearly had it on a plate by her parents. Francesca is the most honest and has managed to work hard from nothing. There are also plenty of online cake shops!! If Luisa wins, I would say the entrepeneural world has gone mad. Apprentice has gone down in my estimations.
bimbo with brains 9:27am Fri 12 Jul
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The winner gets
2 shares in Amstrad. Alan Sugar is a hairy cornflake
Over rated 3:39pm Wed 19 Jun
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Alun Shugar
Is worse than Symun Kowull.
I do NOT pay the BBC a penny! 3:43pm Tue 11 Jun
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For the winner
A place on the board at Amstrad lol
Proper graduate 2:56pm Wed 5 Jun
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suppose on the whole the majority of these people will have successful careers, however this bunch seem to me to be quite frankly totally incompetent. I suppose being a laughing stock in their eyes is considered a good career move, personally i would not have employed and certainly would not even considered going into business with ant of them.
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The teams were asked to buy an OUD, but didn't know what is was and failed miserably to find it. I am 68 years of age with no business experience and it took me 10 seconds to spot the correct item on Google images. Can I be considered for next years show as I seem to possess what's lacking with some of the young whiz kids - common sense.
OwdhamAlf 9:43pm Tue 28 May
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Are these the best business people Alan could find god help us,we wonder why uk is such a state with this lot we can see why/
lord 6:22pm Sat 25 May
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Arrogance personified!
Jfk 9:57pm Wed 22 May
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That Zee is a bully.
Zee is a terrible bully and he and Alex are bullying Jason
Sarah 2:26am Mon 13 May
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The final 5
So its down to the last 5, who will get fired next? I expect Lord Sugar wishes he could sack the lot of them and start again. A right shower, and if this is the best of the possible future business leaders available...then all is lost.
Chris S. 2:08pm Tue 29 May
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Use of English
Many of the candidates often use the word 'myself' in the wrong context. I shouldn't think Lord Sugar will be too upset about this but it doesn't say a lot about the candidates grasp of the English language.
friendlyfifer 11:00am Fri 18 May
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RE: Fair
Wazza358 you are so very wrong regarding this racist comment. Check out the winner of S1 and report back with your apology.
Tommy 9:52pm Wed 16 May
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Has Amstrad ever
Made anything that works properly?
just saying, like... 8:41am Wed 16 May
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Lord Sugar knows...
I think Lord Sugar has already decided who he wants to win....and that is the annoying Adam...but he is probably the best of a very poor bunch.
Shanksy 12:03pm Mon 14 May
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The Lordly one never employs non-white applicants it seems, ever; last week Azhar was far better than Jade yet he got axed for saying the right things! This is all so sad in this day & age ... :o(
Wazza358 9:49pm Wed 9 May
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Looking Tired.......
I always thought that The Apprentice was the top show on tv. But this current series is looking tired and drab, and well past its sell-by date. Let it now bow out with dignity before the viewers decide to say....'You're Fired'
Harry C 5:17pm Fri 20 Apr
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£10 for £9
Sugar got this weeks wrong,the winning team gave more than the value of subscription, In the words of sugar anyone call sell £10 for £9
SaltnSugar 7:22pm Thu 19 Apr
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Same old, same tasks
Lost count how many times this has been on the beeb... There must be more original programmes out there!?!
MykaMac 9:35am Wed 11 Apr
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the winner
Duane wins
karezza 8:56pm Wed 21 Mar
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Can you see the irony?
Oh great, another 16 so called entrepreneurs who have so much talent and business acumen they have to appear on this show for a job with Alan Sugar. REAL Entrepreneurs do not need TV exposure or a crappy job with Alan Sugar to become a success. What a farce!
you're deluded, not fired 7:25pm Wed 21 Mar
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These people are nothing but glorified Spivs in suits trying to look 'professional'The modern day door to door salesman with his foot in the door spinning you any yarn to get a sale and relive you of you money fueled on greed combined with being a con-man.
K Middleton 2:41pm Wed 21 Mar
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dem cris miup - hadems guna mek no muni widot da shugri heel?
