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It's her dream not her husbands. Shes only thinking about herself. Shes too bossy .He will go under sufferance.
Sonia 10:09am Thu 15 Aug
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Love the show
My daughter and family live Palmview Sunshine Coast. She is 32 hubby 41 and Riley is 3 and he has a brother o the way Nov 2019. Have you considered a programme showing success stories?I am living proof that the distance isn't too much of a problem and even if Vicky lived in England I know we wouldn't contact each other as much as we do. Be gr8 to speak with the producer. Today's episode had me sobbing when seeing their friends and family in tears too. I look forward to speaking soon. Many thnx Amanda Marshall xx
Mandy 10:59am Wed 14 Aug
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For a 10 year old to have so much input, and when 6 years old was responsible for the family to give up their dream. I don't think so!! He has too much input. Very irritating. Could not watch till the end
Annoyed 8:35am Tue 31 Jul
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Why no Sydney?
Pedictable but enjoyable. But why do the producers never feature a family going to Sydney?
lesdiablesrouge 10:26am Tue 30 Jan
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It's usually the mans dream to emigrate. Usually the families have marital problems and he thinks the move will solve everything.As if! I've always said that we women are the ones with the brains. I'd look at it like a weeks free holiday courtesy of the beeb.
Eth. 1:52pm Tue 2 Jan
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What an irritating child the 10 year old is. Would you really put your life's dream on hold on his say so! Also I don't think it is a good idea to have children watch the family and friends video.
A.P. 11:34am Mon 30 Jan
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Return to sender
When i flew to Aus in 1969 i was told 1 Million were emigrating every year. I thought that would mean a load of empty seats going back. Not so as 900.000 were returning every year,due to the unmentioned problems with high cost of living,flies ,mosquito's,and cold ,wet Winters. Then there's the old joke about the difference between an Aussie and a pot of yogurt-you can find some culture in a yogurt.
deebee 11:52am Fri 13 Jan
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Hubbart Family
Why does moving to NZ improve your family life when you still have to work 40hrs a week? You can have quality family time here in UK you know! Numpities.
Irritated by Thickies 11:49am Wed 3 Aug
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get on a plane, gran
all this weepy granny on the sofa stuff is pretty stupid :blow your noses and fly out there, mum 'n dad. They're not going to Mars.
karinhere 7:45am Wed 3 Feb
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anybody ever NOT stay ?
Have yet to see the first family who does NOT stay Down Under, boringly predictable.
karinhere 7:34am Wed 3 Feb
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My scentiments exactly
taylor 12:48pm Thu 13 Feb
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APP. (absolutely pants programme)
how many episodes of this drivel are there going to be? will they move to austrailia?, wont they move to austrailia? can they afford it? how will grandma and grandad cope? jimmys about to get a promotion at topps tiles andwont budge but ultimately gets won round by his nagging wife in the end. im on the edge of my god damn seat.id rather sit here in my pants and watch dom littlewood acting like a feared reputable hard nut at 9.15 in the morning.
terrys trancsendent terrines 9:48am Thu 13 Feb
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Where is Nicki filmed?
Why is Nicki always filmed at some fab location - as far as I can tell Palm Cove near Cairns or Port Douglas (Four Mile Beach)? I may be wrong. But she never goes to any of the locations where the families may end up living - this is supposed to be "reality TV" not Fantasy Island!
Australiaphile 7:01pm Mon 27 Jan
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not what people think
son a gas engineer british gas trained .qualifications do not travel has to take a 6 month course to bring him up to aus standard ,they got it wrong on the program. house prices are also a lot dearer,as is the cost of living ,not as rosy as they let you belive
spanners 10:09am Mon 13 Jan
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Weeping from back home
I Hate the weeping friends and family videos on the show, everybody should realise that is the hard bit. Some people haven't even left their home town and all the Fam live down the road. Don't go i would advise them! In spite of this i love the show and can't wait for the 2013 revisited as all families seemed to uproot and leave.
