25 October 2021  | 
The Big Bang Theory Comments
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Re: raspaa
What do you mean 2 more seasons, this is the last series.
Kat 9:05pm Wed 13 Mar
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Renewed for 3 more seasons. Che-ching for the cast.
Yaspaa 9:56pm Tue 18 Mar
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Noooo! Why has this happened?!
It used to be great, but the humour isn't as good anymore and they made Raj waaayyy to girly than he should be. He wasn't as bad in the older seasons.
JJ 4:53pm Fri 6 Dec
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saturation point
Now at saturation point - this is getting tiresome. The episodes today have been on 20 times in the last month! Boring
Dave 10:46am Sat 10 Aug
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my exitement levels are over 9000
Jorvikson 6:08pm Thu 11 Apr
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AJ 8:17pm Tue 12 Mar
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I dont know why I keep watching this - but I do! Even the repeats! I agree with the preceeding comments that the edge has been taken off the show now that they all have girlfriends/wives, but its still quite a well written show without the geek content. The two new women do bring something of their own to the programme. And no, its much better than Friends.
Discerning 12:41am Sun 10 Mar
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Latest UK run started poorly but picking up. Characters still work. Think Sheldon's Mum is a work of genius - and character is only used selectively which makes impact better.
Olderfan 6:54pm Tue 15 Jan
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The Big Decline Theory
I agree with 'Michael Jackson' completely. This show used to be edgy and witty now it's is just on a downward spiral toward the worst kind of sitcom; Lowest Common Denominator sitcoms! Before you needed to have at least an appreciation of science to get a lot of the jokes, now it's mainly "Penny jokes" that is to say, jokes Pennies friends would get. Such a shame!
Peat and Repete 8:59pm New Years Eve
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how awesome is this
Adi2k12 8:56pm Fri 21 Dec
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Like friends with science
This was a brilliant show, but has been watered down progressively and is now a pale shadow of it's former self. It's now like "Friends" with a bit of science thrown in
Heaven Stawking 3:58pm Fri 23 Nov
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Its still going?????
I admit at first i liked this show, it was kind of original and different, but now they all have girl friends and wives?! it's just turned into every other american sitcom ever made, i'll be very suprised if it get another season. I think any geek/nerd gave upon this show a while back, so whos still watching?
Michael Jackson 6:50pm Thu 22 Nov
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..thinks you need a PhD to watch the show. This is the same guy that makes 2 and a Half Men, one of the unfunniest bafflingly successful sitcom to date. The Heim makes shows for the Lowest Common Denominator, he needs the largest demographic he came get and if you think you need a PhD to "get" TBBT jokes then you ARE the lowest common denominator.
Pete and Repete 8:11pm Thu 15 Nov
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Love it, knock knock, Love it, knock knock, Love it, knock knock
I can't get enough of this programme. It is so funny and the cast are perfect for their characters. Please let us have more up-to-date ones.
TV Pundit 11:56pm Sun 11 Nov
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Gilly doesn't get it.
"I suppose it's ok for teenaged American boys, but SO unfunny for everyone else" There are SO MANY science jokes that only people in the field will understand. I'm guessing you're not one of those people. If you have a science background it's a very funny programme.
Steve 7:46pm Sun 11 Nov
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Big Bang Theory
It's like Friends except all the characters are Ross!
Alex 8:16pm Sun 28 Oct
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Big Bang
I suppose it's ok for teenaged American boys, but SO unfunny for everyone else.
Gilly 7:27pm Sat 1 Sep
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big bang theory
I absolutely love this show.. Its quality television, and i can't wait for the new series to start.. love the character of Sheldon and Amy. they are amazing the show is amazing.. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
roxy 4:19pm Fri 24 Aug
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It's time we had a gang bang on The Big Bang Theory. Kaley is hot
Dave 6:00pm Mon 9 Jul
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i lurve this progm i cant get enough of it i dont work just to watch this pro i love it
meg 3:50pm Thu 31 May
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big bong
my hosuemate watches this, says he loves it but i've never heard him laugh at it.. i'm sitting in the other room overhearing it, actually getting all the geeky sci-fi and history jokes and well yeah, rubbish.
squonk 6:58pm Fri 20 Apr
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penny penny penny penny penny penny penny penny
leonard 12:23am Thu 19 Apr
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if you dont like it
watch one of the other 2988567483 channels.
chinaman. 10:30pm Sun 1 Apr
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enough already
How rubbish is this show now? Series 3 was rubbish, Series 4 was abysmal and now series 5 is unwatchable.
the sheep love it 2:52pm Sat 31 Mar
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I like this!
Even though I know there annoying.
