11 July 2020  | 
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Comments
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One of the worst shows on tv - i cant even think of one redeeming feature about this show
wert 9:07pm Sun 15 May
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Love It
Best ever comedy show on British TV.
I*heart*it 12:19am Wed 11 May
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this really still going?
Jen 1:52pm Tue 3 May
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Kay Jay is g..
It might prove hard to bring back Jonny, seeing as he was killed off about 3 series ago!!! Mind you Dirty Den came back from the grave lol
Charly Spleen 3:18am Tue 3 May
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Janet & Jonny
BRING BACK JONNY AND where is janet in the cast?
KayJay 10:29am Tue 26 Apr
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from hero to zero
Just not the same appeal anymore . The new cast members just don't cut it , should have finished the show at the top when they killed off Johnny instead of dragging it through the gutter until its ultimate demise .
Poor 2:37am Christmas Day
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two pints of cider and a couple of slagss
terrible show, get it off
Ronald McDonald 10:48pm Tue 21 Dec
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love it
gotta love the way so many classes are shown up in general in the series and you can relate to it on so many levels will there ever be a new series or not
lexx 11:14pm Thu 24 Jun
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What would chavs do without this show?
Answers on the back of a postcard, preferably not written in text speak.
Del Boy 2:16am Sat 2 May
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I think episode four was the best yet..Janet getting pushed over, ripping her pants, being told Louise-Louise was smarter than Corinthian, banging her head on the bar then getting arrested. Genius xD
ShakeItUp 9:21pm Sun 12 Apr
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I love Two Pints!
The new series especially. I thought episode one was a bit slow-moving/boring it's great now. Wesley Presley trying to be 'Runcornian' in episode 4 was hilarious...right before Janet tasered him =/ Comedy gold!
BabyKellz' 9:13pm Sun 12 Apr
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Fags lads and kebabs
if you had watched that, you would of seen why johnny had to go unfortunately... nothing else for him to do, i do miss him and everything but it would of been pathetic to make him become even worse..
TheEdgeOfReason 6:29pm Sun 15 Mar
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This Show is amazinggg
Omg... Who ever Disses this show needs their head Testing!!! Its amazingg
Sam Corbynn 5:06pm Sun 15 Mar
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it owns
jake 9:15pm Fri 13 Mar
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Two Pints Rules
I LOVE TWO PINTS. This sort of show isn't normally my thing,but whenit comes to two pints I can'tget enough. Just wish I didn't have to wait so long between series.
sexybembem 10:35pm Sun 8 Mar
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Better Since
I had no care for this show until johnny died, i could not stand johnny (sorry people). but ever since he got eaten by a shark lol. it got great 9/10
Ricky James 7:02pm Tue 23 Dec
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it is so funny a good show x
goofy 2:46pm Sat 8 Nov
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greetings fellow comrades, we will embark upon this journey together as we watch.... TWO PINTS OF LAGER AND A PACKET OF CRISPS!!!!!!!
Zog 8:50pm Fri 31 Oct
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I love 2 pints
I watch like 2 episodes of two pints everyday, i never get bored. im startin an appeal to show a new series and to bring back jonnY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Blair 10:16pm Sat 25 Oct
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Dan, You must be the most boring person ever.
ErmyDermy 9:54pm Mon 13 Oct
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I don't drink alcohol & prefer to eat healthy snacks like raw carrot, so I doubt I will ever watch this program & have given it a zero rating accordingly.
Dan 9:49pm Sun 28 Sep
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daz 9:34pm Sun 28 Sep
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this show is so awesome up two pints
wrexfan01 3:08pm Fri 12 Sep
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I am a middle class man
I still like this show. I wouldn't usually love shows like this but for Two Pints I can make an exception. I guess I like it because it's so absurd it's not to be taken all too seriously yet it covers some issues as well.
Eddie 9:36pm Sat 6 Sep
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this show
is good. it is funny and i enjoy watching it, even though i dont "live on a housing estate".
captain cool 5:00pm Sat 23 Aug
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paige x
That's because you are an idiot, You're welcome. Next!