Peja 3:51pm Tue 26 Feb
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droning, nasal, slow talking presenter is so patronising to the viewers intelligence. And then lets all have a good ole weep whenn they show a video from back home. The producers must really think we are morons.
CardinalBiggles 11:30pm Thu 7 Feb
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hugh family episode
ive just seen the episode and was touched and moved by it,a big well done all the best for the future you were great again well done
des parker 2:32pm Tue 5 Feb
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hugh family episode
ive just seen the episode and was touched and moved by it,a big well done all the best for the future you were great again well done
des parker 10:03am Tue 5 Feb
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exchange rate
when was 600.000 aus dollars worth 315,000 uk pounds, how old is this
dave 3:27pm Thu 11 Oct
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Anywhere is better than Herne Bay
CAs 2:50pm Wed 3 Oct
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Total Clap Trap ,lazy cheap tv and what they going to do if they get something to really cry about.
stuart 4:50pm Sun 30 Sep
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Nicci Chapman
Oh Please can't the BBC get someone who is not so "in love with themselves", do you clone them. Plus I can't understand a word she says, she's so nasel. Next series can you get someone else, but not louise from sftw.
hard to understand 9:40am Fri 20 Jan
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Wooden top
If the BBC make another series, can they get a replacement for MS. Chapman?.I'm sure she can find another use for her arms beside waving them around all over the place,& If I hear another cliche "a house to aspire to", "leaving friends & family" etc, etc. I shall scream. Can't the producers find a presenter with personality? It's a blessing she's never with the families, too depressing. The format of the earlier shows was much better.
welsh april 4:09pm Thu 29 Sep
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Perth. No Anti Social behaviour LOL
lhg 3:24pm Fri 12 Aug I hope you have plenty of money as it's super expensive to live in Perth and as for your comment of no anti social behaviour, that is one of the reasons I left Perth after living there for 40 plus years the crime rate is horrendous.
Beeper 1:20pm Wed 17 Aug
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to glamorised (11 sep)
Went to Perth in Aug 2010 to activate our visas. Absolutely lovely place!! We will be going there permanently end of 2011. It's very clean, no anti social behaviour, the aussies are very friendly to the Brits (as a lot of them are ex Brits anyway). Anything is better than Kettering, Northants!! Don't let anything stop you from living your own lives!!!!!!
lhg 3:24pm Fri 12 Aug
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@ hoppity
Stop with your damn spamming of the website i will not mention. You are fooling no-one with your bulls*** story. I have seen that website quoted on at least 12 comments. Your traffic drive is not going to last long.
Dave Clifton 5:33am Mon 3 Jan
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Families who make the massive decision to emigrate need 100% backing from their folks back home,no weeping down the phone,it's your problem not theirs,they need to get on with it.Just prioritize saving up to go and see them
flying granny 12:28pm Tue 27 Jul
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The Jones family from series 1 & revisited
Hi we are the Jones family from series 1 on WDU my husband is the carpet fitter/floor finisher, we have now been in Oz for over 2 years and loving the life, although you still have to work as hard as you did in the UK, even harder as your starting from scratch, but we are happy with the decision we made to move here. At present the BBC are filming friends & family in the UK (messages) before coming over to film us in October. Always said to them that they need to do follow ups as most of these shows don't do it, so your left wondering if they stayed in Oz or went back to the UK. Any way should be on January again I guess, happy watching Sarah www.goldcoastrelocations.com.au
hoppity 2:46am Sat 19 Sep
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Series 4
Hi Slinky, thanks for that. It would be good if you could find out any more as I've come accross another couple in the same boat. Just the reasons really cos we know its not happening. thanks again, Peders.
Peders 3:35pm Fri 10 Jul
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Peders - This might be true
Hi again, I had a conversation with a few friends the other night over a bottle of wine or 2,3,4,5 - I'm sure you get the picture and one of my friends had looked into us and WDU series 4 and she had read somewhere (and she will let me have details when she finds it), that there will NOT be a series 4, they couldn't get the money or something like that, if that's true then I don't feel too bad about it!
slinky malinki 1:36pm Mon 6 Jul
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Us too
Hi Slinky, really sorry to hear that, the reason I asked was because we too got to the camera interview stage and just like you we never heard anything even though we were also told that we would hear either way. But hey ho, life goes on, we'll just have to try and get down there under our own steam. Good luck Slinky and all the best for your future plans, Peders.