2rite 4:27pm Tue 26 Jul
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take sugar to the vets
to be put down.
bloke downt pub 9:39am Tue 26 Jul
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I think he made the
right choice, Tom is clearly headed places, you need people with brains working for/with you. treat them well, they will make you fortunes...!
videophoneguy 1:40am Mon 25 Jul
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great programme
ssspamstar 5:11pm Fri 15 Jul
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british food
Columbus ain't British
bladderwrack 1:50am Fri 15 Jul
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Apprentice Coffee Boy/Girl
I think the winner is given an apprenticeship job fetching the coffee from Starbucks for a year. It’s about all they seem capable of. Not bad for 250k.
Quite Bored 10:26am Sun 10 Jul
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Some of these contestants have nothing to offer. I'm sure they're selected onl;y because they really believe they are brilliant and describe themselves in glowing termns on their entry forms. I agree - most 13 year olds could do just as well ! In face it would be a great programme if some schoolchildren were given the same tasks and filmed at the same time, as a comparison. It might also bring some of these deluded candidates down to earth.
Agatha 10:51pm Fri 8 Jul
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lord sugar
some people say he's being unfair, but i think that he's being fair, with all the things they do he decides fairly!
emsquoom 2:03pm Thu 7 Jul
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its about time
this bloke did the decent thing, and tops himself.
bloke downt pub 11:37am Thu 7 Jul
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Apprentice mail boy/girl
Once someone wins, what does Alan actually get him or her to do in his company? We never see what happens to them. I think the BBC bungs Alan 200k to pay the winner to work in the mail-room for a year, and get paid 100k.
Overly Bored 11:11am Wed 6 Jul
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melody helen and susan would get it especially melody and helen..
....... 9:11pm Sat 2 Jul
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hang sugar now.
and put us out of his misery.
bloke downt pub 7:45pm Fri 1 Jul
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zoe is a bully, she seems to be jealous of Susans youth and looks.. please please get rid of this monster and send her to prison also she speaks like a slug
the_viewer 7:30pm Wed 29 Jun
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The Ultimate Bore
A group over over egoed wannabes strut around making fools of themselves so they can work with an equally unpleasant superego. Hopefully, like Big Brother, this public spectacle will soon die the death.
Bellatori 5:02pm Wed 29 Jun
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Why is everyone voting Jim? JIM FTW! :P
Adzy 11:30am Wed 29 Jun
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Is fit. Pity she's such a bee hatch.
Mike 9:57pm Wed 22 Jun
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Spivs and Con men
Spivs is the kindest word I can find for these people
E Presley 11:20am Wed 22 Jun
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in line with current government guide lines.
this programms shows that anyone can make it big at work if you try hard enough.what a lot of crap.
bloke downt pub 3:52pm Mon 20 Jun
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this is not an accurate reflection of entrepreneurial talent - nearly all these people lack ANY sort of common sense and relevant technical knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. apart from helen and susan they all lack any BASIC skill needed to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment. This programme is EMBARRASSING and seems to be sinking even lower into the category of gutter filth shows like the x factor etc. People think that by throwing on a suit and appearing to be organised and regurgitating sterile words like business, determination, motivation etc. makes them a strong candidate but if you dont have the SUBSTANCE and INTELLIGENCE you'll get NOWHERE. I honestly believe that if you replaced these guys with 12 13 year olds on the show they would do better as they would have more creative minds than these failures.
.................... 11:03pm Sun 19 Jun
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I love the apprentice! Its the most amazing thing on tv! it makes my week. SUSAN TO WIN...THEN MARRY ME! xxxx
ben mac 4:11pm Mon 13 Jun
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Only watch it to have a laugh, then people start back stabbing each other, not a job i would ever want!
Nick 7:10pm Sat 11 Jun
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will this bloke realy croke,he will not be missed.
bloke downt pub 9:36pm Wed 8 Jun
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Rat Race
Are these the kind of people that are going to make the world a better place ....they will tell you anything to get a sale... at best spivs with king spiv at the top of the table .... the only one to win in a rat race race ??? ..... IS A RAT !!!!
Shylock 11:29am Wed 8 Jun
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vote for vincent
i would expect vincent to win as he shows determination,and he is very cool.
soldier_1991 9:58am Mon 30 May
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.... these for Britain's future, we are all doomed.
dert 8:25pm Wed 25 May
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