Vamos666 11:51pm Thu 21 Aug
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i love this
2 pints is a great show it makes me laugh so muchh its great it should have ratein of 10 :) x
paige x 11:45pm Thu 21 Aug
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housing estate
im no posh d*ck but the only people i could think of that would find this remotely amusing are people on housing estates
nmmmmm 11:39pm Thu 14 Aug
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i loooove this show
. 11:48pm Thu 7 Aug
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x..Goodbyye, Johnny..x
OMG i literallyy cried wen johnny died he'z such a jwka boi i love him he'z da best character eva..x
x..#1..top..Faan..Ov..TPOL..x 3:09am Sun 20 Jul
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he may have had reasons or leaving but its just not the same. i think he was one of the best characters and its just not the same...but being eaten by a shark IS a good way to go...
challie 8:11pm Sun 22 Jun
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love it
hi i love two pints of lager and a packet of crips it is the best from Sam Kirby
slinke 10:39am Wed 18 Jun
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jonny come back
If Ralf was worried about being typecast he would have left long ago. Come back Ralf, it just aint the same without you.
happyface 5:39pm Sat 10 May
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we want jonny back
it's not the same without jonny.
sasha 6:04pm Fri 28 Mar
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two pints of lager & a packet of crisps
the series are excellente i've watched the out takes they are brilliant lol . . . the cast is amazing .x.x
cls 11:34pm Fri 14 Mar
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Gaz is fittttt
Gaz is well fittttt !!!
sexybabess 7:02pm Sun 9 Mar
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2 pints
You have got to love it. Runcorn must be quality lol
Love it all 5:23pm Sun 9 Mar
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poor jonny... my arse!
He probably left because he was sick of being typecast as a chav and worshiped by other thick chavs.
mickey 6:27pm Mon 3 Mar
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two pints of larger and a packet of chrisp
it the best show on bye far
billy 8:41pm Sun 2 Mar
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Dear BBC: send this crap to ITV
is this vile drivel made-by-chavs-for-chavs going to go on (not being funny) forever?!? its always on late so if your lonesome it is on, andif your drunk it is still there. full of (orginal) Hollyoaks rejects!
l'il danny 12:15am Thu 21 Feb
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GRR y cant he come BAK
Josh Pks 10:49pm Sat 16 Feb
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still on top wid out jonny
the show is still the best even though jonny has left there is something missing on the show but that gap is getting filled with even more humor and the new gay barman could be the best next thing girls fab and glad 2 see munch bk
the tv man 8:40pm Fri 15 Feb
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well, it is.....
gash with him, gash without him.Let's roll.
The Anti - Andy 7:40pm Fri 15 Feb
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we miss jonny
it's just not the same without him init. :(
Vixy 7:07pm Sun 10 Feb
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bringback johnny
great show but something missing without johnny
pap333 5:27pm Fri 1 Feb
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miss johnnie
i think the cast do a terrific job , nice to have you all back . the girls look just as sexy as ever .great show . miss johnnie though . keep it running for ever , part of my home rosta now . cheers x
phluke 8:53pm Mon 28 Jan
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miss johnnie
i think the cast do a terrific job , nice to have you all back . the girls look just as sexy as ever .great show . miss johnnie though . keep it running for ever , part of my home rosta now . cheers x
phluke 8:51pm Mon 28 Jan
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Funniest ep in ages
was Donna and Janet trying to out-do each other to get the bar job, while mental Louise did her yellow lorry red lorry bit. After all that, the funeral ep was a bit of a let-down. Jonny, RIP.
BigDerek 8:14pm Sun 27 Jan
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i reacon that Jonny will cme bak cus he like went but like didnt get there and they lost him so they said he was dead
Josh Pks 12:38am Sun 27 Jan
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no way
he cant be it wont be the same! i recon its a mix up & hes guna come back. n if im wrong i want to know why??
sarah xx 10:03pm Sun 20 Jan
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