Peders 3:55pm Sun 5 Jul
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Well, the interview went well (so e thought) apart from my daughter telling me she was bored with the interview and wanted to play out, straight into my microphone, so they heard that bit, they said we wud hear before the end of May either way and well it's now July and we still haven't heard either way, so we will ASSUME that we haven't been chosen for the show.
Slinky Malinki 3:57pm Wed 1 Jul
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WDU re: slinky malinky
Slinky Malinky-how did you get on with your interview?
peders 1:38am Wed 27 May
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no regrets
we moved to Adelaide 2007, I was 37, hubby was 43, daughter was 8. we wish we had done it years ago, not enough space to tell you how amazing it has been - for all of us. we haven't looked back and never will. life is what you make it!!!
Addy 3:23am Wed 1 Apr
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We applied for Series 4
Hi, we have aplied for series 4 of WDU, me, my husband, 8 year old rugby union daughter (yeah she plays full contact rugby as well - the only girl on the team) and our 3 year old son (the terror - not terrier), we submitted our application online at wanteddownunder@bbc.co.uk, waited and nothing hapened, this was January 09, then in February the guys (researchers) sent us a full online aplication form (all official of course) so we filled it in and sent it back. Then 2 weeks ago the reasearchers rang for extra info, mainly about family and friends, but they wanted to speak to me and my hubby seperately (which they did on different days) and we were told that if we were successful we would hear by the end of April 09. We want to go to New Zealand. The next step in the shows selection process is that they visit your home with a camera a) to see how the kids react on film and b) to see if (as a family) we can be video genic (if there is such a phrase). We were told by WDU that over 200,000 people apply to get onto the shows, so fingers crossed and good luck to anyone else trying to get on with series 4.
Slinky Malinki 6:34pm Mon 30 Mar
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Sense of identity
If you have children past toddler age, please think carefully before you uproot them. Imagine what it will be like starting school with a "funny" accent, where everyone else has known each other for years. They rarely touch upon school in this programme. My parents were what I've seen referred to as "ping pong poms". I was taken to NZ as a baby, brought back here at 12, taken to NZ again at 14 and eventually left NZ never to return permanently in my 20s. Now I have a husband and young family who are adamant they wouldn't like life in NZ. I'm very unsettled in the UK but was always a "pom" in NZ and never felt entirely accepted there either. What I'm trying to say is that however fantastic your destination, and NZ is a more innocent place to grow up, while you think you're making a better life for your child you may be inadvertently messing them up in the long term.
Nowhere woman 10:38am Tue 24 Feb
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What really annoys me about this programme is when the families are watching the DVD of opinions of friends and families from home.These comments usually have a big impact on the decision made to stay or immigrate. It seems to me that these people are so selfish to let them go. They've lived their life, why can't they let people live theirs? In these modern times, there are things called planes, emails and telephones. And for those who use the excuse of friends and families as a reason to return to the UK, can't you make new friends? Isn't that the idea of immigrating, new life, new experiences? I've immigrated to the UK ten years ago from a hot sunny place with no close family. Although i've missed them I've coped and have met new friends and utilise modern technology to keep in contact. If you feel you're not going to cope, don't go on the programme
annoyed 10:26am Thu 29 Jan
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I'm not surprised most are voting for UK this series
I am disappointed with this series it is clear from the background the presenter is in Australia even when the families have gone to New Zealand. Why are they not matching the families to more compatible jobs and housing, most of the time they seem to have a better life in UK regarding houses and jobs. I lived in Christchurch New Zealand for 10 years and know there are some fabulous houses and lifestyles there and then the families are sent 50ks out in the sticks to be in the country when in fact they only need to be 5 miles from the city to be in the country. Also one woman who worked in the University in UK missed the chance of trying the Uni in Christchurch because she wanted the City option and the Uni is in the city anyway but was under the country option. I am sure she would have enjoyed that job more. The researchers need to do more research or use people that know what they are talking about, I'm available haha.,
kiwi 10:19am Tue 27 Jan
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WDU Info
See comment on Sat 10 Jan below. )Great to hear your reviews. If you want to read more info/opinions on Wanted Down Under visit britishexpats.com website and look for Wanted Down Under...incase you missed it... By the way Hi Adam 'Cloudy' Robinson
Jenny 1:20pm Sun 25 Jan
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How to apply for the show?