Hugle McDoogle 10:21pm Tue 27 Mar
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big bang
big bang is to dide for im get in the box set when it out
pokmon 2:05pm Sun 15 Jan
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IT Crowd is much funnier
IT Crowd is much funnier.. It's a watchable comedy that'll get hacked to death with constant repeats!!! Can watch Seinfeld repeats endlessly but not this. Twice maybe. 'Friends' was'nt even funny the first time. A few jokes in the show might have helped, but they repeat that endlessly!!!! At least the BBT have some decent gags (why are these guys sharing an apartment? - surely they earn a good salery..haha!
Seinfeld 11:32pm Wed 11 Jan
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its the beast
love this show is the 6th show coming outx
x.nicole.morrisx 5:52pm New Years Eve
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The show doesn't cue the audience to laugh, it's a real audience laughing, which is what happens in studio sitcoms. Better Off Ted actors have it easy, no audience watching every move they make, probably why it was so dull and got cancelled. Considering you don't find the show funny, obviously you wouldn't find it funny without the laughing. You're basically bashing every show with studio audiences...enjoy your Better Off Ted repeats.
Yaspaa 9:23pm Tue 13 Dec
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Not worth wasting your time
If you're looking for a geek-chic comedy, this isn't it. 'Better Off Ted' pulled it off a thousand times better than this slop, and didn't need to cue its' audience to laugh. This isn't a show about geeks, it's a show about the perception geeks in the early 90's as awkward, science-obsessed and ugly. It's a watchable character assassination to satisfy the green-eyed monster in every idiot. Seriously, look up "Big Bang Theory without laugh track" on YouTube, you'll realise it's not even funny, you're just being told it is.
Marky 2:46am Tue 22 Nov
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A fan of
The Big Bang Theory is a quality series produced by a quality crew. The laughing is real, and the jokes would still be funny without it. It's called comedy.
Yoshi183 5:04pm Wed 9 Nov
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all you haters can suck it ;D
The Big Bang Theory is the best Tv show going, you just dont like it cos its better than you bitchesss, im geting vexed. ahahahahahaha suckk out.
brittany from england;) 3:20pm Tue 8 Nov
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Actually Dbo
You are the most annoying person in the world. The reason they don't beat him up is because they're human beings, not thugs. For the last time, it's not a laugh track! it's called a live studio audience, look it up you might learn something.
Yaspaa 10:13pm Sat 5 Nov
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grate series
the best thing to come out of the good old U.S.of A. for years.
uncle sam. 7:48pm Tue 27 Sep
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Enjoyable if you follow
A good sitcom if you follow the series, though it can be a bit repetitive and isn't for everybody. Sheldon is both a brilliant and original character played so well by Jim Parsons.
Joest 11:05am Sat 10 Sep
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Best show on tv
Great show, always a winner...
Love it 1:15pm Thu 8 Sep
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Why is the rating so low here???
90210 has 8 something and this has 6.5!!!! This is the funniest show on the telly.
apollo 1:26pm Sun 4 Sep
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this show is on so many times a week
that we do not know when the new series, and repeats are on its so mixed up, this is a good show.
there was this bloke downt pub 11:58am Sun 4 Sep
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Gets better and better
Season 1 was awesome. Season 4 is awesomer. Lots of great new characters. Raj and Sheldon are truly unique characters. E4 please show Season 5 without interruption this time.
Jack 8:59am Sat 3 Sep
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So Goooood!
The funniest thing on tv IMO. Great characters, great actors and keeps getting better and better.
Guy 8:41pm Thu 1 Sep
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love this program its so funny! - guess i need to catch up on the first 3 series...
love it 10:23am Thu 1 Sep
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the yanks do turn out some crap
but sometimes they do get it right.
bloke downt pub 11:38am Sat 20 Aug
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Why so little?
Need more of this, excellent.Not often the yanks get it spot on.
Crimson Pirate 5:27pm Thu 18 Aug
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Big Bang Theory
I think Sheldon is the star of the show, as a PhD theoretical physicist myself I can (worryingly) see many parallels ...
Quantumwierdness 6:05pm Thu 4 Aug
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enough said :D
P w eee 11:18pm Fri 8 Jul
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Kept its Touch
The interactions between the geniuses and the non geniuses are a good source of comedy, it displays the differences between the two. Questionable characters ? I don't get it.
Yaspaa 10:49pm Thu 9 Jun
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Lost it's touch
The show used to be funny but the growing cast and questionable characters have changed the geniuses in everyday situations to people in everyday situations. And how does thatb make it different to other sitcoms?
the smartest person on the internet 9:29pm Mon 30 May
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Best tv show ever
TBBT 12:10pm Sat 21 May
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People who hate this have learning difficulties.
The best show on the telly. Watched every aired episode at least 20 times (no exaggeration). Roll on the rest of series 4...
Big Bang yes please. 3:17pm Thu 12 May
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If you dont like the negative comments don't read them..
tim 2:34am Thu 12 May
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