7 July 2022  | 
5 votes
Anna & Friends

LL 8:46am Thu 7 Jul
Fun and great TV Series

7 votes
Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Stolen Treat of Empire 8:18am Thu 7 Jul
Shaymin, Moana, Mulan, Melody, Wilma, Iris, Cilan, Dawn, brock, Kit, William, Henry, Gordon, Toby, James and Emily

34 votes
Marley & Me

everybody 7:56am Thu 7 Jul
Bob the builder, Mike the knight, Angelina Ballerina, Angelino, Valentino, Musa, Muso, Tecno, Noddy, George Shrinks, Pippi Longstocking, Yu gi oh and The amazing spiez too

12893 votes
Love Island

Trina 7:55am Thu 7 Jul
Jacques attitude towards females is a disgrace ,I really can't stand him ,and Dami isn't much better, it's like watching dog's on heat.

4 votes
Penguins of Madagascar

sonny, kira and josh 7:44am Thu 7 Jul
But we know it their waters, and your there's my daughter, we had to go, Witch, MASK, Batman, Superman, Hulk and scooby doo

2 votes
Chaos in Court

The Critic 6:59am Thu 7 Jul
Makes Jerry Springet look like Croen Court. For brain donors only.

1268 votes
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

Jenny 5:44pm Wed 6 Jul
not. Unteresting and not entertaining and Ben, he’s a complete minga.

16 votes
The Big Sky

the Critic 2:41pm Wed 6 Jul
I love this film and never tire of watching it. Love the 'film noir' look of it also.

1082 votes
Thatcher: A Very British Revolution

hoorayH 12:53pm Wed 6 Jul
most 'favourable' things disappeared under thatcher.

119 votes
Conversations with Friends

Sid 12:09pm Wed 6 Jul
Are you Alison's mum? This show is the pits and if it must be shown, it should be on BBC3, not a proper channel.

412 votes
Live Athletics: World Championships

AimHi 10:21am Wed 6 Jul
Sprit Nelson used to be called Mabunzo... (munzimunzi)

158 votes
Athletics: World Championships Highlights

Blabberjabber 8:31am Wed 6 Jul
for every two- bit waffle monger to spout nonsense and be paid vast ammounts.

27 votes
Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster

BC 10:07pm Tue 5 Jul
The monster is C4.

229 votes
Alaska: The Last Frontier

Pam 8:48pm Tue 5 Jul
Why have you gone back to square 1 with this program. Last week after covid episodes this week episodes from 7 or8 yrs ago.

316 votes
Food Unwrapped

Cazzieb 3:56pm Tue 5 Jul
Can you buy the ancient, low gluten bread flour seen in last nights show?

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