Hiii, myself and my family want to start the process of moving to Australia. We have been watching Wanted down under everyday and wondered how we would apply for the show. So if anybody knows how please could you let me no!! Thanks
Demi 8:49pm Thu 22 Jan
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If it aint broke don't fix it!
The latest series format is nowhere near as viewer friendly as the earlier ones presented by Nadia Sawalha. Why is there no interaction between Nicki Chapman and the families? More time needs to be spent on the 3 choices of area to visit before letting the FAMILY choose, not the BBC. Why have they messed with this?
m4martini 8:16am Wed 21 Jan
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***********I am looking to move to Perth around 2012 and this show (and all others about living abroad in Aus or US) are/is great! Its inspiring, I am just not the type that can live with the weather and the general 'indoors' type of lifestyle in the UK. I love UK for what it is, how fair, helpful and democratic this country is to us but I just wish the weather was better. I wish everyone who moved there or are moving there good luck. It'd be gret to hear more abour people who have moved there and hear what they prefer and general opinions about the journey of change.
Maverick 4:00pm Sun 18 Jan
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I much prefer Nadia too! She comes across as a lot more fun and warmer than Nicki does on screen. Interesting, you only ever see Nicki presenting the links between filming, she's never actually with any of the families. Is she being a diva about appearing alongside regular members of the public I wonder?! What's the point of employing someone just to do the links - you may as well just use voiceover!
Danni 3:40pm Fri 16 Jan
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I much prefer Nadia Swahallia as the presenter for Wanted Down Under. She is far more natural than Nicki Chapman. Come back Nadia - we miss your smiling face.
Mo 5:53pm Mon 12 Jan
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Hughes Family - Wanted Down Under Mon 12.01.09 @ 9.15am
Hi My family (husband Dave, Rhiannon 12 and Rhys 6) and I are on the new series 3 of Wanted Down Under on Mon 12 Jan 09 @ 9.15am. We all had the experience of a lifetime, see what we decided.
Jenny 10:51am Sat 10 Jan
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rundown newt dead
Brainy Brian 7:05pm Tue 9 Dec
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series 4
now full up
bob 7:00pm Tue 9 Dec
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heyah me and my family have applied for season 4 can anyone tell me when they get back to you and if it is right to send the email to wanteddownunder@bbc.com or summit as we were guided by a site linked form the bbc
Becksozzie 3:50pm Sun 7 Dec
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Positive Ozzies
I have lived in Australia for 3 years & there is no way I would want to return to the UK. If you are positive & realistic you can make it big in OZ. Life is about people & the people in OZ are much friendlier than the English - I have driven the whole place my opinion not just based on Melbourne or Sydney :-).
Chief 1:46pm Fri 28 Nov
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I'm on the 2009 series!
Hello, myself and my family are appearing in the new series of Wanted Down Under which will air some time in January 2009, there has been rumour that the programme is now concentrating on New Zealand - NOT TRUE, my family were sent to Brisbane. There is rumour that the BBC do not follow up on families after they have moved out there - NOT TRUE, there is a follow up show called Wanted Down Under REVISITED. The last rumour, possibly the biggest, is that Nadia Suwalha is no longer the presenter for the show - TRUE!!! Nadia did not sign up for the 2009 series, it is infact the lovely Nicki Chapman (the female one) I hope i have answered some of your questions, and look out for the Robinsons! I'll be on there! much love, Adam. x
Cloudy 2:14pm Fri 31 Oct
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