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The Bank Job Comments

Game show? this is a movie, why are comments about a game show?
Bob 7:40pm Sun 5 Sep

Good movie
Good movie to watch this one
Andee beee 7:17pm Sat 23 Jan
Great film
Murray Snudge 4:38pm Fri 30 May
more drivel from endemol
This game show id rubbish. people who should win don't and people who don't ansewr questions and get the least amount of money win. utter rubbish.
buzz in 9:25pm Sat 25 Feb
boring format !
zzzZZZZZZZZ 10:41pm Fri 24 Feb
Brilliant format
One of the best game shows ever ! i've appeared on many game shows but this one is the dogs B******s :)) exciting right until the last second & greed gets the better of them all.
Billyking555 7:03pm Sat 18 Feb
well that's the end...
of George Lamb's game show career. It wasn't his fault though. He was poorly scripted, and the show generally was poorly directed. You expect a bank job to be slick and professional. This was more Laurel and Hardy than Ocean's 11. The finale gave me great satisfaction, though, seeing the two finalists losing out to their greedy ambition, and the other three much more likeable contestants sharing the spoils.
Eggymoo 10:47am Sun 8 Jan
No normal people
Not a very good mix of the population they obviously want a certain age, weight and type of person playing this game. Disgraceful channel 4
Samsung g 11 9:22pm Fri 6 Jan
Everyone involved in this game show
should be banged up for a very long time
Jaded 7:00pm Thu 5 Jan
First Episode
Well as they say, the only way is up.. George didn't exactly inspire and seemed unsure of what he was doing half the time. Can't see this getting a second series.
Diebel 11:10pm Mon 2 Jan
dear oh dear oh dear
George Lamb = Puke. I wonder if he will mention he used to manage Lily Allen?
no thank you 4:12pm Mon 2 Jan
Daylight robbery
Anyone involved making this scam of a 'heist film' should be sent down for a very long time.
Fleeced 6:49pm Thu 4 Aug
I like this film, I like also to lick windows in my spare time... looking to find more window lickers so we can rule the world
Big Bad and Hairy 8:43pm Sun 1 May
bank job
ha lol hope they get what they need
Annoynymous 7:43pm Sun 1 May

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